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Building Simulation

Ausgabe 9/2023

Special Issue on Healthy and Low-carbon Communities: Design, Optimization, and New Technologies

Inhalt (14 Artikel)

Cover Article

Ranking parameters in urban energy models for various building forms and climates using sensitivity analysis

Aysegul Demir Dilsiz, Kaitlynn Ng, Jérôme Kämpf, Zoltan Nagy

Research Article

Effects of mask wearing duration and relative humidity on thermal perception in the summer outdoor built environment

Rong Hu, Jianlin Liu, Yongxin Xie, Jiao Jiao, Zhaosong Fang, Borong Lin

Open Access Research Article

Possible high COVID-19 airborne infection risk in deep and poorly ventilated 2D street canyons

Vitor Lavor, Omduth Coceal, Sue Grimmond, Jian Hang, Zhiwen Luo

Open Access Research Article

Building geometry data from online maps for accurate thermal simulations of districts

Laura Romero Rodríguez, José Sánchez Ramos, Servando Álvarez Domínguez

Open Access Research Article

Investigating the use cases of a novel heat battery in Dutch residential buildings

Shuwei Wang, Pieter-Jan Hoes, Jan L. M. Hensen, Olaf C. G. Adan, Pim A. J. Donkers

Open Access Research Article

Numerical evaluation of enhanced green infrastructures for mitigating urban heat in a desert urban setting

Afifa Mohammed, Ansar Khan, Mattheos Santamouris

Research Article

Multiscale simulation of the urban wind environment under typhoon weather conditions

Zihan Zhao, Yiqing Xiao, Chao Li, P. W. Chan, Gang Hu, Qingfeng Zhou

Research Article

Physio-chemical modeling of the NOx-O3 photochemical cycle and the air pollutants’ reactive dispersion around an isolated building

Yunfei Fu, Xisheng Lin, Xing Zheng, Liangzhu Wang, Chun-Ho Liu, Xuelin Zhang, Cruz Y. Li, K. T. Tse

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