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Über dieses Buch

A series of papers on business, economics, and financial sciences, management selected from International Conference on Business, Economics, and Financial Sciences, Management are included in this volume.

Management in all business and organizational activities is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources and natural resources.

The proceedings of BEFM2011 focuses on the various aspects of advances in Business, Economics, and Financial Sciences, Management and provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of Business, Economics, and Financial Sciences, Management.

It is hoped that the present book will be useful to experts and professors, both specialists and graduate students in the related fields.



Health Economics and Management Framework Based on Chongqing Regional Health Information Platform

The hospital health economy management mainly take is appraised the object the economic efficiency as the core goal, but regarding the hygienic economy management most core health resources disposition management, medical and health organization economy contents and so on management target and method has not involved nearly completely. Changes the work based on the national new medicine for the background medical department Chongqing four experiment site project, analyzes the new medicine to change the economical management question which under the background various medical and health organization faces, proposed one based on the Chongqing region health information platform hygienic economy management frame. The expectation through this article research, can promote our country’s hygienic economy supervisory work, makes a contribution for our country’s medicine health organizational reform.

Ping Cheng

The Strategic Thinking of the Economic Transition in the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Taiwan Straits China

The Economic Zone on the West Side of the Taiwan Straits, taking Fujian province as the main body, spans multiple administrative regions in China. In accordance with the law of market economy and intra-economic links, the zone will break through the boundaries of administrative regions and progressively establish inter-provincial economic regions, the economic transitions are an internal requirement of economic development in the zone. Based on the regional condition, the ways to accelerate the economic transition in the zone are analyzed from two aspects in this paper, including optimizing the benefit of the zone as a whole, changing the growth pattern of the traditional economy, The two ways will promote the transitions and sustainable development of the economy in the zone.

Pengyi Zhu

System Structure of Venture Capital Industry in Japan

This paper is the first to introduce an experience of the system structure of venture capital industry in Japan. In addition, this paper provides some context for understanding the Japanese venture capital industry. It briefly discusses Japan’s economic difficulties and the role of venture capital in promoting economic growth. It then set forth a short history of Japanese venture capital. The heart of the paper is devoted to a discussion of key features of Japanese venture capital.

Peng Liang, Yu Huang

Identification about Key Element of Urban Core Competitiveness Based on Structural Equation Model

Based on the analysis about the relationships among urban competitiveness elements, the paper proposed an identification model for key element of urban core competitiveness. Then it selected prefecture level or above prefecture level cities’ sample data and used structural equation model to identify the key element of urban core competitiveness. The result shows that urban intellectual capital constitutes the key element of urban core competitiveness. So, the accumulation and operation of intellectual capital should be paid great attention to promote urban core competitiveness.

Shui-ying Jin

Work-Integrated Learning at the Engineering School at Vongchavalitkul University

An engineering school is under increasing pressure to re-evaluate the place of practice in its programs and there are increasing demands for workplace-based experiences to be built into undergraduate degrees. The paper reports on an extended responsive case study conducted in the Engineering School at Vongchavalit University, Thailand during 2008-2010. The findings point towards a work-integrated learning (WIL) model that can be used to develop courses based around a set of key challenges that learners need to face, criteria for the university’s construction of worthwhile activities, and the principles of procedure that are required in order to implement them. It is suggested that university curriculum planners should concentrate on a process model of teaching and learning rather than on the more traditional models. This program since it commenced operation has received positive feedback from both placement providers and students. The work-integrated learning program offers a “win-win” situation for students, the university and placement providers.

Sanguan Vongchavalitkul, Busaya Vongchavalitkul

An Analysis on the Forming Reason of Dominant Firms of China

China has gained outstanding achievements in economic development since she began opening up 30 years ago. Many dominant firms rise in the Chinese market and overseas and accelerate the economic development. But compared with that in the developed countries, there is still a long way to go. Dominant firms both home and abroad have common feature in the process of growing, so based on some theories and proceeded from China’s actual conditions, the analysis on the forming reason of dominant firm will provide scientific basis for the development of dominant firms.

Hongli Ji, Yanqiu Liu, Fanwen Wu

A Survey of Science Literacy Level for Senior High School Students in Taiwan

The main purpose of the study was to explore the literacy of environmental science level for senior high school student in Taiwan. This study received 90.87 % return rate from the students. After the process of data analysis, the following results were obtained: (1) On the whole, senior high school students are only above average in scientific literacy. (2) Senior high school students have lower level cognition on the science applications.(3) Senior high school students have higher level cognition on the science ethics. (4) The public senior high school students generally have higher standard of scientific literacy than the private senior high school students. (5) Female senior high school students tend (tended) to pay attention to the science ethics, while the male high school students tend(tended) to have higher level cognition on the science applications. (6) The senior high school students whose parents have higher education have higher standard of scientific literacy. (7) The senior high school students whose parents have specialized jobs have higher standard of scientific literacy.

Chao Chih-Yang, Yang Shih-Chun, Yen Chia-Sung, Lin Yong Shun

Performance Evaluation of the Regional Innovation in the Integration of Production, Education and Research

In accordance with our current region situation in integration of production, education and research, the paper, combined with the qualitative & quantitive analysis approach, offers the reasonable performance assessment towards the regional innovation in integration of production, education and research in 31 provinces. The paper, after analyzing the innovation performance evaluation indexes influencing the integration of production, education and research, obtain 14 major branch index in order to set up the evaluation index system. The paper, after analyzing data from 31 provinces by factor-clustering statistical method, gain 4 major indexes and begin the mark sequence and cluster analysis before the advantages and disadvantages are discovered and suggestions are put forward.

Chaoyi Chen, Bo Wang, Luo Chen

Research on the Buffer Sizing Approach in Critical Chain Scheduling in Perspective of Flexible Management

An improved buffer sizing approach in critical chain scheduling was proposed based on the flexible management in projects. Through identifying the uncertainties which have influences on the duration of each activity and taking the project characteristics which include resource tightness, network complexity and risk preference of the project manager into consideration comprehensively, it decreases the subjectivity in the decision-making process effectively and makes the buffer sizing more reasonable.

Guofeng Ma, Lei Li, Zhiqin Chen

Research on the Society Security of the Landless Peasants of Henan Province

This paper studied the old-age insurance, medical insurance and job security of the landless peasants by empirical and theoretical analysis. The results indicate that the social security of the landless peasants is in the state of the serious deficiencies. With China’s industrialization and urbanization accelerated, the scale of landless peasants is increasing. In order to protect the basic right to subsistence and development, We must take effective measures to strengthen social security of landless peasants.

Guo Xiaoli

Nature of the Dynamics of Graphene

Graphene is a kind of two-dimensional carbon structure. Properties of graphene are very important for application of nano-technology. In “finite Temperature Lattice Properties of Grapheme has been studied with MC simulation and some anomalous predications have been given. Here I use dynamic simulation to restudy these properties and try to explain them.

Zhang Yu-Qian, Li Yu-Chen, Zhu Shi-Xi

A L-stable Numerical Scheme for Option Pricing under Jump-Diffusion Models

A L-stable and highly accurate method for option pricing under jump-diffusion models is developed in this paper. A semidiscretization scheme is performed on the partial integro-differential equation, and a numerical scheme is constructed based on Pade approximations of the matrix exponential. Due to the integral term, which cause the resulting system to be dense, an iteration to solve the equations in numerical scheme is present. Numerical examples for European option and barrier option with Merton’s jump-diffusion model show that the algorithm is efficiently and avoid spurious oscillations.

Wei Li, Shengwu Zhou

Empirical Research on the Level and Quality of Gains from ST Stocks in China

The paper investigated the question whether excess profits exist among ST stocks in China, under the circumstances of adjusting risk and not adjusting risk. Firstly, the paper made a group of t-test of significant difference between ST stocks and the financial market and normally listed stocks, on the holding income and accumulative total income; Then, the article made and empirical study on the investing risk of ST stocks by estimating their Beta coefficients. The result shows that, only the ST stocks and *ST stocks outperformed the financial market and normally listed stocks in the short run by the geometry average earnings, but it is not always the case in the long run.

Wenxiu Hu, Jing Niu, Qingbang Mu

Research on the Impact of Work Heterogeneity on Human Resource Development Needs

Organizations have focused on heterogeneity, which has a significant impact on human resources development. By studying the correlations among heterogeneity and training development, career development, organizational development, management development, the impact dimensions of heterogeneity on human resource development were revealed. This study compared the differences of human resource development needs for different explicit heterogeneity by using one-way ANOVA and multiple comparisons analysis and found there were significant differences in human resource development needs for employees with different job positions, job responsibilities, organizational nature, organizational size and industry.

Yan Qin, Dan Mu

A Research of an Undergraduate Course "Exploratory" Closed Book Examinations Method -— The "Intermodal" Courses as an Example

The current examinations have some shortcomings, so there is a confrontation between teachers and students. Students usually do not work hard. In order to pass the test, they only study on the eve of exam. In fact, this is the isolation of teaching and learning, which is not conducive for students’ know-how. In response to this undesirable phenomenon, this paper analyzes the status of examinations and proposes a new test method—exploratory closed book examination. A practical operation examination is performed, which proves this method and gets a risk assessment and concludes the prospect.

Liu Mingwu, Zeng Haoran

Study on Strategic Choices of China’s Commercial Banks Based on SWOT Analysis

The trend of financial globalization and liberalization has changed the competitive situation of the financial industry significantly. In this paper, we use the SWOT analysis to analyze the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of China’s commercial banks, and give some suggestions on the strategic choices for them to develop healthily and steadily.

Yan-jing Bai, Zhi-feng Yin

The Characteristics and Implementation Strategy of Modern Hospital Knowledge Management

Hospital is a typical knowledge-intensive organization, knowledge is the core asset of the hospital. Implementing knowledge management in hospital is very suitable because hospital has the features including flat organizational structure, innovation is the vitality of hospital and medical staff focus on lifelong learning. Modern hospital should promote knowledge management through popularizing the concept of knowledge management, paying attention to development and utilization of the existing hospital information system, setting chief knowledge officer and establishing a knowledge-sharing mechanisms and other measures.

Zhi-guo Liu, Hai-bo Yang

Competitive Advantage in e-Commerce: The Case of Database Marketing

In the contemporary competitive environment, the way that organizations generate, manipulate, select and make use of information about its customers has gained increasing importance for its potential to give the company an edge over competitors. Consumers demand a treatment increasingly personalized and products\services that better suit their needs, being receptive to actions that allow for greater interaction in the purchase process. The aim of this paper is to analyze the database marketing as a crescent usefulness tool, connecting businesses and consumers in the context of new market settings. With the appropriate structure can improve the integration and availability of data for customers, improving the company’s performance, giving a more solid support at the level of decision making in business marketing activities and development strategies to acquire new customers, or ultimately helping to keep customers. These benefits become more significant in the digital economy.

Teresa Guarda, Maria Augusto, Carlos Silva

The Impact of Credit Derivatives Issuance on Financial Institutions

This paper analyzes the impact of European Credit Derivatives issuance on the financial market stability. Based on the relationship between CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligation) issuance volumes, market volatility, Europe 6-month risk-free interest rate and the stability of financial market, this paper uses coexceedances method and the Multiple Logit model. We find that CDOs issuance is positively related to the negative coexceedances, suggesting that the greater amount of CDOs issuance, the greater impact on financial stability. CDOs issuance is not related to the positive coexceedances, indicating that the risk management of banks through CDOs is limited. In addition, the asymmetric information and risk-free interest rate also affect the stability of financial market.

Yang Xing, Zhong Yuqin

Empirical Analysis on Green Innovation of Chinese Paper Manufacturing

In this paper, Moran index of spatial statistics, the spatial lag and spatial error model of spatial econometric economics, combined with Griliches & Jaffe knowledge production function(Knowledge Production Function, KPF), were used in spatial econometric analysis on China’s provincial paper manufacturing R&D and innovation knowledge spillovers. The results show that there are significant global and local spatial autocorrelation in paper industry green innovation model; also find that China’s 31 provincial contribution of green innovation in paper manufacturing sector was mainly achieved by enterprises R&D investment, while the combination of university and enterprise did not show significant effect on green innovation spillovers. The results show effect of knowledge spillovers are exist, but not significant. In the end, according to the conclusions, we draw some advices.

Haiying Liu, Zhiyong Zou

Overview of Change Management and Its Implementation

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the concept of change management and its objectives in today’s fast-moving markets. You also can perceive why individuals resist change initially, and it is hard for them to leave the status quo, and shift to a new state. At the end the way of implementing the change management is examined.

Reza Malek, Rashad Yazdanifard

Causes of American Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Its Enlightenment to China

So far American Subprime Mortgage Crisis has lasted more than four years. It not only hit America’s economy but also caused a global financial crisis. The study on its causes and its enlightenment to China undoubtedly is beneficial to the healthy development of China’s financial market.

Tao Song, Shi-chen Fan

Research on Traffic Circle Capacity

Traffic circle is an important type of non-signalized intersection, and there is an extensive use of it. In order to improve traffic capacity and safety, different traffic circles adopt different traffic priority, for example, vehicle in-circle precedence method and the vehicle entry-precedence method. This paper studies the applicability of different traffic priority based on the traffic circle capacity. Assume that the time headway within the circle obeys Erlang distribution, and by using the gap-acceptance theory, the paper suggests the calculation formula of the saturation flow of the traffic circle. Based on the model solution, a critical value can be got to distinguish the applicability of different traffic priority. Therefore, the solution could help relevant departments make decision.

Chaonan Jiang, Jing Yin, Jialei Gao, Tao Huang

Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Resistance of Double Chevron Plate Heat Exchanges with Different Corrugation Pitch

A mathematical model is developed in algorithmic form for the steady-state simulation of plate heat exchangers with generalized configurations. In present works, the thermal and hydraulic performances of working fluid in three corrugated channels have been investigated, numerically by a three-dimensional model with a new-type corrugation Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE)—double chevron PHE (DCPHE). The heat transfer character, the flow resistance and the Performance Evaluation Criteria (PEC) of the working fluid in double chevron PHE have been discussed; Results showed that the double chevron PHE with 9mm of corrugation pitch was better one.

ChunSheng Guo, WenJing Du, Lin Cheng

Perceived Risk in Marketing Strategy

’Perceived risk’ in consumer behavior theory helps explain why often consumers do not move from the desire stage to the action stage, that is, make the actual purchase decision. Appropriate theories and practice can be used to identify what strategies marketers can employ to overcome this problem. However, there are still some gaps existing when applying these theories in practice. Future studies could be more related to psychology and focused on the risk perception of consumers who shop for goods at the virtual storefront.

Liu Tian-Que

Discussion of EV Virtual Value Calculation Method for Light Environment Test System and Influence Factors of Calibration Experiment under Skylight

During calibration and measure process, to enhance scientificity and controllability of the light environment test system, taking the digital camera used for picking up images in the system as research object, we studied calculation and deduction steps of EV virtual value comprehensively, calculation method and image selection procedures are also proposed. 2 main influence factors of the calibration experiment under skylight, including dynamic range and alternation of sun’s position are explored; meanwhile, the mechanism and prevent strategies of the factors are analyzed as well; the study has positive significance to improve stability and accuracy of the light environment test system.

Yuan Zou, Tianxing Shen

The Research on the Rectification System of Stereo Image Pairs

Stereo image rectification is a preparation of the stereo image pair matching. It is a quick matching method, which can use to increase matching speed. Its result will directly affect the accuracy of the stereo matching. The rectification system of stereo pairs based on the small vision system (svs) is introduced in this paper .It uses the data from *.ini (produced by the svs in the procedure of rectification). For the rectification of stereo images, it adopts the undistorted points to obtain the counterpart by the arithmetic method. The method is also superior to implementation, low calculation complexity.

Qinyou Yang, Xiaoyan Yu

An Empirical Study on Industrial Homogeneity between Fujian and Taiwan Provinces by the Coefficient of Similarity and R/S

Industrial homogeneity is one of the bottlenecks in industrial upgrading with a region and in the cooperation among different regions. This paper tries contributing to the understanding of this issue, and Fujian and Taiwan are chosen as case studies. By using the coefficient of similarity, the paper first analyses the present situation and changes of the industrial structure(as a whole), the manufacturing industry and the tertiary industry. and then forecasts the trend of future development of industrial homogeneity of the two regions through R/S method in the fractal theory. The results shows that industrial homogeneity between these two regions is significant, and if the industrial development continues under the existing circumstances, the level of industrial homogeneity will continue to increase, that of the manufacturing industry will continue to rise in fluctuation, while that of the tertiary industry will decrease slowly. At the same time, the industrial homogeneity indicates that the division of labour between Fujian and Taiwan tends to transform from a vertical-division one to a horizontal-division one.

Suqiong Wei, Yanhua Chen, Jinghuan Geng, Liyun Zeng

The Relationship between Financial Deepening and Economic Growth in Taiwan

The goal of this paper is to investigate the threshold cointegration effect of financial deepening on economic growth in Taiwan over the period from 1981 to 2010. The results show that a threshold cointegration effect exists in relationship between financial deepening and economic growth. In short-run, economic growth has a significant and positive effect on financial deepening in the high-growth regime. This implies that economic growth can stimulate financial deepening in Taiwan in the high-growth regime. In addition, the impact of financial deepening on economic development has a significant and positive effect in the high- and low- growth regimes. Thus, financial deepening can increase economic growth in Taiwan.

Shu-Chen Chang, Cheng-Hsien Wu

Residential Location, Commute and Urban Transportation

This study considered the urban congestion in the view based on the relationship between residential location, commute and urban transportation. Jobs and housing location perform the trend as geographical imbalanced with the increasing in commuting distance and time, and as a result, it has been considered as the main reason to the congestion, and planners take jobs-housing balance as an effective solution to the transportation problems. Even though, there is little evidence shows that jobs-housing balance makes significant effect, for the factors affecting where to live and work are complex. The study indicated that despite the residential location choices and commuting time and distance are closed linked, the effective solutions for urban transportation problems such as congestion should take comprehensive considerations including main factors in both short-term and long-term to improve the regional accessibility.

Xiaoping Yu

An Online High-Speed Card Characters Recognition and Verification System Based on Multi-neural Network

In card manufacturing industry, it is very important to certify the characters printed on the cards. In this paper, we introduce a high-speed character recognition and verification system based on multi-neural network for verifying characters on plastic cards. The result based on real products shows the good performance of the system.

Yongle Wang, Shuxin Xu

Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Prices: Empirical Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange, Pakistan

Movement of stock indices is responsive to changes in macroeconomic fundamentals. The objective of this study is to find the relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock prices in Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), Pakistan. The study considers annual data of several macroeconomic variables from 1998 to 2009: gross domestic product, exports, consumer price index, money supply M2, exchange rate, foreign direct investment and oil prices. The stationarity of data is checked through Augmented Dickey Fuller test. All variables are stationary at zero lag. Multiple regression analysis with Fixed Effects Model is then used. Results show that gross domestic product and exchange rate positively affect stock prices while consumer price index negatively affects stock prices. The results of export, money supply M2, foreign direct investment and oil prices were insignificant. This study will facilitate investors in taking effective investment decisions by estimating the expected trends in macroeconomic variables.

Muhammad Nauman Khan, Sharif Zaman

Research in Transaction Model of ERT Database Management System

This paper gave a bird’s-eye view of the Embedded Real-Time Database Management System (ERTDBMS) and its transaction model of the characteristics of the status quo, Analysis Services and Analysis, alternative /compensation model, based on function and value of the object-oriented framework Panel model Analysis Servicese and Analysis of the ERTDBMS, and discussed the scheduling strategy ERTDBMS Affairs and concurrency control, the Panel stated ERTDBMS model of significance.

Yongle Wang, Shuxin Xu

Study on the Learning Evaluation of Web-Based Learning Platform

Network bring further study and further increase opportunities for people to build up a platform for learning. Learning platform is an open, equitable and other characteristics; learners learn to use e-learning platform, showing the individual, collaboration and unstructured features. I start from these features, combined with study and evaluation made of the current web-based learning platform for learning evaluation there are some problems. This learning platform for learning to re-evaluate the content of the building, including the evaluation of the learning environment, learning methods and assessment of learning styles, learning attitude and emotional evaluation of network resources utilization of the evaluation.

Kejin Xu, Yang Du

Research of Public Service Units Performance Appraisal Based on Weight-Variable Theory

This paper built a common performance appraisal system that based on comprehensive research of scholars at home and abroad to public service units performance appraisal, including assessment indicator framework, weight-variable of organizations performance appraisal. The weight-variable model of public service units performance appraisal can evaluate the result quality, help to reward the excellent and publish the inferior and overcome the disjoint between performance and strategy.

Zhou Xiaoshi, Jin Minli, Ling Ping

The Study on University Library Consortium Based on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new computing model, which focuses on user and affords powerful data storage and web service functions. Cloud computing will have influence on many aspects of library. This paper describes the meaning of the cloud computing and library consortium, the application about cloud computing in the university library consortium, and made some comments and suggestions on cloud computing applications in the university library consortium.

Hai-bo Yang, Ning Yu

Research on County Tourism Development in Hainan

It was found out that Hainan’s county tourism development level was low with large internal diversity. County tourism development level was closely related with its geographical site, economic development level, tourism resource quality and policy support. It was suggested that Hainan county should take the significant opportunity of International Tourism Island construction, and pay much attention to transportation, marketing and tourism service improvement in order to achieve better achievement.

Xiang-rui Chen, Fan-hua Meng, Lan Li, Shi-chen Fan

The Research of Human Resources Flexibility

Human resource (HR) flexibility is vital in entrepreneurial ventures that need to respond to the changing challenges of growing the new business. This paper discusses the human resources flexibility concept, classification, and flexibility firm model, the goal is to provide a theoretical reference for human resource management. Future research directions based on this model and practical applications are discussed.

Changna Qian, Wen Zhou, Liang Chen, Wenbing Zhang

A Developed System for Business Management

The readymade garment industry of Bangladesh has expanded dramatically over the last three decades. Traditionally, the jute industry dominated the industrial sector of the country until the 1970s. Since the early 1980s, the readymade garment industry has emerged as an important player in the economy of the country and has gradually replaced the jute industry. Although Bangladesh is a garments based country, in most of the garments, employees work manually though there are some error in the software and also those software do not work properly. We developed a system which highlighted the style sheet information, export L/C, back to back L/C, U/D preparation, input commercial invoice, export invoice and so on, which save time and money, increased data communication and transmission and faster data retrieval.

Sharly Joana Halder, Wooju Kim

Reliability Model Research on E-Business System Composited with Web Services

With the development and application of Web services technology, E-business composite with Web services represents new paradigm in modern E-business development. The reliability research of this E-business system is different from tradition one: the update of web services elements and dynamic nature of their composition shall be considered as well as the open environment of Internet. This article analyzed basic structure of E-business system composited with Web services, made reliability research on service elements and their composition, introduced the concept of service update into reliability model, and provided reliability model for E-business system based on service update under open environment. Its application method and feasibility has been presented with a real case at the end.

Yugen Du

Discuss in the Mission and the Curriculum Construction of Chinese College Physical Education in Transformation Period

The method of literature consultation was used to analyse the mission of college physics curriculum in social transform period. And trying to raise some feasible suggestion for the construction of college physical curriculum.

Wu Jianjun, Zhang Anhong

Accounts Payable Analytics - Indispensable for Optimizing Cash Flow

Operating Cash flow is the, or one of the, most important parameters in gauging the financial health of an organization. Some of the not so visible cost components arising out of accruals system of accounting; needs detailed evaluation in bringing out cost efficiencies. Significant amount of cash can be saved by streamlining payables; one of the key components of operating cash flows. Payables management becomes an insurmountable challenge for organizations that have to deal with inconsistent data coming from heterogeneous information management systems, which mostly is a result of ongoing inorganic growth adopted by organizations. At Hewlett Packard, we have developed an analytics framework that is core to an end to end effective payables management which enables management to take effective control of the vendor payment systems by enhancing visibility and control.

Partho Bandopadhyay, Jaywardhan Semwal, Kumar Suneet, Tulika

Prospect and Business of Leapfrog Development of Hainan Rural Tourism against the Background of International Tourism Island

Based on parsing on the significance and Prospect of the Leapfrog Development of Hainan Rural Tourism against the Background of International Tourism Island, the paper made choices of the tourism business of Hainan rural tourism.

Shi-chen Fan, Tao Song

Spatial Economics Research on Formation Mechanism of Commercial Circle Based on Consumer Searching Cost

Based on Nelson’s Searching Cost Saving related theory, through introducing concepts of Shopping Cost, Taste Searching Cost I, Taste Searching Cost II, and Location Searching Cost, explaining consumers’ behavior of searching and shopping in depth, this paper constructs the Spatial Economic Model on Consumers Searching Expect within Commercial Circle. The results of the study show that: first, the satisfaction provided by Commercial Circle goods increases with the improvement of consumer demand and the reduction of Searching Cost for a new store within Commercial Circle; second, the satisfaction provided by Isolated Enterprise goods increases with the improvement of consumer demand, the increase in the numbers of enterprises within Commercial Circle and the reduction of Searching Cost for a new store within Commercial Circle; third, the influence of Location Searching Cost of goods and distance between Commercial Circle and Isolated Enterprise is decided by satisfaction comparison of goods provided respectively by Commercial Circle and Isolated Enterprise.

Juan Feng, Jian-Wei Wu

Study on the Construction of Hainan Theme Park under the Background of International Tourism Island

The construction of international tourism island is in great need of influential, high quality tourism projects, including the theme park to promote the development of Hainan. This paper put forward several suggestions in the construction of theme parks on the basis of reviewing the development of theme park at home and abroad and analysing current situation of Hainan.

Fan-hua Meng, Xiang-rui Chen, Shi-chen Fan, Tao Song

Human Library: A New Way of Tacit Knowledge Sharing

The problem of tacit knowledge capture and sharing is a central theme in the field of knowledge management. The difficulties of tacit knowledge transfer and sharing not only for its own characteristics, but for provider’s intellectual monopoly and the recipient’s resentment. The Human Library is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding. The paper aims to introduce the means of Human Library and its origin and development, points out the Human Library is a new way of tacit knowledge transfer and elaborates the advantage and role of human library in tacit knowledge transfer and sharing.

Yong-hua Zhai, Ying Zhao, Rui-mei Wang

Strategies for Increasing the Key Capabilities of Organization Agility

(Case Study: Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Co.)

Due to the increasing changes, the organizations need a new form naming organizational agility to exploit the agility capabilities as a competitive privilege besides matching the environmental changes so that they can use the potential opportunities in a turbulent environment and can gain the superior position. Based on a survey on Tehran Urban and suburban Railway Corporation, and using Vokurka & Fliedner’s Sand Cone Model, this study tries to investigate the relations between the improving factors of key capabilities of organizational agility on one hand, and the key capabilities of or organization agility on the other hand. The results confirm the relations between reliability, agility, and key capabilities of the organization; moreover, the results determine the effective indices on improving the key capabilities of organization agility and show their priorities.

Mohammad Mahmoudi Maymand, Mohammad Zare, Sedigheh Asefi

Using Fuzzy Delphi Method and Fuzzy AHP for Evaluation Structure of the Appeal of Taiwan’s Coastal Wetlands Ecotourism

Coastal wetlands are important resources. Many developed countries have actively promoted coastal wetlands ecotourism in order for the public to understand the importance of coastal wetlands. The key to the successful promotion of coastal wetlands ecotourism lies in finding out their appeal. In order to achieve this research purpose, this paper is divided into several stages. First, through literature review and expert interviews, coastal wetlands ecotourism related appeal candidate factors were collected. Then, through the Fuzzy Delphi Method, the important factors were filtered. Finally, through the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process, the relative weights of the related factors were estimated, and a hierarchical structure also can be established to evaluate appeal on coastal wetlands ecotourism.

Chien-Chi Lin, Laurence Zsu-Hsin Chuang

Application of Support Vector Machine Regression in Stock Price Forecasting

An investigation into how support vector machine can be used in the regression process of financial forecasting. A novel stock pricing model has been proposed based on the well-developed fundamental factors model and a combination of factors used in the model have been carefully selected to predict the common stock price. Several classical regression techniques therefore are applied separately in the predicting process and comparison has been made on the correctness of the predicted result. Support Vector Machine Regression has shown very strong competitivity throughout the test.

Zhongxin Ding

Empirical Analysis of the Influence on the Sino-US Trade Balance by the RMB Real Exchange Rata

By using co-integration analysis, vector error correction model and granger causality test, and based on the quarterly data between China and the United States, this paper give an empirical analysis on the relation between the real exchange rate and Sino-US trade. The conclusions are as follows: factors affecting Sino-US trade balance includes U.S. real GDP, China’s real GDP and real exchange rate, the most important factor to impact on Sino-US trade is the U.S. real GDP, and there is a clear J-curve effect between Sino-US trade. Based on the research results, at last the author gives the proposition of the RMB exchange rate’s reform.

Bangyong Hu

Evaluation of the Influence of Selected Production Factors on Makespan for Different Routes in FJSP Problem

In the paper flexible job shop scheduling problem FJSP (an extension of the classical job shop scheduling) is analyzed. We discuss the influence of different production factors on makespan. For the analysis of the production process the greedy randomized adaptive search procedure (GRASP) heuristic was used. Experiments with different levels of factors have been considered and compared. The GRASP algorithm has been tested and illustrated with results for the serial route and the parallel one.

Tadeusz Witkowski, Arkadiusz Antczak, Paweł Antczak

Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impacts on the Build-Up of Sustainable Development Ability of Regional Economy

Research on the impacts of foreign direct investment has been the theoretical frontier with the increasing impacts of foreign direct investment on globe economy. Based on the analysis of the effects on the development of regional economy and the research conditions of foreign direct investment, the article expounds the impacts of foreign direct investment on the buildup of regional economic sustainable development from six aspects, that is, structure, scale and technique of foreign direct investment. Based on the foregoing works, we bring forward regulation tactics and measures on foreign direct investment to promote sustainable development of regional economy.

Junhua Chen

Research on the Optimization Strategy of Normal Students’ Teaching Behavior in Classroom

Classroom teaching is the main form of teaching activities and the basic component of primary and secondary education. Therefore, it is the main way to evaluate teaching quality and to reach the aims of education. The concept of the new curriculum calls for teachers to change classroom behavior. This article focuses on the normal students’ classroom teaching behavior of geography teaching practice. By observing and analyzing their main teaching behavior in the geography class of high school, it will bring up corresponding strategy to normalize and optimize the main teaching behavior of geography “prospective teachers” for their problems of classroom teaching.

Junhua Chen, Yang Du

IT Outsourcing Business Process Model Innovation Based on the Theory of Change

This paper depicted the development of IT outsourcing at present, which proposes to utilize four different kind of change mode to IT outsourcing enterprise process including product developing process, service deliver process and so on. By analysis the case of IT outsourcing enterprise process, four key factors are found which affect on type of change mode during the different period of IT outsourcing enterprise developing. IT outsourcing enterprise process will increase changes, which requests IT outsourcing enterprise continuously to adjust and adopt new methods to manage business process.

Jing Mu, Yilei Pei

American Brand Development of Citrus Industry and the Enlightenment to China Three Gorges Reservoir Area Developments Based on SRCT

Florida ranks as the 4th largest state economy in the United States relying mainly on tourism, agriculture and transport instead of the heavy industries. Citrus are the predominant crops in Florida, accounting for about 70 percent of U.S. production. Based on the SRC Theory, we deduce the general principal of the citrus industry through the examination of citrus brand development in Florida and California, USA. After analyzing the SRC situation, we provide the suggestions to promote the citrus brand development for a better developing model in Three Gorges Reservoir Area.

Jian-hua Zhao, Yu-heng Zhao, Si-ying Li

A Secure Machine to Machine-Based Framework for Service Provisioning in Cloud Computing Infrastructures

M2M pose unique security challenges as the automation and lack of human intervention makes the network vulnerable to a variety of potential attacks and inadaptable to current situation where conventional security solutions are infeasible. Our framework comprises of security components which achieve certain level of security that enables the M2M systems to interface with intelligent devices that are deployed in customer facilities to sense real-world conditions and control physical devices, relay data from the devices in the customer premises to a centralized data center, and analyze the data and trigger business events. We also present performance results of our framework and show that our framework is capable of scalably and reliably handling concurrent events generated by different types of M2M devices, such as RFID tags, Zigbee sensors, and location tracking tags to achieve a high degree of security.

Giovanni Cagalaban, Jae Young Ahn, Seoksoo Kim

Study on 4-Step BASE Mechanism Vulnerability Analysis and Design of Evasion Attack Method for Smart Network

Although cyber attacks are becoming smarter and use more advanced technologies, existing security mechanisms cannot promptly detect or respond to such attacks. For example, IP spoofing is effectively used to attack a security model using authentication process based on IP address or host name and, there is a large number of measures to detect such an attack. However, a malicious user can make a bypass attack by analyzing vulnerabilities. This study, therefore, has analyzed the vulnerability of 4-step BASE mechanism exploited by a bypass attack.

Sungmo Jung, Jong Hyun Kim, Seoksoo Kim

Dose Debt Financing Has Positive Governance Effect?

-— An Empirical Study Based on Private Benefit of Control

Based on the relationship between debt financing and corporate governance, the paper makes an empirical study on the relationship between debt financing and private benefit of control (PBC) of listed company in China. The findings are as follows: Firstly, considering the special ownership structure in China, debt financing governance effect is dispositive, the effect of debt financing on corporate governance and agency cost of substantial shareholder is insignificant; Secondly, special ownership structure in listed company has insignificant adjustment on the relationship between debt financing and PBC; Finally, the first and largest shareholder equity ratio is essential to PBC, the influence of other big shareholders’ restriction in reducing the effects of PBC is not significant.

Chaonan Lin, Li Liu, Huayu Shen

A Study on the Recent Application of the Human Capital Theories in China

In China, the study on the application of the labor capital theories in recent years mainly focused on the following four aspects: 1. the perpetuation and expansion of the western labor capital theories; 2. the study closely related to the labor capital management of business; 3. the study on labor capital theories of rural areas; 4. the study on labor capital investment. The further application of the labor capital theories enriches its content and makes it possess certain values of academic research.

Liu Na, Qin Ying

An Introduction on Gary Becker’s “Human Capital Theories”

”human capital theories”, written by Gary Becker in 1964 is regarded as one of the classic works in economics. This paper will illustrate the contents and analyze the characteristics of this book after introducing the writer’s life and experience. It’s academic and referential value will be discussed as well.

Liu Na

Coordinative Operations of Distributed Decision-Making Closed-Loop Supply Chain: A Review

The problems and the causes of distributed decision-making in closed-loop supply chain are analysed in this paper. The importance and the significant of the researches for coordinate operations policy design for distributed decision-making closed-loop supply chain are illustrated, and the current research status quo of the issues, such as coordination and operation for closed-lop supply chain are reviewed. Some prospective problems in the coordinate operations for distributed decision-making closed-loop supply chain are discussed.

Jiawang Xu, Yi Zhang, Bin Liu, Liqiang Zhao

Identification of Currency Crises: The Empirical Analysis Based on the Binary Regression Tree

Emerging markets for central, in order to anatomize currency crises, currency crises were decomposed as the macroeconomic-vulnerability crisis, the self-fulfill crisis, the competitiveness- decline crisis, the bank-crises-lead crisis, the debt-default crisis, the capital-flow-reversal crisis and the contagious crisis. According to the choice of identifying indicators, a two-layer identifying system was build. An empirical analysis, which used binary regression tree and the quarter data for the eight countries, identified the six forms of currency crises in emerging markets. Results show that the expected exchange rates and the domestic credit have stronger warning to the currency crises.

Yin Yu

The Issues of Ideal Faith Education for Contemporary College Students and the Countermeasures

Education of ideal faith is an essential part of ideological and political education for college students. It appears new characters and problems under the new historical conditions. Taking 528 college freshmen as an example to investigate and analyze ideal faith of contemporary college students in the new period. The result shows that in general the ideal faith of college students is good, but there are some problems with distinctive characteristics of times which should not be ignored. Ideal belief education for college students should be closely related to the reality of their lifestyle and thoughts. Pedagogue should follow the law of formation governing ideal belief, should be integrated into the process of college students’ self-development, and should tend to deal with their problems as well. Realization of the social ideal, long-term ideal and lofty ideal should be integrated into the college students’ individual ideal, short-term ideal and general ideal.

Lili Pan, Jia Guo

A Competence-Driven Staff Assignment Model Based on Stochastic Working Status

Considering that the competences of employees are improved differently when they are in the various working statuses, we developed a new competence-driven staff assignment model by Markov decision process. The model seeks to minimize employee wage and maximize gains of the company from the improvement of desirable competencies. Finally, we proposed the genetic algorithm to solve the model.

Li Du, Yu Zhang, Hua Li

Internal Marketing Establishes the Culture of Market Orientation

By analyzing the antecedent factors that affect market orientation, this study links concepts from these topics with those of internal marketing to provide business administrators with an effective method of building a market orientation culture. The research subjects were presidents and high-level managers at 491 accredited Taiwanese district hospitals or above. For this cross-sectional study, researchers mailed 491 questionnaires in October 2008 and received 104 responses. The data were analyzed with SPSS 17.0, including descriptive statistics and inferential statistical analysis. To examine research hypothesizes, we performed a multiple linear regression to investigate the associations between market orientation and the three sub-constructs of internal marketing. This study finds that internal marketing significantly influences market orientation.

Yafang Tsai, Shih-Wang Wu, Sue-Ting Chang

CFD Modeling of the Mixing Process in a Fermentation Tank

The impact of different baffles on liquid homogenization in crystallization process was described. In fermentation with crooked baffle, it was found that the flow field can provide more powerful driving force in the axial direction. And combined with the radial driving force provided by the disc turbine, dead zone at the bottom of blades was also eliminated. Due to its certain degree of twist, the flow field in the fermentation with crooked baffle can not only provide axial driving force, but broke the double circulation. Therefore the flow field in crystallization reactor eventually was distributed very well with dramatic reduce of adhesion.

Lou Peng, Chen Hui, Tian Bao Long

A Ranging Algorithm Based on Binocular Real-Time Video Monitoring

Based on the principle of binocular parallax, this paper designs a simple, practical, fast and convenient passive real-time video monitoring ranging system. The system realizes the real-time video monitoring ranging algorithm of the system and analyzes the accuracy and the error of the ranging system. By doing experiments, the algorithm turns out to be of simple ranging method, good real-time and stability, high accuracy and simple equipments. Another advantage: the system doesn’t send signals while working, so it is convenient to conceal yourself, thus having a high safety. Therefore, the system has great application values in the fields like air defense for strategic points, land and sea defense monitoring, real-time monitoring of the battlefield, etc.

Ying Li, Liquan Mei

Operation Mode Selection of Fourth–Party Logistics in China

Firstly, based on the information at home and abroad, combining the actual conditions in our country, the paper described China’s status for development of Fourth–Party logistics. Second, on the basis of that, the paper discusses the four operation modes of Fourth–Party Logistics in China in detail: coordinated operation type, integrated program type, innovative industry type, and dynamic alliance type. Finally, this article analyzes those modes and internal and external logistics business environment, firm size and industry conditions that the four types of models adapt to.

Liping Chen, Luming Yang, Baoquan Sun

A 1.2V Sample-and-Hold Circuit for 14-Bit 250MS/s Pipeline ADC in 65nm CMOS

This paper presents a design of a high speed, high accuracy, low voltage sample and hold circuit used in pipeline analog to digital converter for wireless communication applications in 65nm CMOS technology. Due to the low intrinsic gain of 65nm process, an OTA with simplified class A/B output stage and gain-boosting technique is introduced in the circuit, acquiring a gain of more than 80dB, so as to achieve a 14-bit linearity and a rail-to-rail output swing as well with low power consumption. The linearity issue of the switches is also taken into consideration. The simulation result shows a maximum SFDR of 96.3dB at 11MHz, 95.0dB at 149MHz and 87.1dB at 405MHz input frequency under a sampling rate of 250MS/s.

Wang Xuan, Li Fule, Wu Bin

The Effect Evaluating System of VMS Information Guidance on Urban Road Network

With the VMS gradually extensively used in major cities, it is necessary to evaluate its guiding result scientifically and systematically. This paper studies on the effect evaluating system of VMS, mainly includes evaluation index and comprehensive evaluation two parts. First, the evaluation index is made up of five indexes which are network, economy, environment, safety and driver. Second, compare the common comprehensive evaluation method and the Grey relational analysis is finally chose. Finally, take one region network of Beijing as an example to apply the evaluation system and prove its efficiency.

Chengxiang Zhuge, Chunfu Shao, Changqing Zheng, Liang Qiao

A Transitive Trust Chain in Ad Hoc Network

To further enhance the safety of Ad Hoc Network, the paper presents a new trust transfer model with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in Ad Hoc Network. A scheme which takes a trust chain from the node of Ad Hoc Network to Ad Hoc Network as its design objective is proposed, and the trust relationships between peers can be evaluated with a trust model in Ad Hoc Network. Authenticated routing for Ad Hoc Network (ARAN) is improved by introduction of trust level and then selects the routing of highest trust level. At last the trust transfer model in Ad Hoc network is analyzed.

Chongzheng Zhai, Jing Liu

The System Architecture of Intelligent Monitoring for Broadcasting TV Based on Web Services

The complex systems are usually equipped with monitoring systems to ensure the security and the reliability of theirs. Monitoring systems are usually designed according to main systems, and are closed ones. Therefore it is hard to communicate or cooperate to do a job among them, which is needed when many systems cooperate with each other to perform a job, such as associated live broadcasting of multi-TV stations. This paper presented a kind of system architecture of intelligent monitoring based on web services, which combines the monitoring systems together and by means of mobile devices to support system mobile maintenance and fault diagnosis. The system architecture is very powerful and convenient to implement the different system’s cooperation.

Chunlai Zhou

A New Nonlinear Integrable Couplings of GJ Equations Hierarchy and Its Hamiltonian Structure

In this paper, based on the rudimentary knowledge of the nonlinear integrable couplings, we establish a scheme for constructing nonlinear integrable Hamiltonian couplings of soliton hierarchy. Variational identities over the corresponding loop algebras are used to offer Hamiltonian structures for the resulting continuous couplings. As an application, we use this method to obtain a nonlinear integrable couplings and Hamiltonian structure of the GJ hierarchy by using Tu scheme and the quadratic-form identity.

Dandan Liu, Tie-cheng Xia

Applied Research on Tower Crane Safety Supervising System Based on Internet of Things

This paper analyses current situation of tower crane safety supervising system and puts forward a scheme of a new intelligent system: with the network architecture of the Internet of Things as the foundation, using Wireless Sensor Networks technology, combining CAN bus technology with Zigbee technology, which provides industrial control with a simple, real-time, low cost, high reliability and efficient methods. In this paper, the structure and function of the intelligent system are introduced in detail.

Leqiang Bai, Yuejiao Sun, Xin Guo

An Enhanced Instruction Tracer for Malware Analysis

Modern malicious applications use advanced anti-debugger, anti-virtualization, and code packing techniques to obfuscate the malware’s true activities and divert security analysts. Malware analysts currently do not have a simple method for tracing malicious code activity at the instruction-level in a highly undetectable environment. This paper presents an enhanced instruction tracer as an extension to the Xen Ether virtualization framework to aid in the task of malicious software analysis. It places a malware binary into a virtualized environment and records the contents of all processor general register values that occur during its execution. Evaluation shows its new level of introspection for advanced malware that was not available with the previous state-of-the-art analysis tools.

Zheyuan Liu

An Efficient Scan-to-Scan Integration/Correlation Algorithm for Sea Surveillance Radar

In most sea surveillance radars based on non-coherent integration, the scan-to-scan integration which improves signal to noise ratio and mitigates unwanted echo with a small correlation time is widely used to extract stationary and slow moving targets. The problems of the conventional scan-to-scan integration are: (a) the target tail is generated through integrating previous scans and current scan with respect to a fast moving target which has a high radar cross section; (b) it is difficult to detect a small and fast moving target due to the attenuated small target echo. In this contribution, the problems of the conventional scan-to-scan integration are investigated carefully by using time series analysis, and then an efficient scan-to-scan integration/correlation algorithm is proposed to overcome the problems of the existing techniques. In the proposed algorithm, the signal selection logic eliminating the unwanted target tail and recovering the attenuated target echo has been operated according to the difference between the current and previous scans with two thresholds. Simulation results demonstrate the proposed algorithm’s performance of detecting a small and fast moving target without the target tail effect.

Byung-Doo Kim, Byung-Gil Lee

Frequency Conversion Control Module Design for Electric Cars Based on SVPWM

In order to increase electric cars power efficiency when control frequency conversion, and reduce the interference of high harmonics, we propose a design method of voltage space vector (SVPWM) frequency conversion control module. Based on TMS320LF2407 the PWM signal producing module design, IPM module as the core, we design the inverter circuit and Developed SVPWM real-time motion control program. This program use the manner of segmentation modulation, achieve frequency conversion control a range of 5 ~ 100Hz frequency. Variable frequency speed-governing experiment shows that, The control method can reduce the switching losses, meanwhile suppress the temperature rise.

Wei Feng, Changán Di, Peng Bian, Deren Kong, Zhenwei Duan

Research and Design of Data Integration Architecture for Rural Planning

Rural planning is an important step in the urbanization construction and urban system perfection. Data integration of rural planning is the base of constructing a data center and application platform all over the country. A 7-layer framework of data integration of rural planning is designed in the paper on the base of analyzing the features of data of rural planning, such as distributed, of different frequency, from multiple sources and multi-semantic, referencing to the SIG 7 layers architecture and adopting the idea of service based of OGSA. Also the service mechanism and mixed deployment mode of data integration are studied in the paper in detail. The architecture has a characteristic of “general management, local autonomy”, so it has the heterogeneous data integrated with great efficiency and high extensibility.

Weipeng Cheng, Wenxue Wei, Feng Zhang

The Design and Implementation of the Control and Monitoring System for a Multi-pot Reactor

Reactors are widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and many other industries. Advanced reactors aided with computer software can fully control the reaction process and record the whole reaction parameters. Compared with conventional software design, reactor control software design has its own specialty. In this paper, we introduce a design and implementation of the control and monitoring system for a multi-pot reactor. Also, we focus our attention on exploring the development of industrial software, discussing some typical problems encountered and providing corresponding solutions.

Kai Zheng, Su Wang, Jun Zheng

Study on the Measurement Method of the Impact Force of Projectiles with High Kinetic Energy

In order to make it simple to evaluate the vulnerability of explosives, the mechanical properties of the explosive loading source needs to be measured. By taking PVD films as sensitive elements, the design of the sensors, which can test the impact force, has been accomplished. The test system of impact force based on PXI has been constructed by means of charge integrators. In the end, the system got tested by 82 mm loading devices. And the pressure curve of the loaded 82 flat nose bullets were got as well. A method of impact force test is provided for the measurement of mechanical properties of loading source.

Changán Di, Lilong Gao, Yanjuan Li, Deren Kong

An Efficient Method of License Plate Location Based on Structure Features

License plate recognition system is an important part of intelligent transportation system, while the vehicle license plate location is the key of it. In this paper, a new method of license plate (LP) positioning is proposed. In this method, firstly, the input image is preprocessed. Then, the texture and color features are used to remove most of disturbance. After that, the regions which have the structure and texture that is similar to the license plate are extracted. Finally, pseudo-region is eliminated and true LP is precisely located. The working principle is taking full advantages of plate texture, color characteristic and structure features to choose candidate regions. Experimental results illustrate that the method is robust and can increase the location accuracy distinctly.

Fan Ye, Mei Xie

The Multithreading Parallel ACA Algorithm Based on OpenMP

The Memory of the computers has been not able to satisfy large scale scientific calculation. With the coming of multicore era of the processor CMOS chip, the technique of multithreading has been an effective way to improve the efficiency of the program implementing. OpenMP is an application programmers interface (API) designing for the programming in the shared-storage multiprocessor. This paper introduces OpenMP to a new algorithm-the Adaptive Cross algorithm (ACA). And the efficiency of the program is improved greatly through the numerical experiments.

Yulei Zhao, Chuangming Tong, Zhiqi Ju

Algorithms with Restrictive Input Constrains on Genome Exemplar Distance Caculation

The comparative study of gene order rearrangements has been restricted to the case when the genes in one genome are homologous to at most one gene in the other genome. Sankoff (1999) proposes the estimation of true exemplars, a selection of one gene from each gene family in both genomes such that the distance between the resulting exemplar strings is minimized, which is called exemplar distance. David Bryant in his paper show that the calculation of the exemplar distance between two genomes is NP-hard for both the signed reversals distance and the breakpoint distance, even with quite restrictive conditions on the input. Limite the input according to strictive conditions used by David Bryants’ proof, here we provides two algorithm to solve problem under some input conditions. one is branch and bound algorithms ,the other is Greedy Algorithm for both distances .different DATA can use different Algorithm to get better performance.

Yehong Chen, Daming Zhu, Weifang Tang, Qi Chen, Jie Zhang

The Research Based on Self-adaptive Filter and Kalman Filter on Multi-robot

The paper presents a method of ultrasonic and wireless network to the issue of co-location on multi-robot, and proposes a method that makes use of robot network and self-adaptive filter to achieve to process the signal of ultrasonic. Simulation results show that the proposed method can detect the signal of ultrasonic while there exists the complex ultrasonic noises in the environment which have the same frequency with the transmitting ultrasonic, and complete the task of robot positioning in the case of multi-robot collisions.

Lidan Gao, Zhonghua Huang, Nu Zhang, Shunhua Li, Yan Feng

Research on the Trunk Line’s Transmission Performance of Multi-hop WMN Based on 802.11n

This paper had a research on the main factors which affect the transmission performance. Based on 802.11n, It proposed the multi-radio node structure of multi-hop Mesh backbone network, achieved the prototype system of wireless mesh router, and solved the two problems of multi-hop transmission: multi-hop attenuation and basis bandwidth bottlenecks. The experiment showed that it had more than 165 Mbps basis bandwidth, and under the limited 60Mbps environment, the bandwidth attenuation of per hop is less than 1%, which basically satisfied the application of on-board Internet.

Zhu Quan, Jiang Xinhua, Zou Fumin

Application of Geographic Information System in Orienteering Sports

This paper introduces the application of GIS in how to make Orienteering maps, in how to select the field of Orienteering and in how to design the route of Orienteering. It also analyzes the process of making the Orienteering map in detail and points out the shortages. At last it puts forward the frame and the development project of Orienteering map assistance design system based on Geographic Information System (shortened as GIS).

Xiaozhi He

Formal Specification for Compiler Based Test Case Generation of Embedded Real-Time System

Testing is an essential part of the development of embedded real-time system and it is necessity to generate the test case automatically. However, there is no good language to bridge the gap between the testing requirements and source codes. In this paper, we propose a compiler based automatically test case generation framework firstly, and then introduce a novel language call RCBL to specify the testing requirements that describe the relationship of source code and testing requirements for the embedded real-time system. From a simple but comprehensive testing requirement of an embedded system, we can see that the RCBL is powerful and flexible, and also can be learned and used easily.

Yong Chen, Yanxiang He, Chao Xu, Wei Wu, Jianbo Liu

Fair Video Streaming over Wireless with Network Coding

In this paper, we study fair video streaming over wireless network with network coding. Prior work demonstrated network coding can increase throughout over a broadcast medium, by mixing packets from different flows into single packet, thus increasing the information content per transmission and improve video quality. This paper aims to propose fair video streaming over wireless network which can improve video quality and balance video quality of each sink. Our key insight is (i) fairness and (ii) utilization of code packets. Simulation result shows that our scheme can improve and balance video quality.

Xiaoqiao He, Rui Wang, Depei Qian

The Functional Semantic for Home Service

To retrieving home services semantically, this paper constructs function concept ontology for smart home. We classified function into five categories. Then the categories of function are refined through analyzing the way of realization. Finally a scenario of audible alarm of gas detective is given to present the architecture for service registry, retrieval and invocation based on the function concept ontology.

Moji Wei, Jianliang Xu, Xinjun Song

Research on DICOM Compliant Medical Image Interactive Visualization on Android Platform

Medical image diagnosis plays a key role in modern medical science, and the medical image is the core of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard. This work presented an implementation of interactive visualization of DICOM 3.0 compliant medical image on the Google’s Android platform which was the most popular mobile operating system at present. The application enabled an Android terminal (version 2.2) with multi-touch screen and Wi-Fi function to visualize the medical images (supporting DICOM 3.0 file format and JPEG2000 coding). And then, several DICOM compliant images of different modalities (MR, CT) and different file sizes had been used to evaluate the transmission time in two network types: WLAN and 3G network. This research indicated an Android terminal (might be a mobile phone or tablet PC) with the application was suitable to be an auxiliary facilities for medical staff, and it would improve medical efficiency and reduce the medical delay.

S. H. Zheng, J. Chen, C. Y. Xu, L. Yu

Using a Single-Layer Neural Network to Generate a FIR Filter That Improves Digital Images Using a Convolution Operation

The paper features the method of application of a neural network for improving the quality of the digital images generated by means of devices for backup and processing of data into a digital form which construction is based on the Charge Coupled Device (CCD) structure. In order to introduce the problem, the digital images were generated by means of two scanners (including a high class and a low class scanner) and afterwards the images were subject to an objective and a subjective evaluation. An objective evaluation was performed using two quality criteria, i.e. MSE (Mean Square Error) and NMSE (Normalized Mean Square Error). A FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter applied for filtration of a low quality image was obtained as the result of the neural network learning process. The image so generated as the result of filtration features a superior quality in comparison to the original.

Jakub Peksinski, Grzegorz Mikolajczak

Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Application to Global Optimization for Complex Function

Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a kind of group intelligent heuristic global evolution algorithm, which was proposed recently. It is used to solve complex optimization problems which are non-linear and non-differentiable, as well as combinatorial optimization problems. With advantages such as simple principle, it has fast convergence rate and it is liable to be implemented. Firstly, this paper proposes an improved PSO to search the global optimum of function after researching principle of the original one, as well as online and offline evaluation criterion of this improved algorithm. Secondly, an optimal algorithm is proposed to solve the problems with restrictions based on the combination of PSO and penalty function. Finally, analyzing the testing function and inertia weight, the paper affirms effectiveness of this improved algorithm through simulations. It is revealed that this improved algorithm is liable to search the global optimum of function and realize the global optimization.

Jing Zhang, Ze Zhang

A Distributed Estimation Algorithm in Binary Sensor Network for Tracking Moving Target

At the present time, some filter algorithms are generally employed for the research of tracking target in wireless sensor network. However, due to the difficulty of collecting accurate sensor data and the huge computational burden, using particle filter for tracking in wireless sensor network is not suitable for practice. In this paper, a distributed estimation algorithm is proposed, and the work is concentrated on how to obtain the moving trajectory effectively in binary sensor network. For rational use of network resources, a new routing mechanism is designed based on Gabriel Graph. Moreover, we present the velocity estimation, which can efficiently estimate the speed of the moving target. And according to the relative position between nodes, two distributed tracking algorithms are proposed for different situations. As a result, the performance evaluation demonstrates that the proposed algorithm has a good performance on accuracy of tracking and effective energy saving.

Zixi Jia, Mo Chen, Chengdong Wu

A Method of Image Segmentation Based on Adaptive Bidirectional Balloon Force Model

A novel image segmentation method is proposed using geometric active contour model based on an adaptive bidirectional balloon force (ABBF). Since active contour model was used extensively in image segmentation, great progress has been achieved. The evolved active contour model combined with balloon force could effectively detect object boundaries, however, this model require that we must put the initial active contour inside or outside the boundary completely, also it is easy to cause leaking through weak edges. In order to solve these problems, we propose a new ABBF-snake model based on magetostatic field. According to our experiment, it is obvious that our method make great improvement in convergence ability and broken edges, furthermore, compare with GVF and VCF, our method achieved more satisfactory results in segmentation of complex shape objects and real images.

Jinyao Yang, Yugui Xu, Boling Zheng, Haihong Shen, Minfen Shen

Variable Step-Size Algorithm on Feedback and Feed-Forward Coefficients for Modified Decision Feedback Equalizer Turbo Code DS/CDMA System

In this paper presents a variable step-size algorithm for modified decision feedback equalizer structure with turbo coded for direct-sequence code division multiple access (DS/CDMA) digital communication systems. The main objective of the proposed equalizer is to minimize the bit error rate (BER) of the data due to the disturbances of noise and intersymbol interference (ISI) phenomenon on the channel. By the proposed technique, the performances of the proposed adaptive equalizer cooperate with the attractive Soft Output Viterbi Algorithm (SOVA) algorithm of turbo decoder for the DS/CDMA system. It provides a good statistical in non-stationary channel condition scenario. The simulation results are shown the superior bit error rate performances of the proposed adaptive equalizer over other equalizers.

T. Udomsripaiboon, C. Benjangkaprasert

Research of a Ubiquitous-Computing Enabled Service Pattern in Converged Network

The service triggering mechanism of current IMS not only leads to heavy load of the S-CSCF entities, but also limits the provision of feasible service which makes use of context information. Thus, a ubiquitous-computing enabled service triggering and executing pattern in converged network is introduced. Via analyzing service pattern of current IMS architecture, a novel mechanism that introduces P2P like service triggering based on terminal side coordination is introduced, which results in the conversion from central service control to the negotiation service triggering pattern based on context information among terminals. In this new service pattern, context aware triggering is supported. Moreover, service can be executed in a distributed way which means service logic can be composed of terminal and server parts. A detail scenario is also discussed in this paper.

Xiao-Yan Yu, Rong-Heng Lin, Peng-Cheng Huang

A Service Model Based on Stochastic Network Calculus in Wireless Mesh Networks

Stochastic service model is abstract expression of service capability of network node from probability meaning in stochastic network calculus. It is determined by channel capacity and scheduling strategy of one node. In this paper, we firstly propose a stochastic service curve for individual traffic flows based on improved WFQ (Weight Fair Queuing) scheduling in wireless mesh networks. So, our service model has greater fairness for arrival flows. To simplify performance evaluation of the whole network, we present an end-to-end stochastic service curves for aggregation flows. It can encapsulate and shield QoS requirements of different type arrival flows. The numerical results show that the stochastic service model is effective based on real-time and non-real-time stochastic service curve of arrival flows.

Gaocai Wang, Nao Wang, Mingxing Lai

The Recent Condition and Relevant Algorithms of the Study on Sensor Network Deployment

Sensor network deployment directly influence the management of network resources and distribution of sensor network data. this paper will introduce the recent condition and relevant algorithms of the study on sensor network deployment, the international situation and the future trend of development, etc.

Wu Yi

Mobile Book Management Application Using Camera of Smart Phone

This thesis suggests an application that will allow users to manage their books easily by using an open API based book information available from smart phones or on-line. A camera of a smart phone can recognize bar-codes and QR-codes on books automatically and help users retrieve more detailed information through the open API based on thus recognized information. The suggested application will help users save the provided content of a book in Scan List or My List, and create a memo for the page users read last, and write a simple comment when they finished the book. In other words, the suggested application will provide useful functions for users to manage books effectively.

MyoungBeom Chung, IlJu Ko

Modeling Nonfunctional Requirements in Software Product Line

Several approaches of modeling nonfunctional requirements (NFRs) of single product have emerged and little attention has been paid to model NFRs of software product line (SPL). This paper first argues the necessity and challenges of modeling and managing NFRs in SPL, and then presents an approach built on an existing SPL requirements modeling approach–feature modeling, to explicitly model NFRs-related assets in feature model. The approach is designed to be extensible to model NFRs of different types, and to effectively manage complexity of feature model with NFRs.

Sun Lianshan, Wang Jinyu

A Case Study on High Trustworthy Environment Construction for Smart Home Applications

Nowadays, trusted computing plays an important role in improving information security and building trusted environment for network related applications. In this paper, an effective implementation of smart home based on existing trusted hardware components and software stacks is studied. We investigate the digital certificate generation and its use, key hierarchy and its establishment, software integrity measurement, firmware upgrading and default recovery processes, and related key steps. We present a practical establishment for a high trustworthy environment over smart home applications by using TPM. The case study aims to act as a useful supplement and practical solution reference for trusted system deployment.

Xinyan Gao, Xianlu Luo, Ning Zhou, Dakui Li

A Modbus Protocol Stack Compatible with RTU/TCP Frames and Embedded Application

Modbus communications are carried out by different frame formats on different physical links. As a result, to use Modbus on two distinct links, it’s common to design two sets of protocol stack software. In this article a Modbus protocol stack compatible with RTU and TCP frames is proposed, which can be adopted on resource-limited micro controllers to greatly reduce software size, as well as speeding the system performance. Detailed layered model, as well as function descriptions and flow charts for each layer are given. In the end, we will examine an application case based on ST Semiconductor’s STM32 micro controoler. The result shows it achieves the design expectation.

Jian Kuang, Guibao Wang, Jiali Bian

Intelligent Education Services Based on Context Mediator in Pervasive Computing

In the pervasive computing environment, humans and devices or machines with computing ability become interoperable. In order to implement intelligent services in this environment, hardware technologies such as sensing and security are needed. However, the development of technology that enables devices to take contexts into account is also necessary. This paper proposes architecture of intelligent education services using the context mediator. This context mediator recognizes the situation of the user and provides the user with personalized service suitable for the user. This study is able to support students to more efficiently study on their own by using context mediator.

Taijong Kim, Mincheol Kim, DoHyeun Kim

On-Line Error Detection and Off-Line Test Design in Polynomial Basis Multiplier over GF(2m) Using Irreducible Trinomials

The concurrent error detection capability can give countermeasure to recent developed fault-based cryptanalysis. The design-for-testability is one of evaluated indexes to detect the faulty element of VLSI chips for manufacturability and maintainability issues. Thus, design of multipliers in GF(2m) with both concurrent error detection and design-for-testability is an important issue for elliptic curve cryptosystem. In this study, a novel self-checking alternating logic (SCAL) multiplier in GF(2m) is presented for achieving both on-line test and off-line test purposes. The proposed polynomial basis multiplier using irreducible trinomials requires only about 33% extra space complexity of existing multipliers. As our best knowledge, the proposed polynomial basis multiplier is the first polynomial basis multiplier which can provide both on-line error detection and off-line test capabilities.

Chi Hsiang Chang, Chiu-Ching Tuan, Wen-Tzeng Huang, Che Wun Chiou

Design of the Low Cost Scalar Multiplier-on-Chip for 163bits Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem

As mobile communication flourishes, great importance has been attached to the security of communication data. The keys of the Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (ECC) are shorter, which is characteristic, so necessary storage components will be significantly reduced, and the square measure of circuits will also be reduced. The cryptosystems are thus very suitable for mobile devices whose demand for low space complexity. In the ECC, scalar multiplication represents the core operation of a system. In recent years, the circuit architecture of triple processor cores or the above was addressed in domestic and international literature. A parallel processing concept is mainly used in this type of architecture to accelerate circuit operation. In this thesis, equation calculation and circuit design were employed to integrate the pipeline architecture and the parallel processing architecture and further propose an elliptic curve scalar multiplier for dual processor cores. In this paper, our proposed architecture Compared with the literature in recent years, this thesis not only provides a high-speed computation, but also effectively reduce about 28% in hardware area.

Chi Hsiang Chang, Chiu-Ching Tuan, Guo-Ming Sung, Wen-Tzeng Huang, Xi-Yan Wu

Research on Interference Rejection of TT&C in Formation Flying of Small Satellite

Formation flying of small satellite has become research hotspot in space field today. Tracking Telemetry and Command (TT&C) is the key technology to ensure the whole formation to cooperate and self-running normally. Therefore, the TT&C system is becoming the main hitting target in the electronic warfare. This paper is to improve anti-interference ability of formation flying of small satellite, the TT&C controlling system characteristics are discussed and interference forms are provided. The methods of interference rejection are mainly studied.

Pan Xi, Chen Ming

Research on Robust Image Perceptual Hashing Technology Based on Discrete Cosine Transform

In this paper, current methods about perceptual hashing were deeply researched and the defects of them were analyzed. Principles and characters of discrete cosine transform, Watson visual model and chaotic model were introduced in details. A new method about perceptual image hashing which combined the characteristics of the three models was designed. This method use discrete cosine transform to feature extraction from image, eigenvector was handled by contrast sensitivity table, Logistic equation was used as chaos sequence generator to encrypt and at last the prediction differential method was used to quantization coding. Experimental results indicated that the method could resist the content-preserving modifications, and possessed strong robustness, safety and retrieval ability, and the collision rate decreases to level 10

− 7

. Therefore, this technique has the applied value in image authentication, copyright protection, image security and content-based image retrieval and so on.

Liang Chang, Wen-Gang Yan, Wen-De Wang

A Message Driven Mechanism Based Distributed IDS Using Developed CUSUM Algorithm

In this paper, we proposed a new division method of agent functions and introduced the message driven mechanism into IDS. We developed non-parametric CUSUM algorithm. Unlike previous proposals for usage of CUSUM algorithm in invading detecting, we presented a Deviations Regression Algorithm which could greatly improve performance of CUSUM algorithm. We demonstrated that we can achieve high detection accuracy on different network contexts.

Yingxuan Wang, Shuzhen Yao, Huobin Tan, He Huang

High-Quality Resolution Reduction Method for Halftone Image

This paper proposes a new resolution reduction method for halftone images. Recently, smartphone or tablet PC has become widespread. When viewing comics on mobile devices as e-books, image resolution conversion is required, because there are various resolution devices. If comic images are reduced with conventional resolution conversion methods using interpolating functions such as bicubic interpolation, moiré which leads to deterioration in image quality is generated, because comic images include halftones with periodic structures. In this paper, we propose a resolution reduction method for halftone images which preserve periodic structures of original images. Experiments show that a moiré is not generated with our proposed method, and the method is superior in subjective image quality and computational time to the conventional bicubic interpolation.

Kaoru Ishito, Kazuki Katagishi, Kazuo Toraichi

Resource Pool-Oriented Resource Management for Cloud Computing

The capacity setting of the resource pool is the key issue in the resource cost-oriented computing resource management. The problem of cloud computing resource management exploring resource pool is discussed based on the queue theory and the global optimization theory, and a computing method of the optimal capacity of the resource pool in cloud computing is presented.

Zhang Hengxi, Li Chunlin, Shi Zhengjun, Zhang Xiaoqing

The Application of Visual Speech Synthesis in Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training

To promote the efficiency of English pronunciation training, the Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training (CAPT) system is drawing more and more attention of language teaching, but the current CAPT systems for Chinese second language learners are still quite dissatisfactory. The paper briefly introduces the CAPT technology and its realizing process, and discusses the application of visual speech synthesis technology in CAPT to enhance its friendliness in detail. Comparable teaching experiment demonstrates that the CAPT system improved by visual speech synthesis can significantly improve the efficiency of English pronunciation training.

Yanyan Chen, Hao Li

Microstrip Antenna Design Based on Left-Handed Materials

An review on the development and extrodinary properties of left-handed materials is first coverd.Based on the current research, left-handed materials is applied to the microstrip antenna design.Two miniaturized antenna are designed by using the left-handed materials, which makes futhur miniaturization of microstrip antenna possible.

Song Chengtian, Song Zhiliang, Pan Xi

Measurement and Control System Development of Performance Research Test Bench for Diesel Engine Injector Based on Labview

A measurement and control system based on Labview was developed for the performance research of high-pressure common rail diesel engine injector of marine. The developed system provides smooth high-pressure oil source for injector with just

[graphics object to be inserted manually]

deviation to aimed pressure. It also function with data collection and calibration, fuel and hydraulic oil temperature controlling, pressure curve and injection rate displaying, data limits surpassing setting and alarming. The paper detail introduced the electronic components of the control system, software design and the PID closed-loop control of injection pressure.

Suyun Luo, Yuanming Gong

Modeling the IEEE 802.11 DCF with Hidden Stations

Many works have been put on analyzing the performance of the IEEE 802.11, but hidden station problem was seldom involved. In practice, the existing of hidden stations will lead heavy drop of system throughput. A novel model is proposed in this paper, which can be used to analyze the throughput of 802.11 DCF in presence of hidden stations under saturation condition. Different scenarios are used in simulation to validate it, and the results show that the model is accurate.

Jielin Fu, Zheng Zhou, Lin Zheng, Zhenghong Liu

Study of EMC Testing Tools

EMC is always top topic in the power electronic products. Although EMC has the theory of Maxwell to support it, however, the EMC design engineer feels hard to design and solve problems by guide of theory.They just can improve the ability of solving EMC problems by designing much more products. So EMC make engineer to feel vague,mysterious and hard. We need do some basic studies about EMC to improve this situation.

Bo Yuan, Zhiwei Wang

A Hybrid Routing Tree to Avoid the Energy Hole Problem in Wireless Sensor Network

In order to solve the problem of "energy hole" in wireless sensor networks, this paper proposed a Hybrid Routing Tree Based on Ring Network to avoid this problem. The routing tree base on ring network mode uses the threshold

[graphics object to be inserted manually]

and the middle ring to control the communication style among nodes. The simulation results show that the routing algorithm is effective to avoid the "energy hole" problem and maximum extension the network lifetime.

Yuhua Liu, Wenwen Dai, Kaihua Xu, Meirong Zheng


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