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Business & Information Systems Engineering

Ausgabe 2/2022

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Corporate Digital Responsibility

Cristina Mihale-Wilson, Oliver Hinz, Wil van der Aalst, Christof Weinhardt

Research Paper

A Configuration Taxonomy of Business Process Orientation

Amy Van Looy, Peter Trkman, Els Clarysse

Open Access Research Paper

The Five Diamond Method for Explorative Business Process Management

Thomas Grisold, Steven Groß, Katharina Stelzl, Jan vom Brocke, Jan Mendling, Maximilian Röglinger, Michael Rosemann

Open Access Research Paper

A Protection-Motivation Perspective to Explain Intention to Use and Continue to Use Mobile Warning Systems

Diana Fischer-Preßler, Dario Bonaretti, Kai Fischbach

Research Paper

Model-based Analysis of Data Inaccuracy Awareness in Business Processes

Yotam Evron, Pnina Soffer, Anna Zamansky

Open Access Research Paper

Business Process Management Culture in Public Administration and Its Determinants

Ingo Kregel, Bettina Distel, André Coners

Open Access Research Paper

The Impact of Strategic Core-Component Reuse on Product Life Cycles

Cristina Mihale-Wilson, Patrick Felka, Oliver Hinz, Martin Spann

Open Access Catchword

Digital Detox

Milad Mirbabaie, Stefan Stieglitz, Julian Marx


Values and Ethics in Information Systems

Sarah Spiekermann, Hanna Krasnova, Oliver Hinz, Annika Baumann, Alexander Benlian, Henner Gimpel, Irina Heimbach, Antonia Köster, Alexander Maedche, Björn Niehaves, Marten Risius, Manuel Trenz

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