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Business & Information Systems Engineering

Ausgabe 2/2023

Inhalt (10 Artikel)

Open Access Editorial

Welcome to the Era of ChatGPT et al.

Timm Teubner, Christoph M. Flath, Christof Weinhardt, Wil van der Aalst, Oliver Hinz

Research Paper

Mastering Agile Practice Adoption through a Model-Driven Approach for the Combination of Development Methods

Giovanni Giachetti, José Luis de la Vara, Beatriz Marín

Research Paper

Uses of Information Systems to Develop Trust in Family Firms

Raphael Lissillour, Jean Michel Sahut

State of the Art

Self-reporting Limitations in Information Systems Design Science Research

João Barata, Paulo Rupino da Cunha, António Dias de Figueiredo

Open Access Research Paper

User-Centered Requirements for Augmented Reality as a Cognitive Assistant for Safety-Critical Services

Julia Bräker, Anna Osterbrink, Martin Semmann, Manuel Wiesche

Open Access Research Paper

AI-Enhanced Hybrid Decision Management

Dominik Bork, Syed Juned Ali, Georgi Milenov Dinev

Open Access Catchword

Dark Patterns

Tim Kollmer, Andreas Eckhardt

Open Access Discussion

Algorithmic Fairness in AI

Jella Pfeiffer, Julia Gutschow, Christian Haas, Florian Möslein, Oliver Maspfuhl, Frederik Borgers, Suzana Alpsancar

Open Access Letter to the Editor

Statements on the Contribution by Grisold et al. from Issue 2/2022

Christof Weinhardt, Hans-Gert Gräbe, Ralf Laue, Thomas Grisold, Steven Groß, Katharina Stelzl, Jan vom Brocke, Jan Mendling, Maximilian Röglinger, Michael Rosemann

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