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Business & Information Systems Engineering

Business & Information Systems Engineering 3/2019

Ausgabe 3/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

10.04.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 3/2019

Data Analytics and Optimization for Decision Support

Wolfgang Bein, Stefan Pickl, Fei Tao

23.04.2019 | Profile | Ausgabe 3/2019

Interview with Erich Vad on “Political and Security Aspects of Digitization”

Prof. Dr. Stefan Pickl

28.01.2019 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 3/2019

Adaptive State Space Partitioning for Dynamic Decision Processes

Ninja Soeffker, Jun-Prof. Dr. Marlin W. Ulmer, Prof. Dr. Dirk C. Mattfeld

21.01.2019 | State of the Art | Ausgabe 3/2019

Optimizing Data Stream Representation: An Extensive Survey on Stream Clustering Algorithms

Matthias Carnein, Heike Trautmann

06.03.2019 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 3/2019

An Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm for Dynamic Jobs for Dealing with the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Zhengcai Cao, Lijie Zhou, Biao Hu, Chengran Lin

20.03.2019 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 3/2019

Performance Analysis and Enhancement of Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Application to Gearbox Condition Monitoring
Jinjiang Wang, Yulin Ma, Prof. Zuguang Huang, Ruijuan Xue, Rui Zhao

01.04.2019 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 3/2019

Prognostic Model Development with Missing Labels

A Condition-Based Maintenance Approach Using Machine Learning
Patrick Zschech, Kai Heinrich, Raphael Bink, Janis S. Neufeld

16.10.2018 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 3/2019

Analysis of Competitor Intelligence in the Era of Big Data: An Integrated System Using Text Summarization Based on Global Optimization

Swapnajit Chakraborti, Shubhamoy Dey

20.06.2018 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 3/2019

Conceptual Framework for SDSS Development with an Application in the Retail Industry

Gautier Daras, Bruno Agard, Bernard Penz

25.02.2019 | Catchword | Ausgabe 3/2019

Augmented Analytics

Nicolas Prat

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