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Calcolo 4/2020

Ausgabe 4/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

H(div) conforming methods for the rotation form of the incompressible fluid equations

Xi Chen, Corina Drapaca

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

A discontinuous Galerkin recovery scheme with stabilization for diffusion problems

Mauricio Osorio, Wilmar Imbachí

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

Parallel iterative stabilized finite element methods based on the quadratic equal-order elements for incompressible flows

Bo Zheng, Yueqiang Shang

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

A modified Broyden family algorithm with global convergence under a weak Wolfe-Powell line search for unconstrained nonconvex problems

Gonglin Yuan, Zhan Wang, Pengyuan Li

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

A new mixed-FEM for steady-state natural convection models allowing conservation of momentum and thermal energy

Sergio Caucao, Ricardo Oyarzúa, Segundo Villa-Fuentes

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

Discrete projection methods for Hammerstein integral equations on the half-line

Nilofar Nahid, Gnaneshwar Nelakanti

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

Linearized symmetric multi-block ADMM with indefinite proximal regularization and optimal proximal parameter

Xiaokai Chang, Jianchao Bai, Dunjiang Song, Sanyang Liu

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

The virtual element method for a minimal surface problem

Paola Francesca Antonietti, Silvia Bertoluzza, Daniele Prada, Marco Verani

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

Some improved Ky Fan type eigenvalue inclusion sets for tensors

Yangyang Xu, Bing Zheng, Ruijuan Zhao

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020 Open Access

Approximation of PDE eigenvalue problems involving parameter dependent matrices

Daniele Boffi, Francesca Gardini, Lucia Gastaldi

01.12.2020 | Ausgabe 4/2020

Nonconforming virtual element method for 2mth order partial differential equations in with

Xuehai Huang

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