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2024 | Buch

Cavity Dynamics and Splashing Mechanism in Droplets

verfasst von: Zhaohao Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Junwei Shen, Yuning Zhang

Verlag: Springer Nature Switzerland

Buchreihe : SpringerBriefs in Energy


Über dieses Buch

This brief explores the pivotal realm of droplet cavitation, a subject of great significance for enhancing fuel atomization and improving various industrial processes. The authors employ high-speed photography experiments, analyze bubble dynamics equations, and utilize numerical simulations to explore the dynamic behavior of cavitation bubbles and droplets. The book analyzes the entire lifecycle of cavitation bubbles, their interactions with different liquid droplets, and the key parameters governing their oscillation and collapse and sheds light on the collapse mechanisms and shock wave propagation influenced by liquid droplets. Additionally, it investigates the dynamics of droplet spattering by categorizing spatter patterns under diverse conditions, discusses the critical stability of droplet surfaces, and reveals the mechanisms by which cavitation bubble collapses induce droplet breakage. Taking vapor bubbles and diesel droplets as examples, the dynamic characteristics of specific droplets containing bubbles are also analyzed. This book offers an in-depth understanding of these phenomena with practical implications for a wide range of industrial applications and is a useful tool for researchers and engineers working in the fields of fluid dynamics, combustion engineering, and atomization processes.


Chapter 1. Introduction
This chapter introduces the cavitation atomization technology, which shows that it is a promising technology that can improve atomization efficiency. Furthermore, the research status of the cavitation collapse dynamics and the droplet splash dynamics contained in this technology is reviewed. The related literatures can help to explore the theoretical basis for the future development direction of the cavitation atomization technology. Finally, this chapter demonstrates the research structure of the book.
Zhaohao Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Junwei Shen, Yuning Zhang
Chapter 2. Research Methods
This chapter focuses on the research methods of dynamics of interactions between cavitation bubbles and droplets, including high-speed photographic experiments, theoretical analysis of bubble dynamics, and numerical simulation of OpenFOAM. From the experimental aspect, according to the droplet morphology produced in different modes, the droplets can be divided into hemispherical, ellipsoidal, and spherical droplets. The difference in the droplet morphology affects the analysis of dynamic behavior characteristics. From the theoretical view, based on the classical Rayleigh–Plesset equation, the dynamic equations of the cavitation bubble inside a droplet are developed considering the influence of surface tension and the viscous force. For the simulation, the governing equations are introduced together with the volume of fluid (VOF) and the large-eddy simulation (LES) methods.
Zhaohao Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Junwei Shen, Yuning Zhang
Chapter 3. Dynamics of Cavitation Bubbles in a Droplet
This chapter investigates the dynamic behaviors of the cavitation bubble in a droplet, including nucleation, jet and radial oscillations. On the one hand, a high-speed photography is employed to observe the dynamic behaviors together with the main influencing factors.
Zhaohao Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Junwei Shen, Yuning Zhang
Chapter 4. Dynamics of Droplet Splashing Induced by Cavitation Bubble Collapse
This chapter focuses on the dynamic characteristics of the droplet splashing induced by the collapse of the cavitation bubble. Firstly, the effect of the relative position of the cavitation bubble on the splashing behavior of a droplet is observed by the high-speed camera. Secondly, the flow field distribution near the gas–liquid interface is analyzed, including pressure field, velocity field, baroclinity, and vortex distribution. Finally, the critical stability criterion of the interface is further discussed, and the influencing mechanism of cavitation bubble collapse on the droplet splashing behavior is revealed together with the instantaneous droplet surface breaking.
Zhaohao Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Junwei Shen, Yuning Zhang
Chapter 5. Dynamic Characteristics of a Vapor Bubble in a Droplet
This chapter focuses on the comparisons of dynamic behaviors of droplets containing the air and the vapor. The fundamental reason for this difference lies in the existences of vapor condensation. Due to the phase transition, the velocity of fluid propagation and the mechanism of its interactions with shock waves may be changed. Based on this, it is of certain significance to investigate the dynamic characteristics of a vapor bubble inside a droplet. In this chapter, a numerical method is adopted to simulate the movement, deformation, collapse, and other processes of a vapor bubble, and a quantitative analysis is carried out on the local instantaneous pressure released during the collapse.
Zhaohao Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Junwei Shen, Yuning Zhang
Chapter 6. Cavitation Dynamics Under the Influence of Diesel Droplet
The viscosity, density, surface tension, and other physical properties of droplets have a great influence on the dynamic behaviors of cavitation bubbles. Taking diesel droplet as the research object, this chapter focuses on the mechanism of inertial force, viscous force, surface tension, aerodynamic force, and other forces during the growth and the collapse of cavitation bubble through numerical simulations.
Zhaohao Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Junwei Shen, Yuning Zhang
Chapter 7. Conclusion
In this book, experimental, theoretical, and numerical research methods are introduced to explore the interaction mechanisms between cavitation bubbles and droplets. The cavitation bubble dynamic characteristics under the influence of droplets and the droplet splashing characteristics induced by cavitation bubbles are discussed in detail. Through the comprehensive research of this book, the following main conclusions can be drawn.
Zhaohao Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Junwei Shen, Yuning Zhang
Cavity Dynamics and Splashing Mechanism in Droplets
verfasst von
Zhaohao Li
Xiaoyu Wang
Junwei Shen
Yuning Zhang
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