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Cellulose 4/2010

Ausgabe 4/2010

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Structure conversions of cellulose IIII crystal models in solution state: a molecular dynamics study

Toshifumi Yui, Naofumi Okayama, Sachio Hayashi

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

The glass transition and crystallization of ball milled cellulose

Sabrina S. Paes, Shaomin Sun, William MacNaughtan, Roger Ibbett, Johannes Ganster, Timothy J. Foster, John R. Mitchell

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Mechanism of microfibril contraction and anisotropic dimensional changes for cells in wood treated with aqueous NaOH solution

Takato Nakano

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Cellulose I crystallinity determination using FT–Raman spectroscopy: univariate and multivariate methods

Umesh P. Agarwal, Richard S. Reiner, Sally A. Ralph

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Time-resolved X-ray diffraction microprobe studies of the conversion of cellulose I to ethylenediamine-cellulose I

Yoshiharu Nishiyama, Masahisa Wada, B. Leif Hanson, Paul Langan

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Characterisation of amino acid modified cellulose surfaces using ToF-SIMS and XPS

D. M. Kalaskar, R. V. Ulijn, J. E. Gough, M. R. Alexander, D. J. Scurr, W. W. Sampson, S. J. Eichhorn

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Controlled accessibility Lewis acid catalysed thermal reactions of regenerated cellulosic fibres

Dimtra Domvoglou, Franz Wortmann, Jim Taylor, Roger Ibbett

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Thermo-mechanical properties of microfibrillated cellulose-reinforced partially crystallized PLA composites

Lisman Suryanegara, Antonio Norio Nakagaito, Hiroyuki Yano

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Self-reinforced cellulose nanocomposites

Anthony Abbott, Alexander Bismarck

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Reinforcing effect of carboxymethylated nanofibrillated cellulose powder on hydroxypropyl cellulose

Ch. Eyholzer, F. Lopez-Suevos, P. Tingaut, T. Zimmermann, K. Oksman

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Blend films of natural wool and cellulose prepared from an ionic liquid

Nishar Hameed, Qipeng Guo

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

TEMPO mediated oxidation of carbohydrates using electrochemical methods

P. Parpot, K. Servat, A. P. Bettencourt, H. Huser, K. B. Kokoh

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Towards unnatural xylan based polysaccharides: reductive amination as a tool to access highly engineered carbohydrates

Stephan Daus, Thomas Elschner, Thomas Heinze

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

The effect of chemical composition on microfibrillar cellulose films from wood pulps: water interactions and physical properties for packaging applications

Kelley L. Spence, Richard A. Venditti, Orlando J. Rojas, Youssef Habibi, Joel J. Pawlak

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Bleaching cellulosic fibers via pre-sorption of N-[4-(triethylammoniomethyl)-benzoyl]-butyrolactam chloride

Changhai Xu, David Hinks, Renzo Shamey

01.08.2010 | Ausgabe 4/2010

Flame retardant finishing of cotton fleece: part VII. Polycarboxylic acids with different numbers of functional group

Xialing Wu, Charles Q. Yang, Qingliang He

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