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The development of highly and fully automatic driving and the increasing electrification of the powertrain now face chassis development with new challenges too. Innovative chassis systems have to provide solutions for automated driving. The efficient chassis of the future also has to keep an eye on CO2 targets, comfort and customer focus at all times. A modern chassis has to provide for this in the form of innovations while taking the physical and mechanical interdependencies into account. Confronting these new developments is a challenge for simulation and testing.
The brings together numerous experts for an exchange of ideas and experience and constructive discussions. 
Enjoy latest developments served by speakers from industry and research in these 4 stunning ATZlive conference packs offering in total 4 keynotes and 9 lectures each on “New Chassis“,  “Automated Driving Systems“, „Chassis Control Systems“  and „Developmental Aims“

ATZ knowledge transfer – we make German automotive expertise available throughout the world – now new via video.

These are the benefits for your company:

  1. Editorial expertise: Our specialist editorial teams evaluate and group together themes that are particularly relevant to your business.
  2. Flexible training: Your employees can access our videos for training and qualification purposes at any time, regardless of where they are located.
  3. Travel cost savings: Your employees do not have to travel in order to benefit from technical presentations, for example at conferences.
  4. Exclusive service: Our product is unique. We are the only organization to offer this type of virtual participation in themed packages that have been put together by our editors.
  5. By choosing several themed packages, you can save money.

You can choose from the following packages

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