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08.07.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

Water Resources Management 10/2020

Classification of Extreme Rainfall for a Mediterranean Region by Means of Atmospheric Circulation Patterns and Reanalysis Data

Water Resources Management > Ausgabe 10/2020
Giuseppe Cipolla, Antonio Francipane, Leonardo Valerio Noto
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The atmospheric circulation can be recognized as one of the causes of severe rainfall events occurrence. Such events, especially when are characterized by short durations and high intensities, result in flood events in the Mediterranean area. It is very important to understand how these heavy rainfall events, which can be usually identified with convective rainfall, are related to the different types of atmospheric circulation. In order to do this, some weather circulation patterns (WPs), which have been derived for the Europe, have been first connected with the rainfall annual maxima (AMAX) recorded over the Sicily. The analyses allowed to identify those WPs that are more likely to result into the occurrence of the AMAX. Secondly, two ERA-Interim reanalysis indexes have been used to define a criterion to distinguish those AMAX mainly due to a convective component from those more related to a stratiform precipitation, also detecting a transient zone between these two types of events. Finally, the main results have been connected together with the aim to define a set of triggering factors of extreme rainfall events.

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