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CMS/CAIMS Books in Mathematics

CMS/CAIMS Books in Mathematics
1 Jahrgang | 2021


CMS/CAIMS Books in Mathematics is a collection of monographs and graduate-level textbooks published in cooperation jointly with the Canadian Mathematical Society- Societé mathématique du Canada and the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society-Societé Canadienne de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles. This series offers authors the joint advantage of publishing with two major mathematical societies and with a leading academic publishing company. The series is edited by Karl Dilcher, Frithjof Lutscher, Nilima Nigam, and Keith Taylor. The series publishes high-impact works across the breadth of mathematics and its applications. Books in this series will appeal to all mathematicians, students and established researchers. The series replaces the CMS Books in Mathematics series that successfully published over 45 volumes in 20 years.

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2021 | Buch

Non-Local Cell Adhesion Models

Symmetries and Bifurcations in 1-D

This monograph considers the mathematical modeling of cellular adhesion, a key interaction force in cell biology. While deeply grounded in the biological application of cell adhesion and tissue formation, this monograph focuses on the mathematical …