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Cognitive Computation

Cognitive Computation 1/2021

Ausgabe 1/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

05.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Deep Learning in Mining Biological Data

Mufti Mahmud, M. Shamim Kaiser, T. Martin McGinnity, Amir Hussain

20.02.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Computer-Aided Dementia Diagnosis Based on Hierarchical Extreme Learning Machine

Zhongyang Wang, Junchang Xin, Zhiqiong Wang, Huizi Gu, Yue Zhao, Wei Qian

04.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Modeling Articulatory Rehearsal in an Attention-Based Model of Working Memory

Benoît Lemaire, Charlotte Heuer, Sophie Portrat

29.05.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Robust Visual Saliency Optimization Based on Bidirectional Markov Chains

Fengling Jiang, Bin Kong, Jingpeng Li, Kia Dashtipour, Mandar Gogate

04.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Heterogeneous Graph Network Embedding for Sentiment Analysis on Social Media

Zhigang Jin, Xiaofang Zhao, Yuhong Liu

05.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Fuzzy Aggregated Topology Evolution for Cognitive Multi-tasks

Iti Chaturvedi, Chit Lin Su, Roy E. Welsch

18.06.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Brain-Computer Interface System Based on P300 Processing with Convolutional Neural Network, Novel Speller, and Low Number of Electrodes

Juan A. Ramirez-Quintana, Luis Madrid-Herrera, Mario I. Chacon-Murguia, Luis F. Corral-Martinez

25.06.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Forecasting Tourist Arrivals via Random Forest and Long Short-term Memory

Lu Peng, Lin Wang, Xue-Yi Ai, Yu-Rong Zeng

04.02.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Attribute Normalization Approaches to Group Decision-making and Application to Software Reliability Assessment

Chuan Yue

03.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Optimizing Sentiment Classification for Arabic Opinion Texts

Radwa M. K. Saeed, Sherine Rady, Tarek F. Gharib

04.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

A Weight Importance Analysis Technique for Area- and Power-Efficient Binary Weight Neural Network Processor Design

Yin Wang, Yuxiang Xie, Jiayan Gan, Liang Chang, Chunbo Luo, Jun Zhou

17.12.2019 | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Information Theoretic Model to Simulate Agent-Signage Interaction for Wayfinding

Rohit K. Dubey, Tyler Thrash, Mubbasir Kapadia, Christoph Hoelscher, Victor R. Schinazi

10.05.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

A Mechanistic Account of Stress-Induced Performance Degradation

Nicholas R. Wilson, Ron Sun

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