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Cognitive Neurodynamics

Cognitive Neurodynamics 2/2021

Ausgabe 2/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

17.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Role of joint language control during cross-language communication: evidence from cross-frequency coupling

Huanhuan Liu, Baike Li, Xin Wang, Yuying He

10.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Localizing confined epileptic foci in patients with an unclear focus or presumed multifocality using a component-based EEG-fMRI method

Elias Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad Shams, Ali Rahimpour Jounghani, Farahnaz Fayaz, Mahya Mirbagheri, Naser Hakimi, Lila Rajabion, Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh

25.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

A dynamic center and multi threshold point based stable feature extraction network for driver fatigue detection utilizing EEG signals

Turker Tuncer, Sengul Dogan, Fatih Ertam, Abdulhamit Subasi

26.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Major depressive disorder diagnosis based on effective connectivity in EEG signals: a convolutional neural network and long short-term memory approach

Abdolkarim Saeedi, Maryam Saeedi, Arash Maghsoudi, Ahmad Shalbaf

29.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Application of expert system and LSTM in extracting index of synaptic plasticity

Shaokai Zhao, Yingchun Shang, Ze Yang, Xi Xiao, Jianhai Zhang, Tao Zhang

11.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Energy dependence on discharge mode of Izhikevich neuron driven by external stimulus under electromagnetic induction

Yumei Yang, Jun Ma, Ying Xu, Ya Jia

01.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Synaptic dendritic activity modulates the single synaptic event

Vito Di Maio, Silvia Santillo, Francesco Ventriglia

20.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Neural mechanism of visual information degradation from retina to V1 area

Haixin Zhong, Rubin Wang

23.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Complex bifurcation analysis and synchronization optimal control for Hindmarsh–Rose neuron model under magnetic flow effect

Marcel Kemayou Wouapi, Bertrand Hilaire Fotsin, Elie Bertrand Megam Ngouonkadi, Florent Feudjio Kemwoue, Zeric Tabekoueng Njitacke

18.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Neural computing in four spatial dimensions

Arturo Tozzi, Muhammad Zubair Ahmad, James F. Peters

01.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 2/2021

Primal-size neural circuits in meta-periodic interaction

Yoram Baram

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