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16.11.2017 | Research Article

Usage of drip drops as stimuli in an auditory P300 BCI paradigm

Recently, many auditory BCIs are using beeps as auditory stimuli, while beeps sound unnatural and unpleasant for some people. It is proved that natural sounds make people feel comfortable, decrease fatigue, and improve the performance of auditory …

20.10.2017 | Research Article

Measures of entropy and complexity in altered states of consciousness

Quantification of complexity in neurophysiological signals has been studied using different methods, especially those from information or dynamical system theory. These studies have revealed a dependence on different states of consciousness, and …

20.10.2017 | Research Article

Controlling mechanism of absence seizures by deep brain stimulus applied on subthalamic nucleus

Based on a classical model of the basal ganglia thalamocortical network, in this paper, we employed a type of the deep brain stimulus voltage on the subthalamic nucleus to study the control mechanism of absence epilepsy seizures. We found that the …

16.10.2017 | Research Article

Influence of multiple action–outcome associations on the transition dynamics toward an optimal choice in rats

When faced with familiar versus novel options, animals may exploit the acquired action–outcome associations or attempt to form new associations. Little is known about which factors determine the strategy of choice behavior in partially …

21.09.2017 | Research Article

Spontaneous analogising caused by text stimuli in design thinking: differences between higher- and lower-creativity groups

Understanding the cognitive processes used in creative practices is essential to design research. In this study, electroencephalography was applied to investigate the brain activations of visual designers when they responded to various types of …

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Cognitive Neurodynamics is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, focusing on the overlapping fields of cognitive science and nonlinear dynamics, while also covering related areas in neuroscience, mathematics, physics, computer science, informatics, intelligent robotics and more.

This is a dynamic forum for scientists and engineers working in cognitive dynamics and related fields. It provides a platform for the latest research, exchange of ideas and problem-based discussions, encouraging approaches from different areas and points of view.

Cognitive Neurodynamics publishes both basic and applied research in the form of original research papers, review articles, brief communications, discussions, book reviews, and congress reports.

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