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30.07.2020 | Research Article

A brain-inspired compact cognitive mapping system

In many simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) systems, the map of the environment grows over time as the robot explores the environment. The ever-growing map prevents long-term mapping, especially in large-scale environments. In this paper …

29.07.2020 | Research Article

Filter bank temporally local canonical correlation analysis for short time window SSVEPs classification

Canonical correlation analysis (CCA) method and its extended methods have been widely and successfully applied to the frequency recognition in SSVEP-based BCI systems. As a state-of-the-art extended method, filter bank canonical correlation …

28.07.2020 | Research Article

Dependency analysis of frequency and strength of gamma oscillations on input difference between excitatory and inhibitory neurons

It has been found that gamma oscillations and the oscillation frequencies are regulated by the properties of external stimuli in many biology experimental researches. To unveil the underlying mechanism, firstly, we reproduced the experimental …

26.07.2020 | Research Article

Major depressive disorder diagnosis based on effective connectivity in EEG signals: a convolutional neural network and long short-term memory approach

Deep learning techniques have recently made considerable advances in the field of artificial intelligence. These methodologies can assist psychologists in early diagnosis of mental disorders and preventing severe trauma. Major Depression Disorder …

23.07.2020 | Research Article

Chaotic time series prediction using phase space reconstruction based conceptor network

The Conceptor network is a new framework of reservoir computing (RC), in addition to the features of easy training, global convergence, it can online learn new classes of input patterns without complete re-learning from all the training data. The …

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