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Colloid and Polymer Science

Kolloid-Zeitschrift und Zeitschrift für Polymere

Colloid and Polymer Science OnlineFirst articles

17.03.2018 | Original Contribution

Polyester nanoparticles from macrolactones via miniemulsion enzymatic ring-opening polymerization

Aliphatic polyesters are the most used biodegradable polymers in biomedical applications. These polymers can be synthesized by two main routes: polycondensation and ring-opening polymerization. In this work, polyester nanoparticles were …

17.03.2018 | Original Contribution

Polymerization of trimethylmethacryloyloxyethylammonium methyl sulfate in surfactant micellar solution of sodium alkyl sulfates and properties of the resultant polyelectrolytes

Properties of poly[trimethylmethacryloyloxyethylammonium methyl sulfate] obtained by polymerization in surfactant micellar solution of sodium dodecyl-, decyl-, and octyl sulfates were studied by viscosimetry, static, and dynamic light scattering.

15.03.2018 | Original Contribution

Electroosmotic flow reversal and ion selectivity in a soft nanochannel

This article deals with the modulation of electroosmotic flow (EOF) and transport of ionic species through the parallel plate soft nanochannel. The charged rigid walls of the channel are covered by diffuse polyelectrolyte layer (PEL) which entraps …

14.03.2018 | Short Communication

Conducting polymer colloids, hydrogels, and cryogels: common start to various destinations

When a conducting polymer, polyaniline, is prepared in the aqueous solutions of poly(vinyl alcohol), it is obtained as a colloidal dispersion of submicrometer particles. When the reaction mixture is frozen before the oxidation of aniline takes …

13.02.2018 | Original Contribution

Controlled modification of Nafion membrane with cationic surfactant

Controlled modification of Nafion 112 membrane with oppositely charged micelle-forming surfactant, dodecylpyridinium chloride (DPC), has been carried out by immersion of the membrane in dilute DPC aqueous solution. All sulfonic groups of Nafion …

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Colloid and Polymer Science - a leading international journal of longstanding tradition - is devoted to colloid and polymer science and its interdisciplinary interactions. As such, it responds to a demand which has lost none of its actuality as revealed in the trends of contemporary materials science. To enable an effective and fast dissemination of scientific manuscripts, four categories of contributions are presented:

- Invited review articles
- Perspectives
- Original contributions
- Short communications

The latter will be published with high priority, at least within two weeks after acceptance of the manuscript. (The usual time between acceptance and publishing OnlineFirst is typically three weeks.) With this immediacy, Colloid and Polymer Science serves as a reliable partner for an effective distribution of scientific results.

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