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27.04.2017 | Original Contribution

Effects of chain transfer agent on the electron beam-induced graft polymerization of glycidyl methacrylate in emulsion phase

The graft polymerization of glycidyl methacrylate from irradiated polyethylene/polypropylene (PE/PP) in the presence of the chain transfer agent 4-cyano-4-((phenylcarbonothioyl)thio) pentanoic acid (CPPA) was studied at 40 °C using pre-irradiation …

22.04.2017 | Original Contribution

Synthesis of amphiphilic block copolymers containing ferrocene–boronic acid and their micellization, redox-responsive properties and glucose sensing

Amphiphilic block copolymer PMAEFc-b-PMVAPBA was synthesized by reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization. The hydrophobic and hydrophilic blocks of copolymers self-assembled into spherical micelles in aqueous …

21.04.2017 | Original Contribution

Development of InP-based polymer nanocomposites by wet route for optoelectronic devices

In this work, the effect of surface passivation of InP quantum dots (QDs) synthesized by the unconventional tri-n-octyl phosphine (TOP) route, on the structural and optoelectronic properties of their respective polymer nanocomposites, has been …

21.04.2017 | Short Communication

Shape transition in ABC triblock copolymer micelles complexed with SDS through quaternized polyvinyl pyridine central block

Polystyrene-b-poly-2-vinylpridine-b-polyethyleneoxide (PS13-PVPy62-PEG47) block copolymer forms spherical core-shell-corona micelles (~50 nm) in water. At acidic pH~3, the central PVPy block gets quaternized (hydrophilic) and gets complexed with …

20.04.2017 | Invited Article

Variable and low-toxic polyampholytes: complexation with biological membranes

In this paper, we describe three series of polyampholytes synthesized via quaternization of poly(4-vinylpyridin) by ω-bromocarboxylic acids and alkyl bromides: (1) with cationic and anionic groups in each unit (polybetaines), (2) with betaine and …

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Colloid and Polymer Science - a leading international journal of longstanding tradition - is devoted to colloid and polymer science and its interdisciplinary interactions. As such, it responds to a demand which has lost none of its actuality as revealed in the trends of contemporary materials science. To enable an effective and fast dissemination of scientific manuscripts, four categories of contributions are presented:

- Invited review articles
- Perspectives
- Original contributions
- Short communications

The latter will be published with high priority, at least within two weeks after acceptance of the manuscript. (The usual time between acceptance and publishing OnlineFirst is typically three weeks.) With this immediacy, Colloid and Polymer Science serves as a reliable partner for an effective distribution of scientific results.

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