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Community Regeneration Masterplan

The Five Dimensions of Sustainability: Guidelines For European Cities


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This book reports on a large research project on community regeneration, which integrated the spatial, social, economic and organizational factors with the dimensions of sustainability, resilience and participation. Upon providing a detailed review on concepts of community and urban regeneration, it analyses a set of successful case studies from 30 European cities, which were selected by the authors from different rankings and awards. Fifty-seven key performance indicators and the results of self-assessment questionnaires are here introduced to allow a comparative study of best practices and eventually to outline 20 guidelines and 100 strategic actions for future community regeneration projects. All in all, this book offers extensive information and a source of inspiration for urban planners, economists, sociologists, public administrators, stakeholders and all those involved in the development and management of sustainable cities.


Chapter 1. Designing the Regeneration of Urban Communities
The great debate on the new model of the welfare state and on the need to “take back control” of local communities has focused on principles, such as that of governance, and on sets of tools, such as those of urban regeneration and social innovation, which has led to a new reflection on the effectiveness of public policies and of the processes they manage to trigger, and also in relation to the level of sustainability and community and territorial resilience.
Francesco Manfredi, Dario Costi
Chapter 2. Sustainable Urban Regeneration: A Literature Review (A. Fanfoni, E. Ortolan, N. Raimo)
The following chapter will clarify the concept of Urban Regeneration, its evolution over time and open question concerns how to assess the sustainability performance of different projects.
Francesco Manfredi, Dario Costi
Chapter 3. The Research Design: The Definition of the Key Performance Indicators and the Choice of the Analysis Sample
The research project, in line with the assumptions described and the analysis of the literature, proposes a design experimentation that integrates various dimensions of territorial, social and economic planning and organisation, with particular attention to the dimensions of sustainability (institutional, social, economic, environmental and urban design), resilience (risk, protection and evolutionary factors) and participation (identity, trust, mutual recognition and belonging).
Francesco Manfredi, Dario Costi
Chapter 4. A European Atlas of Urban Regeneration Projects: City Fact Sheets
In this chapter the documental analysis of the strategies of the individual cities chosen by the authors will be carried out on two levels: the first concerns the overall dimension of the projects at the urban scale, realised or under development, through the planimetric identification of them. The second level concerns the identification and description of good practices related to the five dimensions that the research has identified through the study of the reports of the awards and rankings from which the cities were selected and from the documents that the cities themselves have made publicly available.
Francesco Manfredi, Dario Costi
Chapter 5. Data Analysis and Discussion
The documentary analysis of the 30 selected cases made it possible to focus on which Community Regeneration strategies and actions have been implemented at European level, in which municipalities these have been mainly focused and how they have been developed and implemented.
Francesco Manfredi, Dario Costi
Chapter 6. The Guidelines for European Cities
The 20 Guidelines and the 100 strategic actions defining the Community Regeneration Masterplan model are the operational synthesis of the research work carried out thanks to the analysis and comparison with 30 excellent European cities selected by the most important international rankings and ratings.
Francesco Manfredi, Dario Costi
Community Regeneration Masterplan
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