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26.03.2024 | Compact Car | Editor´s Pick | Nachrichten

Renault Showcases the New 5 E-Tech Electric

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Renault has unveiled the reissue of the R5. The electric car with a "retro-futuristic" design is available on the market in three performance levels from 25,000 euros.

The 3.92 m long Renault 5 E-Tech Electric is based on the new AmpR Small platform for electric vehicles and offers a wheelbase of 2.54 m. The small car largely adopts the design of the concept car shown in 2021 and is reminiscent of the R5 first presented in 1972. For example, the air intake on the hood has been converted into a charging indicator – the number lights up when the driver approaches the vehicle. The side view of the electric R5 shows wide cheeks, with vertical tail lights at the rear, just like the original.

In the interior, the cockpit is dominated by a large double display. The touchscreen for the Google-connected OpenR Link infotainment system measures 10". The interactive avatar Reno is on board as a voice assistant. The trunk has a volume of 326 liters. A soundproofing system and a noise-insulating windshield ensure noise comfort.

Renault 5 E-Tech Electric with Three Power Levels

The synchronous motor with wound rotor does not require rare earths and is available in the power levels 70 kW (95 hp), 90 kW (122 hp) and 110 kW (150 hp). With a total weight of less than 1,500 kg, the 52-kWh battery should enable a range of up to 400 km according to WLTP. The new R5 can be equipped with an 11 kW AC charger as well as an 80 or 100 kW DC charger. V2L (vehicle-to-load) and V2G (vehicle-to-grid) are possible with the new bidirectional AC charger. 

In terms of driver assistance systems, the Renault 5 features intelligent adaptive cruise control and "Active Driver Assist" for semi-automated driving at level 2. The Renault 5 E-Tech Electric will be built at the French plant in Douai from 2024 and its traction battery will also come from France from summer 2025. Prices for the small electric car are set to start at 25,000 euros.

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