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01.12.2020 | Companies + Institutions | News | Onlineartikel

Mahle Develops Immersion Cooling for Faster Battery Charging Times

Thomas Schneider
1:30 Min. Lesedauer

Immersion cooling is said to enable both faster charging times for batteries and reduced costs. According to Mahle, this technology paves the way for a completely new generation of battery systems.

Mahle will soon be focussing greater attention on components for carbon-neutral mobility, explains Dr Jörg Stratmann, CEO and Chairman of Mahle's Management Board. He goes on to say, however, that they can't concentrate solely on battery-electric drives and must instead pursue an approach that is open to different types of technology – hydrogen mobility with fuel cells or combustion engines that use synthetic fuels must also come into play. That's why the Stuttgart-based supplier presented new solutions for hydrogen drives as well as battery-electric drives at its technical press conference. 

The central challenge facing the BEV sector is thermal management during rapid charging. Mahle sees immersion cooling as the answer. This is where a non-conductive dielectric coolant is circulated around the cells, which significantly reduces the maximum temperature and greatly improves the homogeneity of the temperature distribution. Mahle says this technology paves the way for a completely new generation of battery systems.

New type 4 hydrogen tanks with increased storage density

Mahle is developing a type 4 hydrogen tank as part of its work on hydrogen supply for vehicles. Type 4 means that the tank consists of a plastic liner and a carbon-fibre outer casing, which makes it lighter than other designs. Thanks to a new manufacturing process, carbon-fibre winding is set to be optimised and accelerated. This should lead to a 10% to 15% increase in storage density and a 10% decrease in costs.

As part of its restructuring of Research and Development, Mahle has recently set up a new development centre for mechatronics in Kornwestheim, near Stuttgart, that will soon be coordinating all of Mahle's global activities in this sector. In addition to this, a new test bench for electric drives has been commissioned in Fellbach, and a development centre for electric mobility is due to be established in Suzhou, China.

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