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Complex & Intelligent Systems

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25.01.2018 | Original Article Open Access

A hybrid decision support model using axiomatic fuzzy set theory in AHP and TOPSIS for multicriteria route selection

This paper presents a hybrid decision support model aimed to help the travelers in selecting best route among multiple alternatives. The proposed model consists of three parts: (i) analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to determine relative importance …

25.01.2018 | Original Article Open Access

A hybrid SA-MFO algorithm for function optimization and engineering design problems

This paper presents a hybrid algorithm based on using moth-flame optimization (MFO) algorithm with simulated annealing (SA), namely (SA-MFO). The proposed SA-MFO algorithm takes the advantages of both algorithms. It takes the ability to escape …

21.11.2017 | Original Article Open Access

Linear weighted watermarking using normalized principal components

This manuscript introduces a novel linear weighted watermarking through normalized principal components using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and singular value decomposition (SVD). Weight evaluation for embedding a singular value matrix of a …

20.11.2017 | Original Article Open Access

On transient stability of multi-machine power systems through Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy-based sliding mode control approach

The present research focuses on transient stability of multi-machine power systems in a full consideration regarding the performances of the Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy-based sliding mode control approach in association with the conventional sliding mode …

13.11.2017 | Original Article Open Access

Deep neural architectures for prediction in healthcare

This paper presents a novel class of systems assisting diagnosis and personalised assessment of diseases in healthcare. The targeted systems are end-to-end deep neural architectures that are designed (trained and tested) and subsequently used as …

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Complex & Intelligent Systems is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand.

Complex & Intelligent Systems has been recently selected for coverage in Thomson Reuter’s products and services. Beginning with V. 2 2016, the journal will be indexed and abstracted in:

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Complex & Intelligent Systems aims to provide a forum for presenting and discussing novel approaches, tools and techniques meant for attaining a cross-fertilization between the broad fields of complex systems, computational simulation, and intelligent analytics and visualization. The transdisciplinary research that the journal focuses on will expand the boundaries of our understanding by investigating the principles and processes that underlie many of the most profound problems facing society today.

Key topics of focus include:

  • Complexity
    - Complex evolutionary and adaptive Systems
    - Emergent properties and behavior in complex Systems
    - Self-organizing collective systems
    - Biological and social inspirations in problem solving
    - Systems Science and Engineering
  • Intelligent Data Analytics
    - Data mining and knowledge discovery
    - Machine learning
    - Pattern recognition
    - Big Data Analytics and data science
    - Data-driven problem solving
  • Computational Simulation
    - Knowledge-based Systems
    - Agent based Systems
    - Uncertainty modeling
    - Decision support Systems
    - Brain-like computing
    - Ubiquitous computing
    - Computational visualization and interaction

Complex & Intelligent Systems is an Open Access journal supported by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

The open access fees (article-processing charges) for this journal are kindly sponsored by KACST. Authors can publish in the journal without any charges.

Every year the KACST medal and a prize of $5000 will be awarded to the best article published in Complex & Intelligent Systems.

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Safety & Security – Erfolgsfaktoren von sensitiven Robotertechnologien

Forderungen von Industrie 4.0 nach vollständiger Vernetzung der Systeme geben der "Robotersicherheit" einen besonderen Stellenwert: Hierbei umfasst der deutsche Begriff Sicherheit die – im Englischen einerseits durch Safety umrissene physische Sicherheit – sowie andererseits die durch Security definierte informationstechnische Cyber-Sicherheit. Dieser Fachbeitrag aus der e&i beleuchtet eingehend die wesentlichen Aspekte von Safety und Security in der Robotik.
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