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Computational Social Networks

Ausgabe 1/2015

Inhalt (18 Artikel)

Open Access Research

A strategic model for network formation

Omid Atabati, Babak Farzad

Open Access Research

A study on the influential neighbors to maximize information diffusion in online social networks

Hyoungshick Kim, Konstantin Beznosov, Eiko Yoneki

Open Access Research

Long-range degree correlations in complex networks

Michael Mayo, Ahmed Abdelzaher, Preetam Ghosh

Open Access Research

Handling big data of online social networks on a small machine

Ming Jia, Hualiang Xu, Jingwen Wang, Yiqi Bai, Benyuan Liu, Jie Wang

Open Access Research

Efficiently identifying critical nodes in large complex networks

Mario Ventresca, Dionne Aleman

Open Access Research

Efficient network generation under general preferential attachment

James Atwood, Bruno Ribeiro, Don Towsley

Open Access Research

Classifying latent infection states in complex networks

Yeon-sup Lim, Bruno Ribeiro, Don Towsley

Open Access Research

Sentiment leaning of influential communities in social networks

Borut Sluban, Jasmina Smailović, Stefano Battiston, Igor Mozetič

Open Access RESEARCH

Network characteristics emerging from agent interactions in balanced distributed system

Mahdi Abed Salman, Cyrille Bertelle, Eric Sanlaville

Open Access Research

Network approach to internet bandwidth distributions

Hyunjin Seo, Stuart Thorson

Open Access Research

Distribution and dependence of extremes in network sampling processes

Konstantin Avrachenkov, Natalia M. Markovich, Jithin K. Sreedharan

Open Access Research

Calling, texting, and moving: multidimensional interactions of mobile phone users

Matteo Zignani, Christian Quadri, Sabrina Gaito, Gian Paolo Rossi

Open Access Research

Co-evolutionary dynamics in social networks: a case study of Twitter

Demetris Antoniades, Constantine Dovrolis

Open Access Research

The role of competitiveness in the Prisoner’s Dilemma

Marco A Javarone, Antonio E Atzeni

Open Access Research

Mapping discursive dynamics of the financial crisis: a structural perspective of concept roles in semantic networks

Adina Nerghes, Ju-Sung Lee, Peter Groenewegen, Iina Hellsten

Open Access Research

Cascade source inference in networks: a Markov chain Monte Carlo approach

Xuming Zhai, Weili Wu, Wen Xu

Open Access Research

Analysis and control of information diffusion dictated by user interest in generalized networks

Eleni Stai, Vasileios Karyotis, Symeon Papavassiliou

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