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Über dieses Buch

This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conferences, FGCN and DCA 2012, held as part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2012, Kangwondo, Korea, in December 2012. The papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions and focus on the various aspects of grid and distributed computing, industrial environment, safety and health, and computer graphics, animation and game.



A Cowboy Game with Motion-Haptic Feedback

The crucial procedure in immersive games is to compute motion-haptic information in response to a player’s interaction with virtual objects and to convey the motion-haptic information to the player. In this paper, we develop a motion-haptic simulator and suggest an immersive game which allows a user to experience the same sensation as if he/she rides a real horse and shoots a rifle on the horse. The proposed game is composed of a motion re-creating platform for constructing virtual environment, and a main controller for creating motion-haptic feedback. To simulate the behavior of horse riding, we recreate the horse’s motion with cylinders, solenoid valves, and electric motors.

Sang-Youn Kim, Dong-Soo Choi, Won-Hyung Park

The Use of Serious Games and Simulations in Health Education: Raising Awareness of Depression in College-Age Students

The healthcare profession is task-and-performance-based where clinical reasoning is paramount with integrity, empathy and compassion. Many of these attributes are difficult to teach and assess in a traditional classroom. Patient safety is the ultimate outcome. Several serious game and simulation techniques have surfaced that allow the learner to enhance learning for healthcare professionals in safe environments, without compromising the patient safety, while maintaining a high degree of realism. The author discusses the multifaceted aspect of arts, social sciences and technology using the design, development evaluation and findings of a serious game/simulation technique on topic of suicide intervention/prevention.

Joseph Defazio

Smooth Morphing of Point-Sampled Geometry

Based on spherical parameterization, in this paper, we put forward a smooth morphing algorithm for point-sampled geometry (PSG). Source and target PSG are first parameterized onto a unit sphere, respectively. After aligning the feature point-pairs on the two unit spheres, they are merged into a single sphere and based on it, the correspondence relation is constructed. We then use Laplacian coordinate to nonlinearly interpolate the shapes and the intermediated shapes are up-sampled using the moving least squares scheme. Experiment results demonstrate that our algorithm can generate natural intermediated shapes and visually smooth morphing sequences.

Renfang Wang, Changwei Zhang, Jie Hu

Dynamical Model for Gamification: Optimization of Four Primary Factors of Learning Games for Educational Effectiveness

This paper proposes a dynamical model for the gamification of learning. The main idea of this model is based on the correlations of four primary factors (curiosity, challenge, fantasy and control) originating from digital games which are built on the foundations of separate theories: 1) Game Design Features, 2) Key Characteristics of a Learning Game, 3) ARCS Model, and 4) MDA framework. Through this dynamical model, we will show that the effectiveness of the gamification of learning is educationally superior to traditional ways of learning in a specific setting, after an elapsed adaptive time period with a reasonable relationship of the four primary factors. The model presents the meaningful positions of four primary factors on the equation for educational effectiveness of gamification. We posit that this dynamical model for the gamification can strengthen the ‘theoretical foundation’ of gamification as well as spread the idea of ‘the pure and right function of game’.

Jung Tae Kim, Won-Hyung Lee

A Scalable Service Discovery Protocol with the Optimal Discovery Time for Large-Scale Cyber Physical Systems

A Cyber Physical System (CPS) is an autonomous embedded system based on high reliability with real-time control of distributed physical systems through networks. Data distribution middleware for CPS should be based on a data-centric approach and guarantee real-time performance. In this regard, OMG’s DDS is the best proximity middleware. RTPS (Real-Time Publish/Subscribe) is proposed for real-time service discovery in DDS. However, legacy discovery protocols cannot completely support the CPS system with a large-scale network (approx. 100,000 entities) like a warship, because service discovery messages are proportional to the square of the number of participants in RTPS. This paper proposes a scalable service discovery protocol with optimal discovery time for large-scale cyber physical systems using random back-off and slow-start algorithms. The performance results prove that our protocol works to scale for large-scale CPS networks by minimizing the discovery time as well as traffic simultaneously.

Jeman Park, Inwhee Joe, Won-Tae Kim

Domain Model of a Pattern Language for Class Responsibility Assignment for Information Systems

Assigning class responsibility is a design decision to be made early in the design phase in software development, bridging analysis modeling and design modeling. However, it heavily relies on the expertise and experience of the developer and has been ad-hoc. The existing work describes general stepwise guidelines, but does not provide concrete methods. In this paper, we present a pattern language that helps identifying and assigning class responsibilities for applications in the information systems domain. The presented pattern language consists of eight patterns. Before presenting the patterns for class responsibility assignment, we introduce a domain model which provides idioms for the composition of each pattern. The participating roles in the domain model are explained. We pick up a pattern specification and explain the way of composing the pattern.

Soojin Park, Seonghye Yoon

Performance Improvement for the HSR Ring Protocol with Traffic Control in Smart Grid

High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) protocol is proposed to recover disconnection of network within a short time. An Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) within a ring topology transmits two identical frames to the destination IED through both of the ports. This means that even in the case of disconnection of network, there is no stoppage of network operations whatsoever. However, because two identical frames are circulated inside the network, HSR protocol has a problem that causes the unnecessary traffic. This problem will degrade the network performance and may cause network congestion or delays.

In this paper, we propose improvement of ring topology-based HSR protocol traffic performance using a Traffic Control IED (TCIED). First, we select one of the IEDs within a ring topology as a TCIED. The TCIED has the function to keep information of all the IEDs through Supervision Ack frame. Also, If TCIED cannot be received identical data frame for a certain period of time after a data frame receiving, the TCIED transmits data frame to a destination IED. In an existing HSR protocol, all the IEDs transmit Supervision frame using multicast. However, in this paper, only a TCIED transmits Supervision frame, and general IEDs received Supervision frame transmit Supervision Ack frame to the TCIED. Also, Timer of the TCIED is occurred after a data frame receiving. If the TCIED cannot be received identical data frame before the timer expires, the TCIED transmits data frame to a destination IED. By using Traffic Control IED, the proposed algorithm will reduce the network traffic and retain HSR network’s availability. The performance evaluation shows that the proposed algorithm is better than an existing HSR algorithm.

Minchul Shin, Inwhee Joe

Metamodel Design for Model Transformation from Simulink to ECML in Cyber Physical Systems

It popularly uses Simulink to design embedded system on Model oriented design platform, and to simulate dynamic system for multi-domain simulation. So, Electrics Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI) is researching for model transformation from Simulink model to ECML model for Cyber Physical Systems Project. This paper shows how to transform Simulink model to ECML model. We propose an automatic transformation method to transform ECML model from Simulink model based on model transformation technique that is very useful mechanism for heterogeneous model. And, we also design each metamodel of Simulink and ECML. With these metamodels of them, it easily execute model transformation even with models of any vendor’s tools.

Hyun Seung Son, Woo Yeol Kim, Robert YoungChul Kim, Hang-Gi Min

A Dynamic Caching Algorithm Based on the Pheromone for Content Distribution Networks

A content distribution network (CDN) is a system to improve the delivery of content to the end users on the Internet, in which popular content may be cached or replicated at a number of servers, placed closer to some client populations. The design of a CDN consists of defining which content should be replicated at each server, the number of servers, where they should be placed in the network, which server a client’s requests should be sent to, and how server responses should be routed to the clients. CDNs were originally designed for traditional web files. However, given the increase in streaming media content on the Internet, the development of efficient CDN design methods that take into account the special characteristics of media objects, is of great interest. These characteristics include sustained high bandwidth requirements and faster response time by multicast delivery. The main goal of this paper is to propose an algorithm for designing a streaming media CDN with the efficient byte hit ratio and fast response time. We propose the segment-based dynamic caching mechanism with the pheromone that is defined a kind of lifetime of each segment. We evaluate this algorithm in simulations using CDNsim.

Jeman Park, Inwhee Joe

Improvement in Cognitive Therapies Aimed at the Elderly Using a Mixed-Reality Tool Based on Tangram Game

The incidence of cognitive development problems such as dementia or Alzheimer, increase with age of individuals. The prevalence of these complications has been significantly increased during the last years due to the progressive ageing of worldwide population. Computer-Game-based therapies for the improvement of the cognitive capacities and social skills of the elderly are starting to be remarkable today. The main goal of this work in progress is to contribute to the improvement and optimization of cognitive game-based therapies aimed at the elderly. This is done through the use of tangible interfaces and a mixed-reality system based on the traditional Tangram game. These technologies are used to provide users with autonomy and interactivity and to avoid technological barriers. Preliminary tests are being conducted with a control group.

M. Frutos-Pascual, B. García-Zapirain, A. Méndez-Zorrilla

Patent Analysis in Disaster-Safety Positioning Technologies

Since more objective oriented researches and analyses are required to satisfy growing various needs, it is needed to analyze the existing research and development (R&D) status on the positioning technology. This study intends to understand the existing R&D status on the positioning technology field from the patent perspective through performing patent analysis on the disaster-safety positioning technology, and thus to find future R&D areas by deriving potential promising areas where patent applications are not active.

Hangwon Lee, Youngok Kim

Performance Evaluation of the Sector Mapping Schemes Considering Mapping Table Size

The goal of the paper is to evaluate the performance of the sector mapping schems of flash translation layer (FTL) considering the different memory requirements of the schemes. Under the given memory, we assume that the available memory space is used as buffer for NAND flash memory and that the buffer is managed by the block-level LRU replacement scheme. The trace-drive simulation shows that the page mapping scheme delivers the best performance even though the available buffer size is smaller than other schemes. However, in the very memory-hash environment, other hybrid mapping schemes delivers a better performance than the page mapping scheme.

Ilhoon Shin

Optimizing Distributed Joins with Bloom Filters Using MapReduce

The MapReduce framework is increasingly being used to process and analyze large-scale datasets over large clusters. Join operation using MapReduce is an attractive point to which researchers have been paying attention in recent years. The distributed join based on the bloom filter has been proved to be a successful technique to improve the efficiency. However, the full potential of the bloom filter has not been fully exploited, especially in the MapReduce environment. In this paper, we present several strategies to build the bloom filter for the large dataset using MapReduce, compare some bloom-join algorithms and point out how to improve the performance of two-way and multi-way joins. The experiments we conduct show that our method is feasible and effective.

Changchun Zhang, Lei Wu, Jing Li

Generating Random Numbers for Cryptographic Modules Using Race Conditions in GPU

In modern cryptography, random numbers are widely used for generating encryption keys and establishing secure channels. Cryptographic modules generate pseudo random numbers using the initial value called ‘seed’. Accordingly, the security of random numbers depends highly upon that of seed. Usually, seeds are obtained from physical or logical noises generated by mouse, keyboard, and thermal noise. In this paper, it will be shown that random numbers can be generated on GPUs. In fact, race conditions caused by simutaneous memory accesses enable GPUs to generate Gaussian noises which can be used as entropy sources for random number generator in cryptographic modules. After distillation processes, cryptographic random numbers can be extracted.

Yongjin Yeom

System Design Solutions for the MIL-STD-461 Test

Devices in the Unmanned Air Vehicle system should satisfy the MIL-STD-461F standard qualification which is most widely accepted in military development. The UAV data-link controller is a device to integrate two LOS data-links and satellite data-link of UAV. This paper introduces the advanced system design to improve results of the MIL-STD-461F test. Furthermore, total 6 requirements out of 18 requirements in the MIL-STD-461F test are performed and results of the advanced system design and the conventional system design are compared and analyzed.

Kyunghun Sung, Junpyo Lee

CSP Based E-Learning Model in Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud computing technology is widely used for system service, web service, e-learning system and all kinds of software to services using the internet. In this paper, we propose e-learning system in cloud computing environment. For this system we make a model for e-learning process and software to combine the learning process between the learning business logics. In order to analyze and evaluate the system model, the CSP was used.

HwaYoung Jeong, BongHwa Hong

Smart-Contents Visualization of Publishing Big Data Using NFC Technology

With the recent propagation of cloud computing, social media, and smart devices, the volume of information going around has dramatically increased, and people are facing new opportunities and challenges in related business areas. The use of big data can support efficient decision-making in corporations and plays a key role in achieving competitive advantages over other companies. To gain business advantages, a methodology for efficient use of big data and its various supporting infrastructure are needed.

Therefore, in this paper, advanced techniques for analyzing and visualizing the publication of big data and the derivation of technical elements to support them will be developed, and the visualization of contents through smart media and various multimedia effects using Near-Field Communication(NFC) technology will be discussed. The accurate, reliable, and effective visualization of contents using these analysis techniques can be a key factor of companies’ quick acceptance and incorporation of customer needs, creation of profits, and gaining of a larger share of the market.

Haejong Joo, Bonghwa Hong, Sangsoo Kim

A Case Study on International Human Rights Restoration and Peace

(With Focus on the Problems Arising from the Japanese Military’s Sex Slavery Practice)

The Japanese military’s sex slaves, called


or “comfort women,” refer to the victims of the planned and organized crime committed by the Japanese government, army, or enterprises during World War II involving making women their sex slaves. After World War II, many of the Japanese military’s sex slaves or “comfort women” were shot to death, forced to kill themselves, or abandoned. Those who were more fortunate survived and returned home but have henceforth lived with much suffering from their social alienation, shame, poverty, and failing health. This thesis examines the movement for restoring the rights of the Japanese military’s sex slave victims to ultimately establish world peace; analyzes the positions of South Korea, Japan, and the international society on the matter; and presents the problems that should be overcome to restore the rights of such victims and ultimately the international human rights, and to attain world peace.

Shinkwon Ahn, Yunho Lee, Kyungil Park

Research on the Multi-angle Measuring Service Quality for IPTV Quality Measurement

Provide a variety of services, from the current IPTV. However, in the service of new services such as real-time multi-angle quality measurement and verification work, there are few. Quality measures from the point of view of such subscriber are required. In this paper, we propose a way of measuring the quality of the IPTV multi angle. This service is a variety of services that can show when the cameras installed in various angles. IPTV service subscribers by the proposed method to measure how many complaints channel switching time measured by real-time IPTV services, and channel switching time multi angle comparison and analysis. Multi angle evaluation of services, and could seek to improve performance would be using it.

Ho-Bin Song, Suck-Joo Hong, Dong-Su Park, Moon-Taek Cho

A Study on Optimization for Acquisition and Processing of Massive Battlefield Information for Korean NCW

The future warfare will universalize the operation of a combined weapon system that utilizes this technology and create an operational environment that is centered on a network requiring a high level of interoperability between combat elements as well as a high level of operation speed. Therefore, the study attempts to draw out a Korean measurement plan concerning battlefield environment changes in the future by investigating and analyzing all problems occurring during the mass acquisition and processing of battlefield information in battlefield situations of network centric warfare currently conducted by the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hyun-Jong Cha, Ho-Kyung Yang, Jin-Mook Kim, Hwang-Bin Ryou

Approach of Tracing Prevention System Using OAuth for Printing Services in Mobile Device

The smart phone user is increasing very sharply. Smart phone user passes over 30 million people at 2012 in domestic. And Social Network Service user is expecting to come in about one billion people in worldwide. And smart phone used at most Android operation system. This has advantage that can offer freedom to move and convenience to user. But, most smart phone has various kind controversial points to security. Specially, we are interested about authentication and user position tracing problem among various kind security problems that occurrence is possible in smart phone using environment. And we want to suggest solving these problems. Therefore, we wish to propose that can check certification and position chase problem using OAuth to happen in smart phone expected position chase problem system. To example, we presented case that make use of printer that is shared in the nearest position with own because user uses smart phone. In case, we thought that our proposal system can solve tracing problem and various additional security problems such as confidentiality, integrity, and access control etc.

Jin-Mook Kim, Jeong-Kyung Moon, Bong-Hwa Hong

Design of DTRS Viewer with Commercial Flight Simulators

In this paper, we address how to design and implment graphical viewer software for DTRS(Data Transfer and Recording System)[1] in aircraft system. Typically, since a viewer software for DTRS is supposed to be implemented depemently on corresponding manufactors, it takes long time to develop and validate it sequentially. To solve above problme, in this paper, we propose how to use verified commerial flight simulator for DTRS viewer. To achieve this, components for data extraction, analysis, and transfer are defined and designed. Also, interative interfaces between them are cordinated. Finllay, experimental results demonstrate that extended components works very well and current simulator is good candidate for DTRS viewer with less development efforts.

Ki-Il Kim, YeongJun Cha, Kyoung Choon Park

Efficient Detection of First Races in Concurrent Signal Handlers

Detecting first races is important for debugging shared memory parallel programs including sequential programs that use concurrent signal handlers because the removal of such data races may cause other data races in the program to disappear. Unfortunately, existing tools for sequential programs do not focus on first race detection or report only the single data race detected first in a program execution which is not enough for a program debugging. This paper presents an efficient on-the-fly technique that uses an existing lightweight labeling scheme to collect and filter at most four access candidates for each shared variable for an effective first race detection in sequential programs. An evaluation of our technique on a set of synthetic programs shows its ability to report first races.

Sahaja Dorankula, Guy Martin Tchamgoue, Yong-Kee Jun

Detecting First Races in Shared-Memory Parallel Programs with Random Synchronization

Detecting data races is a hard problem when debugging shared memory parallel programs, because the races could exhibit unpredictable results in execution of programs. It is even harder for programmers to decide whether or how the reported data races can appear in the actual program executions. Previous techniques for detecting races cannot provide method to discover first races in parallel programs with random synchronization. We present an algorithm, in this paper, which extracts first races to occur by comparing the concurrency of the traced information with the candidate accesses which are from a particular execution of parallel programs.

Hee-Dong Park, Yong-Kee Jun

Development of Digital Textbook UI Guideline: Focused on Percepted User Interest Experience

The government of South Korea announced that they will adopt the recent smart education strategy and the entire country’s digital textbooks from elementary to high school, until 2015. That is why this study felt the needs of researches to develop the current digital textbook to be more systemic and structuralize, and provides guideline of digital textbook UI structure. In terms of constructing the digital textbook UI guideline, this study, unlike the other researches, focused the study on the fundamental problems than the experience of the users or the usability. On the matter of the research method, this study analyzed the interest related contents in the existing 132 research papers of digital textbook. Based on the analysis of the interest contents, the necessary interest elements of digital textbook UI is drawn after an interview survey was done on a group of experts consisting academia and hands-on workers, and Delphi survey methods are done three times. Also, to prove the credibility and validity of the drawn interest elements, proof survey was done on groups of 520 students of elementary and middle school students. As a conclusion, the necessary thirty two detail questions and seven interest elements are drawn.

Kyung A. Jin, Dong Kyun Lim, Jeong Jin Kang

A Hardware Implementation of Word-Parallel Bit-Serial Polynomial Basis Multiplier

In this paper, a hardware implementation of MSB-first word-parallel bit-serial multiplier with shorter delay time than other existing multipliers in finite field is presented. The proposed multiplier operates in polynomial basis of




). This multiplier is of serial type, i.e., after receiving the coordinates of the two input field elements, it goes through


, 1(




, iterations (i.e. clock cycles) to finally yield all the coordinates of the product in parallel. The value of


is the selected word size. The word-parallel bit-serial multiplier is faster than bit-serial multipliers and has lower hardware area complexity than bit-parallel multipliers. Therefore, the most significant feature of the proposed multiplier is a proper trade-off between hardware complexity and delay time.

Yong Suk Cho, Jae Yeon Choi

A Study on Speech Enhancement for In-Ear-Microphone

The ambient noise may affect a telephone conversation with earphones when a microphone is located outside ear. The earphones with in-ear-microphone can mitigate this problem. However the in-ear-microphone suppresses the first formant and also weakens the harmonics. We propose a new array of compensation filters to enhance the signal quality for earphones with the in-ear microphone, which helps a comfortable telephone conversation even in the ambient noise environment. The proposed method showed enhanced results in the MOS test and spectrogram.

Chan-Joong Jung, Weon-Gook Chung, Myung-Jin Bae

Using Weighted Hybrid Discretization Method to Analyze Climate Changes

Data mining is the process of posing queries to large quantities of data and extracting information, often previously unknown, using mathematical, statistical and machine learning techniques. However some of the data mining techniques like classification and clustering cannot deal with numeric attributes though most real dataset contains some numeric attributes. Continuous attributes should be divided into a small distinct range of nominal attributes in order to apply data mining techniques. Correct discretization makes the dataset succinct and contributes to the high performance of classification algorithms. Meanwhile, several methods are presented and applied, but it is often dependent on the area. In this paper, we propose a weighted hybrid discretization technique based on entropy and contingency coefficient. Also we analyze performance evaluation with well-known techniques of discretization such as Equal-width binning, 1R, MDLP and ChiMerge.

Yong-Gyu Jung, Kyoung Min Kim, Young Man Kwon

Design and Implementation of LBSNS Service Model

Recently, Location Based Service (LBS) is expanding its service areas with the spread of smart phones and is offering more personalized contents according to the variety of needs from customers. Specially, Location Based Social Network Service (LBSNS) is emerging as the most promising service among the applications of LBS. This paper proposes a LBSNS service model to form a community adaptively based on the location of user’s mobile devices. The methodology suitable for implementing the effective management and the automatic update of this social network community is presented in this paper. In addition, we describe the significance of the proposed model to promote future researches of LBSNS under the upcoming domination of mobile environment.

Youngdo Joo, Younghwa An

Testing the Structural Model of Psychological Variables Affecting Internet Addiction and Behavioral Problems among Korean Adolescents

The purpose of the present study was to attempt to test structural model which has been examined the influences of loneliness and impulsiveness on internet addiction and behavioral problem, and to examine the differences of the path processes by gender. This study with 432 Korean middle school students examined, structural equation modeling analyses were conducted. The model we supposed was supported, furthermore, a multi-group analysis found that there were some differences between two predictor variables and three criterion variables by gender.

Han-Ik Cho, Myung-Hee Kim, Jung-Hee Ha

A Case of Standard Develop Framework Based on Open-Source Software in Korea Public Sector

The various development frameworks cause problems such as the cost of the system maintenance, the outsourcing firm dependency and the lack of interoperability between systems. In order to solve these problems, the Korean government has developed a standard development framework for e-Government, is called the eGovFrame using open source. And many agencies used eGovFrame, HIRA also used standard development framework. In this study we showed that applied to the practices for DUR(Drug Utilization Review) system of Korea HIRA.

YoungJin Choi, Young-Gon Lee, JongHei Ra

Personalized Mobile Social Network System Using Collaborative Filtering

In this paper, we propose a location-based mobile social network system that integrates collaborative content recommendation The proposed system is an effective fusion of a traditional social network system, a location-based system, and a provider of intelligent recommendations. The prototype and service scenario in this study show possibilities for technical advancement and future extension of mobile social networking services. To verify the proposed system, we completed experiments to determine the recognition rate for a user’s facial image on a real-world smart-phone and the preference prediction accuracy of a collaborative filtering-based recommendation system. As a result, we confirmed that the system is highly effective and applicable to convergence by a location-based service and a content recommender through our implementation and preference prediction experiments.

Hyeong-Joon Kwon, Kwang-Seok Hong

Similar Trajectory Search for Video Data

Recently, the study on similar sub-trajectory retrieval in video data. However, existing trajectory representation, processing speed, decrease and increase of the computational cost problems. In this paper, proposed approximate matching techniques and grid-based similar trajectory search techniques.

Ki-Young Lee, Chae-Hun Lim, Jeong-Joon Kim, Sun-Jin Oh, Jeong-Jin Kang

Design and Implementation of Emotion Patterns Based on Speech Recognition Analysis

In the current IT market, the expectation is growing that the contents reflecting our emotions and feelings will be available soon. Accordingly, the research to analyze emotional elements is focused on the voice recognition or biomedical signal, both of which express out emotions. In this paper, the interface, analyzing voice recognition from a mobile device and biomedical signal reflecting change in emotions, is designed and established to market it able to predict the users’ emotional state.

Ki-Young Lee, Eun-Joo Seo, Myung-Jae Lim, Sun-Jin Oh, Gyoo-Seok Choi

A Study on the LED VLC Trans-Receiver Module for Use of Ubiquitous-Sensor Network and Its Efficiency

This study aims to implement a VLC (Visible Light Communication) trans-receiver module media-transfer system using LED (Light Emitting Diode) white lighting based on PC modules, while analyzing its efficiency of transfer technology. LED lighting can control different wavelength lights depending on materials and components, and it is possible to communicate by transferring data through the light of LED lighting. To implement an LED VLC, this study intends to use 12-LED light emitting displays for the transmission part and widely-known infrared sensors for the receiver part. For the trans-receiver developed for LED VLC, a visible media transfer system was established with the initial distance value set as over 30cm, and the entire system transmission speed set as 125kbps. To analyze the performance of an implemented module, this study installed LED and infrared sensors on the PC module and showed prediction and communication distances, while attempting to confirm its application methods and possibility. To increase the overall efficiency of an LED module, this study measured its different performance with lens equipped and unequipped respectively and found out its efficiency increased by about 20%.

Tae-Su Jang, Keon-Jun Park, Jun-Myung Lee, Jae-Hyun Kwon, Yong-Kab Kim

Indoor Positioning Based on Robust Center Point Detection of LED Lights

Existing studies associated with indoor positioning require additional infra-structure and have low security, compatibility. Also it doesn’t consider a characteristic of environment-friendly. In order to improve these weaknesses of existing studies, this paper proposed indoor positioning method based on LED light and image sensor. And detection method of central point is proposed for improving the reliability and performance. Also we demonstrated the usefulness of proposed system through experiment and simulation.

Jaesang Cha, Daeho Kim

The Security Monitoring System Based on Smart Phone in Unattended Building

In this paper, we proposed the security monitoring system in the unattended building using smart phone camera device for enhancement of security and tracking of abnormal object. This system helps administrator to check the status of unattended building regularly. Also, this system adopts smart phone camera device instead of the general fixed camera that used in the previous system. In addition, we improved the accessibility and convenience of unattended building monitoring through the efficient WiFi transmission to the monitoring server.

Jaesang Cha, Juyoung Lee, Dongha Shim, Hyeungkeun Yu

New Encripting Machine Design Based on GF(24) Field Arithmatic

This paper describes how to design a Encription circuit Based on GF(2


) field arithmatic. The New Multiplier circuit is compared with the binary multiplier and finding that the Galois multiplier is much faster and more economical are. Since the new endecripting circuit is much more simple than the classical design, the amount of computing for the en/decrypting algorithms is also greately reduced. We show the encryption and decription process using galois field computation in contrast to the classical en/decrypting process.

Hyeong-Keon An

A Study on Knocking Analysis Simulator Based on CRDI Engine ECU

In order to meet the recently enhanced emission standards at home and abroad by applying CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) diesel engines to industrial engines, this study developed the CRDI ECU control algorithm that users can adjust fuel injection timing and amount. This study aimed to improve fuel economy and to reduce harmful gas emissions effectively by developing the algorithm distinguishing diesel knock and long tooth with the use of CKP and CMP sensors among the input factors of CRDI engine control ECU, and by adjusting engine balance through the development of algorithm that can determine when adjusting the fuel injection timing and amount, and distinguish abnormalities of engines.

Hwa-seon Kim, Seong-jin Jang, Jong-wook Jang

A Study of Policy Framework in Distributed Environment

Recently service errors occur in a large number of clients in the distributed environment, taking corrective measures or changing policies increase maintenance cost. The system structure as a policy is needed to manage business change and maintenance efficiently. In this research designed policy management structure as service framework which can be revoking or assigning policy. The proposed policy framework to implement IETF of policy framework was defined as language based and tabular policy based policy definition, and defined framework components relation and function. In order to verify the usability of policy definition and framework was expressed policy definition based language and based tabular as scenarios.

SungWook Ahn, SungYul Rhew, KwanHo Song

The Standardization of Partitioning Audible Sound by A7B

Scholars and analysts of sound hope to have a standard system that is self-explanatory in assigning different tones including low, mid, and high, to any given sound with certain pitch. Yet, such system has not been developed, or recognized in the field. The absence of the system may bring about different results in analyzing sounds due to the lack of standardized vocabulary and objectivity. This paper suggests a way to improve the current situation using 7 bandwidths of sound in order to standardize the process of partitioning tones and thus proposes the implementation of the Acoustic 7 Bandwidths (A7B) system as a portioning system of audible sound, an indicator of sound tone in other words. The proposed system is based on the proper partitioning of sounds in audible range to humans and has an advantage of relatively easy implementation. The following 7 bandwidths of sound contain same cents range of frequency for each category: ultra-low tone, low tone, mid-low tone, mid-tone, mid-high tone, and ultra-high tone. The use of the standardized system of partitioning sound through A7B will provide objective analysis and fair comparison of sounds with respect to tone and frequency.

Doo-Heon Kyon, Myung-Sook Kim, Myung-Jin Bae

An Approach to Requirements Refinement Based on Users’ Opinions

A software has to embrace the users’ opinions. It is very important to succeed the software today. However, the users’ opinions might not be proper for directly accept into requirements. We propose the approach for requirements refinement based on users’ opinion. Our approach is consisted in a form of writing requirements, keyword analysis, a graph/hierarchy of relationship of keyword/requirements. Our approach would provide a foundation of User Centric Requirements Engineering and its automation.

JungWon Byun, SungYul Rhew

A Study of Baseline Noise Elimination of Heart Sounds Using Kalman Filter

The heart sounds that heart disease can be diagnosed are a fundamental means. But auscultation can be difficult because of the noise around the outside of the heart sounds. Auscultation by sections S1 and S2 can be expected especially in the disease, because the baseline noise removal is important. Therefore, in this study, we proposed baseline noise elimination of heart sound using Kalman Filter. We applied Kalman filtering into simulated data which are the abnormal heart sound. The Kalman filter greatly reduced the baseline noise. Therefore we could get the cleaned heart sounds.

Won Tae Lee, Ho Jun Yeom

Automatic Danger and Directional Detection Method for Headphone Users

Portable audio players remove spatial constraints for listening to music or playing audio and allow us to easily enjoy music by using headphones anywhere and at any time. However, using headphones to listen to music on the street leads to traffic accidents with deadly consequences because people cannot detect dangers, and the number of such accidents is gradually increasing. This study was conducted to suggest a method of enabling headphone users to recognize dangers around them while walking on the street. This method detects and evaluates external danger signals and then controls audio playback to communicate a warning message to users. Furthermore, it can also detect the direction of the origin of the external audio stimulation.

Sungwook Yoon, Yangwon Lim, Hankyu Lim, Hyenki Kim

Radio Propagation Analysis for Various Urban Sites on Ka-Band Satellite Communication

Propagation analysis of the transmitting and receiving environment is important for designing satellite communication systems. The satellite signal passes though the atmospheric layer and is affected by the resulting attenuation. Therefore, systematic analyses of the atmospheric characteristics and the receiving environment are needed. This study examined the propagation characteristics of a geostationary satellite using the Ka band. The atmospheric characteristics of the Ka band were analyzed, and the urban environment was modeled. A range of receiving environments was analyzed. The results of this paper are expected to assist in the design of satellite mobile communication systems in the Ka-band.

Jooseok Kim, No-Uk Park, Ju-Young Lim, Tae-Hyuk Lim, Chang-Hyun Yoo, Kun-Sup Kwon, Kyungseok Kim

Improved Biometrics-Based Remote User Authentication Scheme with Session Key Agreement

In 2011, Lee et al. proposed an improved Li-Hwang’s biometrics-based remote user authentication scheme, and claimed that does not only provide session key establishment and mutual authentication but also withstand various attacks. In this paper, we analyze the security of Lee et al.’s scheme and we show that Lee et al.’s scheme is still insecure against the various attacks. Also, we propose an improved scheme that can remove these security flaws of Lee et al.’s scheme and provide session key agreement, even if the secret information stored in the smart card is revealed. As a result of security analysis, the improved scheme is relatively more secure than the related authentication schemes in terms of the security.

Younghwa An

Accelerating USG Image Reconstruction with SAR Implementation on CUDA

Ultrasonography scanning allows to obtain a cross-section picture of a scanned object, and medical ultrasonography has become one of the most common and safe diagnostic methods. In the process of ultrasonographic image rendition probes with ultrasonic sensors transmit sound waves into an object being scanned and receive the reflected echoes. The received data is reconstructed into a digital image. Since reconstruction algorithms process massive amounts of data, acceptable performance has traditionally been obtained due to dedicated architectures based on specialized integrated circuits and embedded software. In this paper we present a new, fast implementation of USG image rendition based on SAR algorithm efficiently implemented on low-cost and commonly available CUDA architecture. We describe the SAR algorithm, explain its CUDA implementation and demonstrate test results featuring a significant speed-up in rendition time.

Robert Dąbrowski, Łukasz Chodarcewicz, Tomasz Kulczyński, Piotr Niedźwiedź, Adam Przedniczek, Wojciech Śmietanka

Who’s More Powerful? King vs. Knight: Relative Influence of CEO vs. Team Leader on Emotional Contagion and Performance

Organizations are neither isolated nor insulated from emotional display. This paper examines the emotional contagion between a leader and followers and its impact on performance, and tries to answer the question of “What should leaders do, express positive emotions or negative emotions?”. I test the emotional contagion effects of leader-follower relationship, using two contextual variables – organizational and team performance – and take the different hierarchical position of leaders into consideration. Moreover, this paper determines in which circumstance among four scenarios described in the paper the followers converge emotionally more to CEO vs team leader.

Eunsung Lee

Examining the Impact of a User’s Previous Experience with Pets on Robot-Assisted Therapy

Recently, the use of animal-type robots for therapeutic applications has emerged. In order to verify the utility of robot-assisted therapy (RAT), the present paper examined the impact of a user’s previous experience with real pets on robot-assisted therapy. Thirty-three participants were recruited for the study, and were divided into two groups: people with previous experience with real pets, and people with no previous experience with real pets. A robotic dog Genibo was presented to both groups of people, and their psychological wellbeing was measured before and after the experiment. The results revealed that the participants who had previous pet experience showed a significant improvement in their psychological wellbeing compared to participants with no previous pet experience.

Jungsik Hwang, Kun Chang Lee, Jaeyeol Jeong

Erratum: The Use of Serious Games and Simulations in Health Education: Raising Awareness of Depression in College-Age Students

The following reference was not included in the reference section of the paper starting on page 8 of Vol. 351 of the Series Communications in Computer and Information Science:Defazio, J., Hardin, J., Savage, J.: The Science and art of health behavior: Theory of prevention 2nd Annual Midwest Health Games Conference, Indianapolis, USA (2011)

Joseph Defazio


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