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Computer Science - Research and Development

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27.09.2017 | Special Issue Paper

TOSCA-based container orchestration on Mesos

Two-phase deployment of cloud applications using container-based artifacts

Container virtualization evolved into a key technology for deployment automation in line with the DevOps paradigm. Whereas container management systems facilitate the deployment of cloud applications by employing container-based artifacts, parts …

25.09.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Towards a conceptual foundation of service composition

Service Orientation is a computing paradigm that fundamentally differs from previous paradigms. Advocated by Software Industry, it lacks from theoretical foundation and a systematic build-up. In this paper we suggest concepts and ideas for a …

22.09.2017 | Special Issue Paper

API governance support through the structural analysis of REST APIs

Today, REST APIs have established as a means for realizing distributed systems and are supposed to gain even more importance in the context of Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Microservices. Nevertheless, many existing REST APIs are known …

18.09.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Customization and provisioning of complex event processing using TOSCA

In many Internet of Things scenarios, a large amount of sensor data is continuously produced and exchanged among devices in smart environments. Handling these data causes great challenges since their processing must occur in a timely manner.

18.09.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Modeling and execution of data-aware choreographies: an overview

Due to recent advances in data science and Big Data the importance of data is increasing. Although service choreographies provide means to specify complex conversations between multiple interacting parties from a global perspective and in a …

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Computer Science – Research and Development (CSRD), formerly Informatik – Forschung und Entwicklung (IFE), is a quarterly international journal that publishes high-quality research and survey papers from the Software Engineering & Systems area and its adjacent disciplines, with inclusion of embedded systems, mobile systems, information systems, algorithm engineering, web engineering, ubiquitous computing, service-oriented architectures, model-driven architectures, process-oriented architectures and related topics. Also, contributions describing research in application areas as e.g. mechanical engineering, medical engineering and medical technology, traffic engineering and environmental technology are welcome.

CSRD is oriented towards practical and also industrial applications since many developments in Computer Science, even those of a fundamental nature, are driven by practical considerations. Contributions from industry are very welcome. In general, two kinds of papers are published in CSRD: research papers presenting novel approaches and results, and survey papers summarizing current developments. CSRD continues the tradition of publishing special issues on selected topics in the field of Software Engineering & Systems. All papers are reviewed in a peer-review process. CSRD focuses on publishing in English while still accepting German papers for a transitional period.

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