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22.08.2017 | Special Issue Paper

A blockchain-based smart grid: towards sustainable local energy markets

The increasing amount of renewable energy sources in the energy system calls for new market approaches to price and distribute the volatile and decentralized generation. Local energy markets, on which consumers and prosumers can trade locally …

21.08.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Shaping aggregated load profiles based on optimized local scheduling of home appliances

We present a new method to control an aggregated electric load profile by exploiting the flexibilities provided by residential homes. The method is based on a common energy price combined with inclining block rates, broadcasted to all households …

21.08.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Poster Abstract: Implementation of an extended generator subsystem in OpenModelica and comparative analysis with DIgSILENT PowerFactory

Mathematical modeling is a key step in the analysis of power system stability. In view of model accuracy, this process should include all relevant details that affect the transient behavior of the power system. To this aim, an extension of the …

21.08.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Demo abstract: a building energy management system in the context of the smart grid traffic light concept

The BDEW smart grid traffic light concept is a framework to tackle some of the challenges posed by the transition of the energy system. In the project grid-control a system based on this concept has been implemented. This paper gives an overview …

19.09.2016 | Regular Paper

A repair-oriented approach to product consistency in product lines using negative variability

Software product line engineering emphasizes the organized reuse of software artifacts in order to create customized products on demand, while maintenance costs are reduced. In the special case of negative variability, products are created by …

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Computer Science – Research and Development (CSRD), formerly Informatik – Forschung und Entwicklung (IFE), is a quarterly international journal that publishes high-quality research and survey papers from the Software Engineering & Systems area and its adjacent disciplines, with inclusion of embedded systems, mobile systems, information systems, algorithm engineering, web engineering, ubiquitous computing, service-oriented architectures, model-driven architectures, process-oriented architectures and related topics. Also, contributions describing research in application areas as e.g. mechanical engineering, medical engineering and medical technology, traffic engineering and environmental technology are welcome.

CSRD is oriented towards practical and also industrial applications since many developments in Computer Science, even those of a fundamental nature, are driven by practical considerations. Contributions from industry are very welcome. In general, two kinds of papers are published in CSRD: research papers presenting novel approaches and results, and survey papers summarizing current developments. CSRD continues the tradition of publishing special issues on selected topics in the field of Software Engineering & Systems. All papers are reviewed in a peer-review process. CSRD focuses on publishing in English while still accepting German papers for a transitional period.

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