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Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

The Journal of Collaborative Computing and Work Practices

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Make a Difference in a Different Way: Twitter Bot Creators and Wikipedia Transparency.

Software robots (bots) are a major part of contemporary Internet culture, employed by businesses for customer service, artists for digital expression, and ‘bad actors’ for misinformation. A recent line of Twitter bots, known as WikiEdits bots, has …

08.09.2021 | Research Article

Future Protest Made Risky: Examining Social Media Based Civil Unrest Prediction Research and Products

Social media has both been hailed for enabling social movements and critiqued for its affordances as a surveillance infrastructure. In this work, I focus on the latter by analyzing research, products, and discourses around the recent history of …

07.09.2021 | Research Article Open Access

The Automation of the Taxi Industry – Taxi Drivers’ Expectations and Attitudes Towards the Future of their Work

Advocates of autonomous driving predict that the occupation of taxi driver could be made obsolete by shared autonomous vehicles (SAV) in the long term. Conducting interviews with German taxi drivers, we investigate how they perceive the changes …

25.08.2021 | RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access

Participatory Design as the Temporal Flow of Coalescing Participatory Lines

This paper argues that the existing literature on participatory design (PD) tends to focus on frontstage design interactions (workshops, participants, methodologies, techniques, etc.) to facilitate PD ‘here and now’—referred to as the …

24.07.2021 | Research Article Open Access

Challenges and Paradoxes in Decolonising HCI: A Critical Discussion

The preponderance of Western methods, practices, standards, and classifications in the manner in which new technology-related knowledge is created and globalised has led to calls for more inclusive approaches to design. A decolonisation project is …

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Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) disseminates innovative research results and provides an interdisciplinary forum for the debate and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical, practical, technical, and social issues in CSCW. The journal encompasses the diverse nature of research within the field and its related areas. Coverage ranges from ethnographic studies of cooperative work to reports on the development of CSCW systems and their technological foundations.

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