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Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

The Journal of Collaborative Computing and Work Practices

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) OnlineFirst articles


Streaming your Identity: Navigating the Presentation of Gender and Sexuality through Live Streaming

The digital presentation of gender and sexuality has been a long-standing concern in HCI and CSCW. There is also a growing interest in exploring more nuanced presentations of identity afforded in emerging online social spaces that have not been …

18.08.2020 Open Access

How Does Collaborative Reflection Unfold in Online Communities? An Analysis of Two Data Sets

People can learn a lot through (collaborative) reflection at work: In organizations, staff debate experiences and due to issues every day, thus reflecting together and learning from each other. While this is desirable, it is often hindered by …

29.06.2020 Open Access

Coding and Classifying Knowledge Exchange on Social Media: a Comparative Analysis of the #Twitterstorians and AskHistorians Communities

As social media become a staple for knowledge discovery and sharing, questions arise about how self-organizing communities manage learning outside the domain of organized, authority-led institutions. Yet examination of such communities is …


When the System Does Not Fit: Coping Strategies of Employment Consultants

Case and knowledge management systems are spread at the frontline across public agencies. However, such systems are dedicated for the collaboration within the agency rather than for the face-to-face interaction with the clients. If used as a …

05.06.2020 Open Access

Unpacking the Role of Boundaries in Computer-Supported Collaborative Teaching

In this study, we explore the role of boundaries for collaborative learning and transformation of work practices to occur. We report from a three-year action research project including well over 1800 h of participation by the authors. The …

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Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) disseminates innovative research results and provides an interdisciplinary forum for the debate and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical, practical, technical, and social issues in CSCW. The journal encompasses the diverse nature of research within the field and its related areas. Coverage ranges from ethnographic studies of cooperative work to reports on the development of CSCW systems and their technological foundations.

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