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The four-volume set LNCS 7724--7727 constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 11th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, ACCV 2012, held in Daejeon, Korea, in November 2012. The total of 226 contributions presented in these volumes was carefully reviewed and selected from 869 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on object detection, learning and matching; object recognition; feature, representation, and recognition; segmentation, grouping, and classification; image representation; image and video retrieval and medical image analysis; face and gesture analysis and recognition; optical flow and tracking; motion, tracking, and computational photography; video analysis and action recognition; shape reconstruction and optimization; shape from X and photometry; applications of computer vision; low-level vision and applications of computer vision.



Oral Session 6: Optical Flow and Tracking

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Adaptive Integration of Feature Matches into Variational Optical Flow Methods

Michael Stoll, Sebastian Volz, Andrés Bruhn

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Efficient Learning of Linear Predictors Using Dimensionality Reduction

Stefan Holzer, Slobodan Ilic, David Joseph Tan, Nassir Navab

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Robust Visual Tracking Using Dynamic Classifier Selection with Sparse Representation of Label Noise

Yuefeng Chen, Qing Wang

Poster Session 6: Motion, Tracking, and Computational Photography

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Dynamic Objectness for Adaptive Tracking

Severin Stalder, Helmut Grabner, Luc Van Gool

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Visual Tracking in Continuous Appearance Space via Sparse Coding

Guofeng Wang, Fan Zhong, Yue Liu, Qunsheng Peng, Xueying Qin

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Robust Object Tracking in Crowd Dynamic Scenes Using Explicit Stereo Depth

Chi Li, Le Lu, Gregory D. Hager, Jianyu Tang, Hanzi Wang

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Structured Visual Tracking with Dynamic Graph

Zhaowei Cai, Longyin Wen, Jianwei Yang, Zhen Lei, Stan Z. Li

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Online Multi-target Tracking by Large Margin Structured Learning

Suna Kim, Suha Kwak, Jan Feyereisl, Bohyung Han

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

An Anchor Patch Based Optimization Framework for Reducing Optical Flow Drift in Long Image Sequences

Wenbin Li, Darren Cosker, Matthew Brown

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

One-Class Multiple Instance Learning and Applications to Target Tracking

Karthik Sankaranarayanan, James W. Davis

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Dense Scene Flow Based on Depth and Multi-channel Bilateral Filter

Xiaowei Zhang, Dapeng Chen, Zejian Yuan, Nanning Zheng

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Object Tracking within the Framework of Concept Drift

Li Chen, Yue Zhou, Jie Yang

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Multiple Target Tracking Using Frame Triplets

Asad A. Butt, Robert T. Collins

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Spatio-Temporal Clustering Model for Multi-object Tracking through Occlusions

Lei Zhang, Qing Wang

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Robust Object Tracking Using Constellation Model with Superpixel

Weijun Wang, Ramakant Nevatia

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Robust Registration-Based Tracking by Sparse Representation with Model Update

Peihua Li, Qilong Wang

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Robust and Efficient Pose Estimation from Line Correspondences

Lilian Zhang, Chi Xu, Kok-Meng Lee, Reinhard Koch

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Nonlocal Spectral Prior Model for Low-Level Vision

Shenlong Wang, Lei Zhang, Yan Liang

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Simultaneous Multiple Rotation Averaging Using Lagrangian Duality

Johan Fredriksson, Carl Olsson

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Observation-Driven Adaptive Differential Evolution for Robust Bronchoscope 3-D Motion Tracking

Xiongbiao Luo, Kensaku Mori

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Tracking Growing Axons by Particle Filtering in 3D + t Fluorescent Two-Photon Microscopy Images

Huei-Fang Yang, Xavier Descombes, Charles Kervrann, Caroline Medioni, Florence Besse

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Image Upscaling Using Multiple Dictionaries of Natural Image Patches

Pulak Purkait, Bhabatosh Chanda

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

A Biologically Motivated Double-Opponency Approach to Illumination Invariance

Sivalogeswaran Ratnasingam, Antonio Robles-Kelly

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Measuring Linearity of Closed Curves and Connected Compound Curves

Paul L. Rosin, Jovanka Pantović, Joviša Žunić

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Patch Mosaic for Fast Motion Deblurring

Hyeoungho Bae, Charless C. Fowlkes, Pai H. Chou

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Single-Image Blind Deblurring for Non-uniform Camera-Shake Blur

Yuquan Xu, Lu Wang, Xiyuan Hu, Silong Peng

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Image Super-Resolution Using Local Learnable Kernel Regression

Renjie Liao, Zengchang Qin

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

MRF-Based Blind Image Deconvolution

Nikos Komodakis, Nikos Paragios

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Efficient Image Appearance Description Using Dense Sampling Based Local Binary Patterns

Juha Ylioinas, Abdenour Hadid, Yimo Guo, Matti Pietikäinen

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Navigation toward Non-static Target Object Using Footprint Detection Based Tracking

Meng Yi, Yinfei Yang, Wenjing Qi, Yu Zhou, Yunfeng Li, Zygmunt Pizlo, Longin Jan Latecki

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Single Image Super Resolution Reconstruction in Perturbed Exemplar Sub-space

Takashi Shibata, Akihiko Iketani, Shuji Senda

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Image Super-Resolution: Use of Self-learning and Gabor Prior

Nilay Khatri, Manjunath V. Joshi

Oral Session 7: Video Analysis and Action Recognition

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Action Disambiguation Analysis Using Normalized Google-Like Distance Correlogram

Qianru Sun, Hong Liu

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Alpha-Flow for Video Matting

Mikhail Sindeev, Anton Konushin, Carsten Rother

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Combinational Subsequence Matching for Human Identification from General Actions

Maodi Hu, Yunhong Wang, James J. Little

Poster Session 7: Video Analysis and Action Recognition

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Iterative Semi-Global Matching for Robust Driver Assistance Systems

Simon Hermann, Reinhard Klette

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Action Recognition Using Canonical Correlation Kernels

G. Nagendar, Sai Ganesh Bandiatmakuri, Mahesh Goud Tandarpally, C. V. Jawahar

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

A New Framework for Background Subtraction Using Multiple Cues

SeungJong Noh, Moongu Jeon

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Weighted Interaction Force Estimation for Abnormality Detection in Crowd Scenes

Xiaobin Zhu, Jing Liu, Jinqiao Wang, Wei Fu, Hanqing Lu

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Egocentric Activity Monitoring and Recovery

Ardhendu Behera, David C. Hogg, Anthony G. Cohn

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Spatiotemporal Salience via Centre-Surround Comparison of Visual Spacetime Orientations

Andrei Zaharescu, Richard Wildes

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Temporal-Spatial Refinements for Video Concept Fusion

Jie Geng, Zhenjiang Miao, Hai Chi

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Features with Feelings—Incorporating User Preferences in Video Categorization

Ramya Srinivasan, Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

A Comparative Study of Encoding, Pooling and Normalization Methods for Action Recognition

Xingxing Wang, LiMin Wang, Yu Qiao

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Dynamic Saliency Models and Human Attention: A Comparative Study on Videos

Nicolas Riche, Matei Mancas, Dubravko Culibrk, Vladimir Crnojevic, Bernard Gosselin, Thierry Dutoit

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Horror Video Scene Recognition Based on Multi-view Multi-instance Learning

Xinmiao Ding, Bing Li, Weiming Hu, Weihua Xiong, Zhenchong Wang

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Learning Object Appearance from Occlusions Using Structure and Motion Recovery

Kai Cordes, Björn Scheuermann, Bodo Rosenhahn, Jörn Ostermann

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Exploring the Similarities of Neighboring Spatiotemporal Points for Action Pair Matching

Irene Kotsia, Ioannis Patras

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Sequential Reconstruction Segment-Wise Feature Track and Structure Updating Based on Parallax Paths

Mauricio Hess-Flores, Mark A. Duchaineau, Kenneth I. Joy

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Generic Active Appearance Models Revisited

Georgios Tzimiropoulos, Joan Alabort-i-Medina, Stefanos Zafeiriou, Maja Pantic

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Tracking Pedestrian with Multi-component Online Deformable Part-Based Model

Yi Xie, Mingtao Pei, Zhao Liu, Tianfu Wu

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Local Distance Comparison for Multiple-shot People Re-identification

Guanwen Zhang, Yu Wang, Jien Kato, Takafumi Marutani, Kenji Mase

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Non-sequential Multi-view Detection, Localization and Identification of People Using Multi-modal Feature Maps

Rok Mandeljc, Stanislav Kovačič, Matej Kristan, Janez Perš

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Full 6DOF Pose Estimation from Geo-Located Images

Clemens Arth, Gerhard Reitmayr, Dieter Schmalstieg

2013 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Learning a Quality-Based Ranking for Feature Point Trajectories

Liangjing Ding, Adrian Barbu, Anke Meyer-Baese


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