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QoS-based routing in Wireless Body Area Networks: a survey and taxonomy

Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) constitutes a set of sensor nodes responsible for monitoring human physiological activities and actions. The increasing demand for real time applications in such networks stimulates many research activities in …


Optimizing energy and throughput for MPSoCs: an integer particle swarm optimization approach

Most of recent research in multicore processor architectures has been shifted towards reconfigurable architectures due to increasing complexity of computing systems. These systems provide better application-specific energy and throughput balance …


The BIM-enabled geotechnical information management of a construction project

For the convenience of collaborative design, virtual construction, construction process simulation and management, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming an important tool in civil engineering. The current BIM team seems to neglect the …


MPI-Performance-Aware-Reallocation: method to optimize the mapping of processes applied to a cloud infrastructure

The cloud brings new possibilities to run traditional HPC applications, giving its flexibility and reduced cost. However, running MPI applications in the cloud can reduce appreciably its performance, because the cloud hides its internal network …


A systematic mapping on adaptive recommender approaches for ubiquitous environments

Recommender systems were first conceived to provide suggestions of interesting items to users. The evolution of such systems provided an understanding that a recommender system is currently used to diverse objectives. One of the current challenges …

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Computing publishes original papers, short communications and surveys on all fields of computing. The contributions should be written in English and may be of theoretical or applied nature, the essential criteria are computational relevance and systematic foundation of results.
Subjects include
- autonomic, adaptive, dependable computing
- parallel computing
- services computing and cloud computing
- green computing
- internet computing
- business process computing
- software evolution and mining
- architectural concepts for systems
- network science, social networks, collective intelligence

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Erforderliche Schutzmaßnahmen für das (vernetzte) Auto

Längst sind moderne Autos kleine Rechnernetzwerke auf Rädern. Was bedeutet dies für die Sicherheit? Dieser Beitrag liefert einen Überblick über Angriffsmethoden und Sicherheitstechnologien für moderne Fahrzeuge. Jetzt gratis downloaden!