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15.06.2021 | Regular Paper

Screening hardware and volume factors in distributed machine learning algorithms on spark

A design of experiments (DoE) based approach

This paper presents an approach to investigate distributed machine learning workloads on Spark. The work analyzes hardware and volume data factors regarding time and cost performance when applying machine learning (ML) techniques in big data …

14.06.2021 | Regular Paper

Morse glasses: an IoT communication system based on Morse code for users with speech impairments

The advent of internet of things has opened the opportunities for people with disabilities, increased their inclusion and productivity in their living society. Most of the invented smart sensing devices including the wearable ones for users with …

14.06.2021 | Regular Paper

Prediction of resource contention in cloud using second order Markov model

The performance of applications running on the cloud entirely depends on two factors, namely, network availability and resource management. Resource contention occurs when request for resources to a host exceeds the availability of the resources …

13.06.2021 | Special Issue Article

A data reuse strategy based on deep learning for high dimensional data’s pattern and instance similarity

Data reuse strategy is an effective method to save storage space and improve data utilization in data management. In view of the successful application of deep learning in the field of text mining, a data reuse strategy based on deep learning is …

11.06.2021 | Regular Paper

An optimization scheme for IoT based smart greenhouse climate control with efficient energy consumption

Internet of Things (IoT) has attracted tremendous research attention in the recent past fromindustry and academia. IoT is quite helpful in uplifting living standards by transforming conventional technology into smart systems. Greenhouse production …

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