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02.07.2022 | Regular Paper

A clustering approach for software defect prediction using hybrid social mimic optimization algorithm

In this information era, software usage is intertwined with daily routine work and business. Defects in software can cause a severe economic crisis. It is a crucial task in the software industry to be able to predict software defects in advance.

27.06.2022 | Regular Paper

Orientation aware weapons detection in visual data: a benchmark dataset

Automatic detection of weapons is significant for improving security and well being of individuals, nonetheless, it is a difficult task due to large variety of size, shape and appearance of weapons. View point variations and occlusion also are …

27.06.2022 | Regular Paper

Stochastic model-driven capacity planning framework for multi-access edge computing

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) offers cloud computing capabilities and IT services situated at the Radio Access Network (RAN) in the mobile users’ proximity. Applications could offload their computation-intensive tasks to the MEC servers.

26.06.2022 | Regular Paper

Item enhanced graph collaborative network for collaborative filtering recommendation

Learning vector embeddings of users and items is the core of modern recommender systems. Recently the collaborative filtering recommender systems based on graph convolutional networks, which integrates the bipartite graph of user-item interaction …

24.06.2022 | Regular Paper

Dew computing-assisted cognitive Intelligence-inspired smart environment for diarrhea prediction

Diarrhea is one of the most common infectious diseases that affect people of all ages and is a serious public health concern around the world. The main causes of diarrhea include food quality, water, indoor meteorological, and outdoor …

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