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27.05.2020 | Special Issue Article

An adaptive workload-aware power consumption measuring method for servers in cloud data centers

As cloud computing technologies and applications develop rapidly in recent years, the quantity and size of cloud datacenters have been ever-increasing, making the overconsumption of energy in datacenters become a widespread concern. To reduce the …

26.05.2020 | Regular Paper

An approach to dynamically assigning cloud resource considering user demand and benefit of cloud platform

Cloud computing, with the features of flexible resource assignment, timely on-demand service and transparent by-quantity pricing, has been widely applied recently. As a new business service model, cloud platform must be capable of satisfying user …

25.05.2020 | Regular Paper

A novel blockchain based framework to secure IoT-LLNs against routing attacks

Routing attacks in the Internet of Things environment (IoT) can result in degraded network performance and often denial of service. Low Power and Lossy Network (LLN) is that segment in IoT which comprises constrained devices like sensors and …

19.05.2020 | Regular Paper

QoS evaluation model based on intelligent fuzzy system for vehicular ad hoc networks

Supporting the Quality of Service (QoS) for broadcasting techniques in Vehicular Ad hoc NETetworks (VANETs) is a primordial concern. Qualitatively, QoS is an aspect reflecting the network performance, but quantitatively, it is a function of …

18.05.2020 | Special Issue Article

LSTM based link quality confidence interval boundary prediction for wireless communication in smart grid

The smart grid will play an important role in the future city to support the diversified energy supply. Wireless communication, the most cost-effective alternative to the traditional wire-lines, promises to provide ubiquitous bi-direction …

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