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20.10.2020 | Original Paper

Analysis of the implementation of information disclosure ordinances in Japan: the effect on the income of chief executives in local governments

In Japan, the disclosure ordinance has been drastically enacted during the—1999–2010. Using an originally constructed panel dataset consisting of approximately 1700 local governments for 1999–2010, we empirically examined the influence of …

15.10.2020 | Original Paper

Culture, democracy and regulation

This paper examines how culture influences business regulation across countries. Empirical analysis reveals that individualistic countries adopt fewer regulations than collectivist countries. This result is independent of political institutions …

04.09.2020 | Original Paper

Comparing governments’ efficiency at supplying income redistribution

We examine whether and to what extent political institutions explain different performances in income redistribution across countries. After reviewing the available data sources, the measures of income redistribution and the traditional demand …

18.08.2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Post-socialist “illiberal democracies”: do de jure constitutional rights matter?

Are de jure constitutional rules significant for constitutional practice? We pose this question with regard to de jure and de facto protection of constitutional rights in post-socialist countries of Europe and Asia. While, after 1989, these …

17.08.2020 | Original Paper Open Access

Transitional justice and authoritarian backsliding

Can a lack of transitional justice contribute to democratic backsliding? This paper uses the case of Poland to argue that selective enforcement of transitional justice can be linked to democratic erosion. In doing so, the paper adjudicates between …

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Constitutional Political Economy is a forum for research in the broad field of constitutional analysis. Its grounding discipline is economics, but, the systematic study of institutions requires consideration of economic, political, legal, and philosophical movitations, rules, and effects. As a consequence, the journal is interdisciplinary and includes research from a variety of perspectives.

Constitutional analysis is the main focuses of the journal, but it also includes research on public policy, legal institutions, norms, and methodological issues.

The journal is published quarterly by Springer Verlag. Issues normally include 5 or 6 high quality papers on constitutional political economy, public choice, political theory, methodology, and law and economics.

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Const Polit Econ

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