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Contemporary Islam

Contemporary Islam 3/2019

Ausgabe 3/2019

Shia Muslims in Great Britain

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 7 Artikel )

12.09.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019


Oliver Scharbrodt, Reza Gholami, Sufyan Abid Dogra

23.09.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2019

Integration, class and secularism: the marginalization of Shia identities in the UK Iranian diaspora

Reza Gholami, Annabelle Sreberny

15.09.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2019

Fragmented realities: the ‘sectarianisation’ of space among Iraqi Shias in London

Emanuelle Degli Esposti

08.11.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2019 Open Access

A minority within a minority?: the complexity and multilocality of transnational Twelver Shia networks in Britain

Oliver Scharbrodt

08.06.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019 Open Access

Living a piety-led life beyond Muharram: becoming or being a South Asian Shia Muslim in the UK

Sufyan Abid Dogra

27.12.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2019 Open Access

Twelver Shia in Edinburgh: marking Muharram, mourning Husayn

Fayaz S. Alibhai

11.01.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019

Being a young British Iraqi Shii in London: exploring diasporic cultural and religious identities between Britain and Iraq

Zahra Ali

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