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Contemporary Systems Thinking

Contemporary Systems Thinking
24 Jahrgänge | 1990 - 2020


Contemporary Systems Thinking is a series of texts, each of which deals comparatively and/or critically with different aspects of holistic thinking at the frontiers of the discipline. Traditionally, writings by systems thinkers have been concerned with single theme propositions like General Systems Theory, Cybernetics, Operations Research, System Dynamics, Soft Systems Methodology and many others. Recently there have been attempts to fulfill a different yet equally important role by comparative analyses of viewpoints and approaches, each addressing disparate areas of study such as: modeling and simulation, measurement, management, ‘problem solving’ methods, international relations, social theory and last, but not exhaustively or least, philosophy. Bringing together many sources yields several achievements, among which is showing a great diversity of approaches, ideas and application areas that systems thinking contributes to (although, often with difficulties unresolved). There is a need for a series of books, each focusing in detail on the study areas mentioned above. While modeling and simulation are served well in the scientific literature, this is not the case for systems thinking in management, ‘problem solving’ methods, social theory, or philosophy to name a handful. Each book in this series makes a contribution by concentrating on one of these topics.

Alle Bücher der Reihe Contemporary Systems Thinking

2020 | Buch

Immersive Systemic Knowing

Advancing Systems Thinking Beyond Rational Analysis

This book advances systems thinking by introducing a new philosophy of systemic knowing. It argues that there are inescapable limits to rational understanding. Humankind has always depended on extended ways of knowing to complement the …

2019 | Buch

The Systemic Turn in Human and Natural Sciences

A Rock in The Pond

This book is dedicated to the consolidation and to the expansion of theoretic systems thinking as a necessary integration of the general reductionist and analytical attitude dominant in our culture. Reductionism and analytical approaches have …

2019 | Buch

Democracy and Governance for Resourcing the Commons

Theory and Practice on Rural-Urban Balance

This book promotes the well-being of the commons through representation and accountability through monitoring from below in order to operationalize engagement. This book views the commons as a legal concept, a transformative governance concept …

2019 | Buch

Systemics of Incompleteness and Quasi-Systems

This book contains the proceedings of the Seventh National Conference of the Italian Systems Society. The title, Systemics of Incompleteness and Quasi-Systems, aims to underline the need for Systemics and Systems Science to deal with the concepts …

2019 | Buch

Mixed Methods and Cross Disciplinary Research

Towards Cultivating Eco-systemic Living

This book uses mixed methods to extend the concept of “wellbeing stocks” to refer to dynamic ways of working with others. It addresses metaphors and praxis for weaving together strands of experience. The aim of the wellbeing stocks concept is to …

2018 | Buch

Balancing Individualism and Collectivism

Social and Environmental Justice

This book addresses the social and environmental justice challenge to live sustainably and well. It considers the consequences of our social, economic and environmental policy and governance decisions for this generation and the next. The book …

2018 | Buch

Currency Wars

Offense and Defense through Systemic Thinking

This book uses systemic thinking and applies it to the study of financial crises. It systematically presents how the systemic yoyo model, its thinking logic, and its methodology can be employed as a common playground and intuition to the study of …

2018 | Buch

From Collective Beings to Quasi-Systems

This book outlines a possible future theoretical perspective for systemics, its conceptual morphology and landscape while the Good-Old-Fashioned-Systemics (GOFS) era is still under way. The change from GOFS to future systemics can be represented …

2017 | Buch

The Combinatory Systems Theory

Understanding, Modeling and Simulating Collective Phenomena

This study adopts the logic of Systems Thinking and Control Systems, presenting a simple but complete theory called the Theory of Combinatory Systems. This new theory is able to describe, interpret, explain, simulate and control collective …

2017 | Buch

Planetary Passport

Re-presentation, Accountability and Re-Generation

This book explores the implications of knowing our place in the universe and recognising our hybridity. It is a series of self-reflections and essays drawing on many diverse ways of knowing. The book examines the complex ethical challenges of …

2016 | Buch

Towards a Post-Bertalanffy Systemics

This book contains the proceedings of the Sixth National Conference of the Italian Systems Society. The title, Towards a post-Bertalanffy Systemics, aims to underline the need for Systemics and Systems Science to generalize theore

2014 | Buch

Transformation from Wall Street to Wellbeing

Joining Up the Dots Through Participatory Democracy and Governance to Mitigate the Causes and Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change

Transformation from Wall Street to Well-being: Joining up the dots through Participatory democracy and governance to mitigate the causes and adapt to the effects of climate change addresses accountable leadership, supports collective interests, ethic

2014 | Buch

The Magic Ring

Systems Thinking Approach to Control Systems

This book presents a gradual path toward “educating” readers in understanding how Control Systems truly operate and in recognizing, simulating and improving them in all fields of activity. Starting from the hypothesis that knowledge of Control Sys

2014 | Buch

Systemic Ethics and Non-Anthropocentric Stewardship

Implications for Transdisciplinarity and Cosmopolitan Politics

This book makes a case for rights and responsibilities to be expressed through a cosmopolitan praxis based on developing strong cosmopolitan approaches. This developed approach respects a form of cultural or national identity that is not at the expen

2012 | Buch

Systemic Structure Behind Human Organizations

From Civilizations to Individuals

​​Systemic Structure behind Human Organizations: From Civilizations to Individuals shows how the systemic yoyo model can be successfully employed to study human organizations at three different levels: civilizations, business enterprises, a

2006 | Buch

Realising Systems Thinking: Knowledge and Action in Management Science

2006 | Buch

In Search of an Integrative Vision for Technology

Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Systems

In Search Of An Integrative Vision For Technology will stimulate its readers to consider the 'whole story that is information systems' within the context of an integrative vision of technology. It integrates disparate areas of debate and research

2003 | Buch

Processes and Boundaries of the Mind

Extending the Limit Line

How is it that the world is conceived as exclusively populated by objects (e.g. books, cars, numbers, and people) while cognition is first and foremost a dynamic process? Inquiring into the `reified universe' Dr. Neuman explores questions of mind …

2003 | Buch


Rehabilitating Epistemology

Metadecisions: Rehabilitating Epistemology constitutes an epistemological inquiry about the foundations of knowledge of a scientific discipline. This text warns contemporary scientific disciplines that neglecting epistemological issues threatens …

1996 | Buch

Power, Ideology, and Control

One of the great challenges we face today is coming to grips with "forces of power/' in both theoretical and methodological terms, in a way that prepares us for action—action that is not totally subject to existing forces. The literature has some …