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Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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16.09.2021 | Original Article Open Access

Mathematical modeling of the elastic properties of cubic crystals at small scales based on the Toupin–Mindlin anisotropic first strain gradient elasticity

In this work, a mathematical modeling of the elastic properties of cubic crystals with centrosymmetry at small scales by means of the Toupin–Mindlin anisotropic first strain gradient elasticity theory is presented. In this framework, two …

27.08.2021 | Original Article Open Access

Uniqueness theorem in coupled strain gradient elasticity with mixed boundary conditions

The equilibrium equations and the traction boundary conditions are evaluated on the basis of the condition of the stationarity of the Lagrangian for coupled strain gradient elasticity. The quadratic form of strain energy can be written as a …

03.08.2021 | Original Article

A holistic continuum model-based approach to drug release

In the present paper, we propose a mechanistic mathematical model describing the process of drug release from a drug delivery system. This model takes various aspects of drug release into account, namely gradual penetration of the surrounding …

31.07.2021 | Original Article Open Access

Thermodynamic compatibility conditions of a new class of hysteretic materials

The thermodynamic compatibility defined by the Drucker postulate applied to a phenomenological hysteretic material, belonging to a recently formulated class, is hereby investigated. Such a constitutive model is defined by means of a set of …

23.07.2021 | Original Article

Coupled phase field and nonlocal integral elasticity analysis of stress-induced martensitic transformations at the nanoscale: boundary effects, limitations and contradictions

In this paper, the coupled phase field and local/nonlocal integral elasticity theories are used for stress-induced martensitic phase transformations (MPTs) at the nanoscale to investigate the limitations and contradictions of the nonlocal integral …

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Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics is an interdisciplinary journal exploring new ideas in continuum and quasi-continuum modeling of systems with a large number of degrees of freedom and sufficient complexity to require thermodynamic closure.

Major emphasis is placed on papers seeking to bridge the gap between discrete and continuum approaches as well as micro and macro scales, by means of homogenization, statistical averaging, and other mathematical tools aimed at the judicial elimination of small time and length scales. In particular, the journal focuses on simultaneous descriptions of complex systems at several disparate scales. Papers presenting and explaining new experimental findings are highly encouraged. Lastly, the journal publishes numerical studies that build our understanding of the physical nature of phenomena.

In addition to research papers, the journal features invited review articles, short communications, and "comment-and-reply" on published papers.

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