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Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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17.06.2019 | Original Article Open Access

Fuzzy logic enhancement of material hardening parameters obtained from tension–compression test

This paper presents the determination of material hardening parameters with the use of the fuzzy set theory. The hardening parameters were initially predicted from measurements taken in the cyclic tension–compression test. The experimental …

14.06.2019 | Original Article

A microsphere-based material model for open cell metal foams

Cellular materials, such as open cell metal foams, consist of a complex microstructure effecting the global material behaviour. The characterisation of the macroscopic material behaviour is complex and requires a multitude of different …

14.06.2019 | Original Article

Numerical solutions to a microcontinuum model using WENO schemes

In this paper, we consider a one-dimensional Mindlin model describing linear elastic behaviour of isotropic materials with microstructural effects. After introducing the kinetic and the potential energy, we derive a system of equations of motion …

13.06.2019 | Original Article

Thermal transport properties of Fe–Co alloys

This study reports temperature-dependent electrical resistivity ( $$\rho $$ ρ ) and thermal conductivity ( $$\kappa $$ κ ) of four commercially available Fe–Co alloys in a temperature range of 3–400 K. Dominant scattering mechanisms that govern …

08.06.2019 | Original Article

A novel numerical model for the prediction of patient-dependent bone density loss in microgravity based on micro-CT images

The deterioration of the musculoskeletal system is a serious health concern for long-term space missions. The accumulated information over the past decades of space flights showed that microgravity impacts significantly the musculoskeletal system …

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Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics is an interdisciplinary journal exploring new ideas in continuum and quasi-continuum modeling of systems with a large number of degrees of freedom and sufficient complexity to require thermodynamic closure.

Major emphasis is placed on papers seeking to bridge the gap between discrete and continuum approaches as well as micro and macro scales, by means of homogenization, statistical averaging, and other mathematical tools aimed at the judicial elimination of small time and length scales. In particular, the journal focuses on simultaneous descriptions of complex systems at several disparate scales. Papers presenting and explaining new experimental findings are highly encouraged. Lastly, the journal publishes numerical studies that build our understanding of the physical nature of phenomena.

In addition to research papers, the journal features invited review articles, short communications, and "comment-and-reply" on published papers.

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