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The book entails investigative methods for better understanding of the degradation process and uses of high performance paints formulation and also compares them on mild steel (MS) and weathering steel (WS) through various AC/DC electrochemical test methods and surface characterization through electron microscopy, XRD and Raman spectroscopy. This book also deals with the corrosion studies undertaken considering three phases (solid, liquid and gas) with latest techniques and the emphasis has also been given on degradation of materials due to atmospheric corrosion as this is of immense interest to present engineers and researchers.

MS has got versatile application as structural steel for construction of buildings, bridges, flyovers, pipelines etc. But this is very much prone to corrosion in industrial and marine environments in presence of harmful pollutants and other industrial effluents in addition to normal humid atmosphere. These corrosion problems are much severe in a tropical country like India with vast coastline. MS corrodes relatively faster and thus leads to colossal loss in every year and to reduce this loss some kind of protection in the form of paints and coatings is always used. Painting is an effective means but quite costly amounting 10-15% of the initial construction cost of superstructures besides cost of repainting at regular interval.



Chapter 1. Theoretical Evidences

Iron, in its various forms, when exposed to the different facets of environment it tends to be highly reactive owing to its natural tendency to form iron oxide. This degradation of iron is known as corrosion, more particularly rusting, when oxidation occurs in presence of moisture. However, if a thin film of iron oxide develops on its surface which is impervious and tenacious, it protects iron from further oxidation loss and it is called protective oxide film. This spontaneous formation of protective oxides which forms only on certain type of alloy steels is known as passivation. This hard nonreactive surface film (1–4 nm) inhibits further corrosion.
Jayanta Kumar Saha

Chapter 2. Practical Approach

To study atmospheric corrosion, different types of structural steels were used both in uncoated and coated conditions. Some steels provide excellent corrosion protection against certain atmospheric conditions in uncoated state, but most steels are coated with paints to serve the same purpose. High performance organic coatings were used for barrier protection.
Jayanta Kumar Saha

Chapter 3. Experimental Evidence

Both field exposed bare and coated panels are withdrawn at definite interval for conducting few confirmatory tests. To evaluate correlation, accelerated laboratory tests are conducted on unexposed bare and coated panels. The tests are AC/DC impedance, EIS, SEM and XRD, Raman spectroscopy, salt spray, and humidity tests.
Jayanta Kumar Saha

Chapter 4. Field Exposure Test

Both uncoated and coated exposed panels were taken out after 18 m of exposure from sites. No appreciable changes were noted for coated panels exposed at all the sites. However, for coated and scribed panels a light attack of rust was visible along scribed lines. Rust product developed at all sites was brownish, loosely bound on MS and adherent brownish black on WS (Table 3.1). Uncoated panels had different pitting attack and WS exhibited less pitting marks than MS. The variation of pitting densities and distribution at different sites depended on the material and the environment prevalent at the site.
Jayanta Kumar Saha


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