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Cryptography and Communications

Discrete Structures, Boolean Functions and Sequences

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22.10.2021 Open Access

Invariants for EA- and CCZ-equivalence of APN and AB functions

An (n,m)-function is a mapping from F 2 n ${\mathbb {F}_{2}^{n}}$ to F 2 m ${\mathbb {F}_{2}^{m}}$ . Such functions have numerous applications across mathematics and computer science, and in particular are used as building blocks of block ciphers …


The Hermitian dual-containing LCD BCH codes and related quantum codes

Let q be a prime power. In this paper, we investigate the maximum designed distances of LCD BCH codes over F q 2 $\mathbb {F}_{q^{2}}$ such that they contain their Hermitian dual codes, and also calculate their dimensions. As an application, we …


Repeated root cyclic codes over and their Lee distances

In this paper we have studied repeated root cyclic codes of length pk over R = ℤ p 2 + u ℤ p 2 $R=\mathbb {Z}_{p^{2}}+u\mathbb {Z}_{p^{2}}$ , u2 = 0, where p is a prime and k is a positive integer. We have determined a unique set of generators for …


Resolvable block designs in construction of approximate real MUBs that are sparse

Several constructions of Mutually Unbiased Bases (MUBs) borrow tools from combinatorial objects. In this paper we focus on how one can construct Approximate Real MUBs (ARMUBs) with improved parameters using results from the domain of Resolvable …

12.09.2021 Open Access

Attacking the linear congruential generator on elliptic curves via lattice techniques

In this paper we study the linear congruential generator on elliptic curves from the cryptographic point of view. We show that if sufficiently many of the most significant bits of the composer and of three consecutive values of the sequence are …

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Cryptography and Communications Discrete Structures, Boolean Functions and Sequences (CCDS) publishes high-quality papers discussing cryptography, error correcting codes, communications and their interactions. The journal provides a forum for the research communities of these domains, and covers all the fundamental and computational aspects of these fields.

The journal publishes both theoretical and applied papers, with an emphasis on supporting applications. Applications include channel coding; wireless communications, including mobile phones and satellite communications; security of the internet; banking transfer security; e-commerce and embedded security devices.

The central topics of the journal include discrete structures used in stream and block ciphers in symmetric cryptography; code division multiple access in communications; and random number generation for statistics, cryptography and numerical methods.

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