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Includes specially selected articles that previously appeared in The Chemical Intelligencer magazine published (1995-2000). Excerpts of these Editor's choice chapters chronicle the culture and history of chemistry, featuring great chemists and discoverers. Contributors from among the best-known authors of the chemistry community, including numerous Nobel laureates. Features behind the scenes stories about pivotal discoveries, intricacies of laboratory life and interactions among scientists, favorite recipes of renowned researchers, life histories and anecdotes. Chapters detail the human side of science but also present scientific information communicated in an easy-to-perceive and entertaining way. This unique book is not only aimed at chemists but individuals who are interested in the cultural aspects of our science.





Kurt Mislow

István Hargittai

Deeds and Dreams of Eugene Garfield

István Hargittai



The Naming of Buckminsterfullerene

E. J. Applewhite

Peace Through Chemistry

István Hargittai

Food for Thought

Alan L. Mackay

Hans Hellmann of the Hellmann–Feynman Theorem

Michail A. Kovner

The Difference Between Art and Science

Roald Hoffmann

A Memory of Dorothy Hodgkin

Sir John Cornforth

What Did Carl Wilhelm Scheele Look Like?

Torvard C. Laurent

Insider Trading

Michael Lederer

The Pursuit of Happiness

Liberty Medal Address, City of Philadelphia, 4 July 2000
James D. Watson

Beautiful Molecules



Donald J. Cram

Chemical Tourist


System of Elements in Anagni

István Hargittai, Aldo Domenicano

The Snub Cube in the Glanville Courtyard of the Beckman Institute

at the California Institute of Technology
William P. Schaefer

Rising to New Heights

Balázs Hargittai, István Hargittai

Cooking Chemist


Soufflés, Choux Pastry Puffs, Quenelles, and Popovers

Nicholas Kurti, Hervé This-Benckhard

The Chemistry of Good Taste

Anthony Blake

Can a Cooked Egg White Be “Uncooked”?

Hervé This-Benckhard

Favorite Recipes

Marye Anne Fox, Guy Ourisson, Sir John Cornforth

A Chemist’s Photo Album


Henry Eyring and Morris S. Kharasch

John D. Roberts

Encounters with Chemistry


Charles Darwin

William B. Jensen

Book Reviews


Stalin’s Captive: Nikolaus Riehl and the Soviet Race for the Bomb; Operation Epsilon: The Farm Hall Transcripts; Hitler’s Uranium Club: The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall

Arnold Kramish

Force of Nature: The Life of Linus Pauling; Linus Pauling in His Own Words

Zelek S. Herman

Strange Brains and Genius: The Secret Lives of Eccentric Scientists and Madmen

Walter Gratzer

Der Rücktritt Richard Willstätters 1924/25 und seine Hintergründe. Ein Münchener Universitätsskandal?

H. Steffen Peiser

Stamp Corner


Honoring Loschmidt

Alfred Bader

Russian Crystallography

István Hargittai



Training of a Molecular Scientist, East and West

Kozo Kuchitsu

The Lab

Alan L. Mackay

When Resonance Made Waves

István Hargittai

Wit and Wisdom of Albert Szent-Györgyi: A Recollection

Irving M. Klotz

Gilbert Newton Lewis

Some Personal Recollections of a Chemical Giant
Glenn T. Seaborg

Molecular Craftwork with DNA

Nadrian C. Seeman

Water, Superwaters, and Polywater

Irving M. Klotz

The Discovery of the Alpha Helix

Linus Pauling

Quadruple Metal-Metal Bond: History and Outlook

P. A. Koz’min

The Quadruple Bond in Historical Perspective

F. A. Cotton

Opprobrium: Occurrence, Preparation, Properties, and Uses

Derek A. Davenport

The Surprising Periodic Table: Ten Remarkable Facts

Dennis H. Rouvray

The Afterlife of George C. Pimentel

Jeanne (Mrs. George) Pimentel

Reading Between the Lines

Scientific papers are not always as objective as their authors suppose
Hugh Aldersey-Williams

Captain Nemo’s Battery: Chemistry and the Science Fiction of Jules Verne

William B. Jensen

Across Two Oceans onto the Reef—The Genesis of Marine Natural Products

A Personal Account
Paul J. Scheuer

The “Wall of Fame” in the Chemistry Department at the Technion, Haifa

Mordecai B. Rubin

146 Semesters of Chemistry Studies

In Memory of Vladimir Prelog (1906–1998)
Kurt Mislow

A Ceramist’s View of Chemistry in Art

Jane W. Larson

Chaim Weizmann

Hugh Aldersey-Williams

Gibbs and Amistad

Bart Kahr

Proteins Versus Polymers: History Needs Revising

Charles Tanford, Jacqueline Reynolds

Ubiquitous Cyclodextrins

József Szejtli

Of Sandwiches and Nobel Prizes: Robert Burns Woodward

Thomas M. Zydowsky

Aleksandr N. Nesmeyanov

“There are instances when an outstanding scientist is also a brilliant organizer of collective research work,” Nobel laureate Peter L. Kapitsa said. Aleksandr N. Nesmeyanov was such a scientist.
Emiliya G. Perevalova

Moses Gomberg and the Nobel Prize

Lennart Eberson

Molecular Biology and Peterhouse

John Meurig Thomas

Van ’t Hoff and the Scientific Imagination

Keith J. Laidler


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