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Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports

Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports OnlineFirst articles

22.04.2019 | Energy Storage (M Kintner-Meyer, Section Editor) Open Access

A Review of State-Level Policies on Electrical Energy Storage

Two defining characteristics of energy storage are its flexibility and scalability. Energy storage devices can respond instantly to grid changes and can be sized to provide services behind the customer’s meter, at the distribution system, or at …

04.04.2019 | Energy Markets (R Sioshansi and A Mousavian, Section Editors)

Uncertainty Modeling of Distributed Energy Resources: Techniques and Challenges

High penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs) is driving current distribution systems towards smart next-generation systems [ 1 ]. DERs are defined as small power sources on the distribution systems that produce electricity and are not …

03.04.2019 | Regional Renewable Energy – Africa (D Arent and N Lee, Section Editors)

Opportunities, Barriers and Issues with Renewable Energy Development in Africa: a Comprehensible Review

Access to electricity, the most convenient form and a major source of modern energy, positively contributes to capital and labour productivity, promotes communication and export potentials of countries and creates employment. Modern energy access …

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Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports focuses on the latest advances in energy, offering expert reviews on current research on sustainable and renewable fuels, the transportation sector, the power sector, the environment, energy-water nexus, energy-food-agriculture; waste streams and urban planning.

Articles cover a range of established and emerging opportunities for energy management. Expert contributors present timely research, assess the efficacy of available options and discuss special considerations.

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