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Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports

Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports OnlineFirst articles

30.10.2017 | Environmental Issues in Oil and Gas Production (D Sundararajan, Section Editor) Open Access

An Inventory and Engineering Assessment of Flared Gas and Liquid Waste Streams From Hydraulic Fracturing in the USA

The USA has seen significant increases to its domestic oil and natural gas production since 2008 due in large part to the rise in hydraulic fracturing (HF) and horizontal drilling activity [ 1 ]. Improvements in these unconventional well completion …

26.10.2017 | Environmental Issues in Oil and Gas Production (D Sundararajan, Section Editor)

Current Water Management Practices, Challenges, and Innovations for US Unconventional Oil and Gas Development

Water management (e.g., storage, transportation, treatment, and disposal) plays a critical role in unconventional oil and gas production. By some estimates, water management can account for close to half of the operating expenses for a shale …

10.08.2017 | Energy Storage (M Kintner-Meyer, Section Editor)

Overview of Lithium-Ion Grid-Scale Energy Storage Systems

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE) energy storage database [ 1 ], electrochemical energy storage capacity is growing exponentially as more projects are being built around the world. The total capacity in 2010 was of 0.2 GW and reached …

09.08.2017 | Energy Policy (P Jaramillo, Section Editor)

Toward Deep-Decarbonization: an Energy-Service System Framework

Despite contemporary efforts to mitigate risks posed by global climate change, emissions of anthropogenic greenhouse gases have reached their highest levels in recorded history and show no immediate indication of slowing down on a global scale [ 1 …

31.07.2017 | Energy Storage (M Kintner-Meyer, Section Editor)

Open Communication Standards for Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources

Networking protocols and specifications have, since the 1970’s, referenced system architectures conceived as open systems of component layers communicating over open standards . The layers can be thought of as the level playing fields on which …

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Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports focuses on the latest advances in energy, offering expert reviews on current research on sustainable and renewable fuels, the transportation sector, the power sector, the environment, energy-water nexus, energy-food-agriculture; waste streams and urban planning.

Articles cover a range of established and emerging opportunities for energy management. Expert contributors present timely research, assess the efficacy of available options and discuss special considerations.

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