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Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports

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30.04.2020 | Bioconversion (S Brar and G Kaur, Section Editors)

Value Addition of Anaerobic Digestate From Biowaste: Thinking Beyond Agriculture

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is an established technology which involves the degradation of organic matter by action of microorganisms in the absence of oxygen to produce methane-rich biogas. It is an effective and environment-friendly process that …

27.04.2020 | Sustainable and Renewable Energy (SE Hosseini, Section Editor)

A Review on Water-Energy-Greenhouse Gas Nexus of the Bioenergy Supply and Production System

According to estimations indicated by [ 1 ], by 2050, 50% of the populations in most developing countries will be living in urban areas. Such a condition, together with the economic developments at a global level, will exert an intolerable pressure …

22.04.2020 | Bioconversion (SK Brar and G Kaur, Section Editors)

Industrial Biocatalysis: an Insight into Trends and Future Directions

Use of biocatalysts in industrial bioprocesses like pharmaceuticals, intermediates, bioremediations, agrochemicals, drug products, etc. are common nowadays and is expanding at a faster rate than ever (Figs. 1 and 2 ). A reason for this can be …

22.04.2020 | Bioconversion (SK Brar and G Kaur, Section Editors)

Technological Challenges in Enzymatically Produced Functional Foods

Biocatalysis involves all the chemical reactions catalyzed by biological catalysts including a cascade of reactions for the transformation of chemical substrates to product molecule. For the last few decades, the increasing consumers’ demands for …

13.04.2020 | Bioconversion (S Brar and G Kaur, Section Editors)

Trends in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fixation by Microbial Cultivations

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are found to be oscillating between 200 and 280 ppm for over 420,000 years which rose rapidly in the post-industrialization era [ 1 ]. The current levels of CO 2 emissions are around 400 ppm as observed from …

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Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports focuses on the latest advances in energy, offering expert reviews on current research on sustainable and renewable fuels, the transportation sector, the power sector, the environment, energy-water nexus, energy-food-agriculture; waste streams and urban planning.

Articles cover a range of established and emerging opportunities for energy management. Expert contributors present timely research, assess the efficacy of available options and discuss special considerations.

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