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03.06.2020 | Review Article

Technology-Augmented Choice: How Digital Innovations Are Transforming Consumer Decision Processes

This paper provides an overview of recent research that explores how digital technologies such as mobile devices, wearables, voice technology, and recommendation agents are transforming consumer decision-making. We advance a conceptual model of …

02.05.2020 | Research Article

The Impact of Gray Markets on Product Quality and Profitability

Gray markets, the selling of genuine products via unauthorized channels, have grown in importance for both manufacturers and retailers and have thus been studied extensively since the 1980s. Recently, consumers have shown a greater willingness to …

21.04.2020 | Research Article

Consumer Choice and Multi-Store Shopping: an Empirical Investigation

The effectiveness of category pricing and promotions on store choice has been studied in prior literature. Although in theory all category promotions should attract consumers from competing stores, empirical support for this claim has been mixed.

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Published in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Innovation and Growth (iSIG), Fudan University School of Management.

Customer Needs and Solutions (CNS) aims to be the premium outlet for scholarly work on critical issues related to customer needs (broadly defined to include the needs of both consumers and business customers) and solutions that address such needs. The objective and style of the journal are similar to Science and Nature, and contains three different types of content.

Type 1. Research Papers. Conditional on the obligatory academic rigor, the journal seeks work with high upside potential for impact, and is willing to take certain risks in publishing it. The journal has adopted several unique ways to increase efficiency and democracy in the review process. Papers will be published in a timely manner and in a variety of formats (i.e., paper, online, PowerPoint, video) to reflect the changing landscape of publishing and how people currently assimilate knowledge.

Type 2. Perspectives. This section contains invited (non-peer reviewed) articles, and aims to serve two purposes. First, it provides a conduit for communication between academics and stakeholders (i.e., business practitioners, policy makers, NGOs, etc.). Second, it provides a venue for thought leaders and experts to share their opinions.

Type 3. Unsolved Problems and Call for Solutions. This section publishes unsolved problems that are important and related to topics covered by the journal. The goal is to help shape the research agenda and to be proactive in encouraging certain research. Unsolved problems (with data necessary to potentially solve a problem, where appropriate) can be submitted by anyone for peer review. We publish the most important unsolved problems, and extend invitations for papers that can provide satisfactory solutions to these problems.

In addition, the journal adopts specific measures to disseminate content, increase citations of papers published in the journal, encourage follow-up work, and facilitate the adoption of new knowledge by stakeholders.

Please read the corresponding document for each type of content before you submit your manuscript.

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