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Cybernetics and Systems Analysis

Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 2/2018

Ausgabe 2/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 18 Artikel )

29.03.2018 | CYBERNETICS | Ausgabe 2/2018

Structurally Determined Inequality Constraints on Correlations in the Cycle of Linear Dependencies

O. S. Balabanov

29.03.2018 | SYSTEMS ANALYSIS | Ausgabe 2/2018

Representing Weighted Pseudoinverse Matrices with Mixed Weights in Terms of Other Pseudoinverses

E. F. Galba, N. A. Vareniuk

03.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Numerical Simulation of Fractional-Differential Filtration-Consolidation Dynamics Within the Framework of Models with Non-Singular Kernel

V. M. Bulavatsky, V. O. Bohaienko

29.03.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Asymptotic Dissipativity of Random Processes with Impulse Perturbation in the Poisson Approximation Scheme*

I. V. Samoilenko, Y. M. Chabanyuk, A. V. Nikitin

29.03.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Dynamic Risk Control in Multidimensional Markov Models

O. A. Voina, A. O. Voyna

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Combinatorial Configurations in Balance Layout Optimization Problems

I. V. Grebennik, A. A. Kovalenko, T. E. Romanova, I. A. Urniaieva, S. B. Shekhovtsov

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Three-Dimensional Integral Mathematical Models of the Dynamics of Thick Elastic Plates

V. A. Stoyan

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

On the Continuous Dependence of Non-Ruin Probability on Claim Distribution Function in the Classical Risk Model

V. O. Boldyreva, G. M. Shevchenko

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Optimal Placement of Multi-Sensor System for Threat Detection

S. V. Pashko

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Deflationary Regulation of Market Equilibrium

B. B. Dunaev, L. V. Kirilenko

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Recurrence Relations for Multichannel Queueing Systems with Second-Order Erlangian Service Times

Yu. V. Zhernovyi, K. Yu. Zhernovyi

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Stochastic m-Point Cauchy Problem for Parabolic Equation with Semi-Wiener Perturbations

G. M. Perun, V. K. Yasinsky

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

A System Approach to Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Geomigration Processes Using Freefem++ and Parallelization of Computations

V. A. Herus, N. V. Ivanchuk, P. M. Martyniuk

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

On (a, d )-Distance Anti-Magic and 1-Vertex Bimagic Vertex Labelings of Certain Types of Graphs

M. F. Semeniuta

05.04.2018 | SOFTWARE–HARDWARE SYSTEMS | Ausgabe 2/2018

Approach to Classifying the State of a Network Based on Statistical Parameters for Detecting Anomalies in the Information Structure of a Computing System

I. Ruban, V. Martovytskyi, N. Lukova-Chuiko


Partitioning a Set of Vectors with Nonnegative Integer Coordinates Using Logical Hardware

S. L. Kryvyi, V. M. Opanasenko

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Index Structures for Fast Similarity Search for Real Vectors. II*

D. A. Rachkovskij

05.04.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

A Method for Operational Diagnosis of Data Represented in a Residue Number System

V. A. Krasnobayev, S. A. Koshman

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