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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 2/1999

Ausgabe 2/1999

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 4 Artikel )

01.06.1999 | Ausgabe 2/1999

A Survey of Methods for Scaling Up Inductive Algorithms

Foster Provost, Venkateswarlu Kolluri

01.06.1999 | Ausgabe 2/1999

A Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Self-Organizing Maps with Applications to Sparse Data Mining Problems

R.D. Lawrence, G.S. Almasi, H.E. Rushmeier

01.06.1999 | Ausgabe 2/1999

Partitioning Nominal Attributes in Decision Trees

Don Coppersmith, Se June Hong, Jonathan R.M. Hosking

01.06.1999 | Ausgabe 2/1999

CHAMP: A Prototype for Automated Cellular Churn Prediction

Brij Masand, Piew Datta, D.R. Mani, Bin Li

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