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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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03.08.2020 Open Access

Simple and effective neural-free soft-cluster embeddings for item cold-start recommendations

Recommender systems are widely used in online platforms for easy exploration of personalized content. The best available recommendation algorithms are based on using the observed preference information among collaborating entities. A significant …


MIDIA: exploring denoising autoencoders for missing data imputation

Due to the ubiquitous presence of missing values (MVs) in real-world datasets, the MV imputation problem, aiming to recover MVs, is an important and fundamental data preprocessing step for various data analytics and mining tasks to effectively …


Deep soccer analytics: learning an action-value function for evaluating soccer players

Given the large pitch, numerous players, limited player turnovers, and sparse scoring, soccer is arguably the most challenging to analyze of all the major team sports. In this work, we develop a new approach to evaluating all types of soccer …


Active learning for hierarchical multi-label classification

Due to technological advances, a massive amount of data is produced daily, presenting challenges for application areas where data needs to be labelled by a domain specialist or by expensive procedures, in order to be useful for supervised machine …


ROCKET: exceptionally fast and accurate time series classification using random convolutional kernels

Most methods for time series classification that attain state-of-the-art accuracy have high computational complexity, requiring significant training time even for smaller datasets, and are intractable for larger datasets. Additionally, many …

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