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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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Estimating sequence similarity from read sets for clustering next-generation sequencing data

Computing mutual similarity of biological sequences such as DNA molecules is essential for significant biological tasks such as hierarchical clustering of genomes. Current sequencing technologies do not provide the content of entire biological …


Exact variable-length anomaly detection algorithm for univariate and multivariate time series

The problem of anomaly detection in time series has received a lot of attention in the past two decades. However, existing techniques cannot locate where the anomalies are within anomalous time series, or they require users to provide the length …


Extreme-value-theoretic estimation of local intrinsic dimensionality

This paper is concerned with the estimation of a local measure of intrinsic dimensionality (ID) recently proposed by Houle. The local model can be regarded as an extension of Karger and Ruhl’s expansion dimension to a statistical setting in which …


Unsupervised meta-path selection for text similarity measure based on heterogeneous information networks

Heterogeneous information network (HIN) is a general representation of many different applications, such as social networks, scholar networks, and knowledge networks. A key development of HIN is called PathSim based on meta-path, which measures …


A kernel-based trend pattern tracking system for portfolio optimization

We propose a novel kernel-based trend pattern tracking (KTPT) system for portfolio optimization. It includes a three-state price prediction scheme, which extracts both of the following and reverting patterns from the asset price trend to make …

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The premier technical publication in the field, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery is a resource collecting relevant common methods and techniques and a forum for unifying the diverse constituent research communities.

The journal publishes original technical papers in both the research and practice of data mining and knowledge discovery, surveys and tutorials of important areas and techniques, and detailed descriptions of significant applications.

Coverage includes:

- Theory and Foundational Issues

- Data Mining Methods

- Algorithms for Data Mining

- Knowledge Discovery Process

- Application Issues.

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Product Lifecycle Management im Konzernumfeld – Herausforderungen, Lösungsansätze und Handlungsempfehlungen

Für produzierende Unternehmen hat sich Product Lifecycle Management in den letzten Jahrzehnten in wachsendem Maße zu einem strategisch wichtigen Ansatz entwickelt. Forciert durch steigende Effektivitäts- und Effizienzanforderungen stellen viele Unternehmen ihre Product Lifecycle Management-Prozesse und -Informationssysteme auf den Prüfstand. Der vorliegende Beitrag beschreibt entlang eines etablierten Analyseframeworks Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze im Product Lifecycle Management im Konzernumfeld.
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