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02.06.2020 Open Access

Semi-supervised Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Seagrass Detection Using Multispectral Images in Coastal Areas

Seagrass form the basis for critically important marine ecosystems. Previously, we implemented a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) model to detect seagrass in multispectral satellite images of three coastal habitats in northern Florida.

25.05.2020 Open Access

Transfer Metric Learning for Unseen Domains

We propose a transfer metric learning method to infer domain-specific data embeddings for unseen domains, from which no data are given in the training phase, by using knowledge transferred from related domains. When training and test distributions …

23.05.2020 Open Access

What is the Value of Experimentation and Measurement?

Quantifying the Value and Risk of Reducing Uncertainty to Make Better Decisions

Experimentation and Measurement (E&M) capabilities allow organizations to accurately assess the impact of new propositions and to experiment with many variants of existing products. However, until now, the question of measuring the measurer, or …

20.05.2020 Open Access

Contextual Sentiment Neural Network for Document Sentiment Analysis

Although deep neural networks are excellent for text sentiment analysis, their applications in real-world practice are occasionally limited owing to their black-box property. In this study, we propose a novel neural network model called contextual …

20.05.2020 | Preface Open Access


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