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Autonomous Robots

Ausgabe 5/2023

Special Issue on Robotics: Science and Systems 2021

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M. Ani Hsieh, Dylan A. Shell

Multimodal embodied attribute learning by robots for object-centric action policies

Xiaohan Zhang, Saeid Amiri, Jivko Sinapov, Jesse Thomason, Peter Stone, Shiqi Zhang

DiSECt: a differentiable simulator for parameter inference and control in robotic cutting

Eric Heiden, Miles Macklin, Yashraj Narang, Dieter Fox, Animesh Garg, Fabio Ramos

Co-design of communication and machine inference for cloud robotics

Manabu Nakanoya, Sai Shankar Narasimhan, Sharachchandra Bhat, Alexandros Anemogiannis, Akul Datta, Sachin Katti, Sandeep Chinchali, Marco Pavone

Open Access

Point-based metric and topological localisation between lidar and overhead imagery

Tim Yuqing Tang, Daniele De Martini, Paul Newman

Open Access S.I. : RSS 2021

An empowerment-based solution to robotic manipulation tasks with sparse rewards

Siyu Dai, Wei Xu, Andreas Hofmann, Brian Williams

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