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Ethics and Information Technology

Ausgabe 1/2022

Inhalt (16 Artikel)

Open Access Original Paper

Weapons of moral construction? On the value of fairness in algorithmic decision-making

Benedetta Giovanola, Simona Tiribelli

Open Access Original Paper

Trust in medical artificial intelligence: a discretionary account

Philip J. Nickel

Open Access Original Paper

Instilling moral value alignment by means of multi-objective reinforcement learning

Manel Rodriguez-Soto, Marc Serramia, Maite Lopez-Sanchez, Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar

Open Access Original Paper

A Capability Approach to worker dignity under Algorithmic Management

Laura Lamers, Jeroen Meijerink, Giedo Jansen, Mieke Boon

Open Access Original Paper

Ethical responsibility and computational design: bespoke surgical tools as an instructive case study

David M. Douglas, Justine Lacey, David Howard

Open Access Original Paper

Ethical implications of fairness interventions: what might be hidden behind engineering choices?

Andrea Aler Tubella, Flavia Barsotti, Rüya Gökhan Koçer, Julian Alfredo Mendez

Open Access Original Paper

Explanatory pragmatism: a context-sensitive framework for explainable medical AI

Rune Nyrup, Diana Robinson

Original Paper

The Bitcoin protocol as a system of power

Efpraxia D. Zamani

Open Access Original Paper

Positive risk balance: a comprehensive framework to ensure vehicle safety

Nina Kauffmann, Felix Fahrenkrog, Ludwig Drees, Florian Raisch