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Ethics and Information Technology

Ausgabe 1/2023

Inhalt (23 Artikel)


Correction to: the Ethics of AI in Human Resources

Matthew J Dennis, Evgeni Aizenberg

Original Paper

Design for values and conceptual engineering

Herman Veluwenkamp, Jeroen van den Hoven

Original Paper

Prospects for the global governance of autonomous weapons: comparing Chinese, Russian, and US practices

Ingvild Bode, Hendrik Huelss, Anna Nadibaidze, Guangyu Qiao-Franco, Tom F.A. Watts

Open Access Original Paper

Legal reviews of in situ learning in autonomous weapons

Tim McFarland, Zena Assaad

Open Access Original Paper

Who is controlling whom? Reframing “meaningful human control” of AI systems in security

Markus Christen, Thomas Burri, Serhiy Kandul, Pascal Vörös

Open Access Original Paper

Value Sensitive Design for autonomous weapon systems – a primer

Christine Boshuijzen-van Burken

Open Access Original Paper

Artificial intelligence and humanitarian obligations

Daniel Trusilo, David Danks

Open Access Original Paper

The irresponsibility of not using AI in the military

H. W. Meerveld, R. H. A. Lindelauf, E. O. Postma, M. Postma

Open Access Original Paper

Model of a military autonomous device following International Humanitarian Law

Tomasz Zurek, Jonathan Kwik, Tom van Engers

Original Paper

Role of emotions in responsible military AI

Jurriaan van Diggelen, Jason S. Metcalfe, Karel van den Bosch, Mark Neerincx, José Kerstholt

Original Paper

The value of responsibility gaps in algorithmic decision-making

Lauritz Munch, Jakob Mainz, Jens Christian Bjerring