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Ethics and Information Technology

Ausgabe 2/2022

Inhalt (7 Artikel)

Original Paper

The video gamer’s dilemmas

Rami Ali

Open Access Original Paper

Reflection machines: increasing meaningful human control over Decision Support Systems

N. A. J. Cornelissen, R. J. M. van Eerdt, H. K. Schraffenberger, W. F. G. Haselager

Open Access Original Paper

Relative explainability and double standards in medical decision-making

Hendrik Kempt, Jan-Christoph Heilinger, Saskia K. Nagel

Open Access Original Paper

Epistemo-ethical constraints on AI-human decision making for diagnostic purposes

Dina Babushkina, Athanasios Votsis

Open Access Original Paper

Putting explainable AI in context: institutional explanations for medical AI

Mark Theunissen, Jacob Browning