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Ethics and Information Technology

Ausgabe 4/2022

Inhalt (11 Artikel)


The ethics and epistemology of explanatory AI in medicine and healthcare

Juan M Durán, Martin Sand, Karin Jongsma

Open Access Original Paper

Enforcing ethical goals over reinforcement-learning policies

Emery A. Neufeld, Ezio Bartocci, Agata Ciabattoni, Guido Governatori

Original Paper

A framework for the application of socio-technical design methodology

Adnan Ahmad, Brian Whitworth, Elisa Bertino

Open Access Original Paper

Extended loneliness. When hyperconnectivity makes us feel alone

Laura Candiotto

Open Access Original Paper

Automating anticorruption?

Emanuela Ceva, María Carolina Jiménez

Open Access Original Paper

Reasons for Meaningful Human Control

Herman Veluwenkamp