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Journal of Electronic Testing

Ausgabe 1/2023

Inhalt (12 Artikel)


Vishwani D. Agrawal

Network-on-Chip and Photonic Network-on-Chip Basic Concepts: A Survey

Bahareh Asadi, Syed Maqsood Zia, Hamza Mohammed Ridha Al-Khafaji, Asghar Mohamadian

Open Access

Identifying Resistive Open Defects in Embedded Cells under Variations

Zahra Paria Najafi-Haghi, Hans-Joachim Wunderlich

Refined Self-calibration of an Inductorless Low-noise Amplifier with Non-intrusive Circuit

Wenrun Xiao, Jidong Diao, Yanping Qiao, Xianming Liu, Shan He, Donghui Guo

A Weighted-Bin Difference Method for Issue Site Identification in Analog and Mixed-Signal Multi-Site Testing

Isaac Bruce, Praise O. Farayola, Shravan K. Chaganti, Abalhassan Sheikh, Srivaths Ravi, Degang Chen

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