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Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

Ausgabe 1/2023

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JIRS Editorial, September 2023

Kimon P. Valavanis

Review Paper

Wearable Extra Robotic Limbs: A Systematic Review of Current Progress and Future Prospects

Hui-Bin Li, Zhong Li, Long He, Xiao-Rong Guan

Regular paper

Development of the Kinematic Adjustable Humanoid Platform and its Driving Capability

Sam Wong, Mark Markiewicz, Stefan Keilich, Akin Tatoglu, Kiwon Sohn

Open Access Regular paper

Asymmetric Bipartite Consensus of Nonlinear Agents with Communication Noise

Sabyasachi Mondal, Antonios Tsourdos

Regular paper

Global Redundancy Optimization of Manipulability for 7-DOFs Anthropomorphic Manipulator Using Joint Monotonicity

Yue Dong, Zhangguo Yu, Xuechao Chen, Fei Meng, Xin Zhu, Pierre Gergondet, Qiang Huang

Regular paper

NAO Robot Learns to Interact with Humans through Imitation Learning from Video Observation

Seyed Adel Alizadeh Kolagar, Alireza Taheri, Ali F. Meghdari

Open Access Regular paper

A Fuzzy Logic Approach of Pareto Optimality for Multi-objective Path Planning in case of Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Charis Ntakolia, Georgios P. Kladis, Dimitrios V. Lyridis

Regular paper

Design and Development of an Adaptive Robotic Gripper

Sainul Islam Ansary, Sankha Deb, Alok Kanti Deb

Regular paper

XnODR and XnIDR: Two Accurate and Fast Fully Connected Layers for Convolutional Neural Networks

Jian Sun, Ali Pourramezan Fard, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Short Paper

Trajectory Optimization for Manipulation Considering Grasp Selection and Adjustment

Jun Shao, Jianfeng Liao, Shiqiang Zhu, Haoyang Zhang, Wei Song

Open Access Regular paper

Deep Reinforcement Learning with Heuristic Corrections for UGV Navigation

Changyun Wei, Yajun Li, Yongping Ouyang, Ze Ji

Short Paper

Numerical Potential Fields Based Multi-stage Path Planning for UTM in Dense Non-segregated Airspace

Sajid Ahamed M A, Satya Prakash K, Shuvrangshu Jana, Debasish Ghose

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