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Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

Ausgabe 3/2023

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JIRS Editorial, November 2023

Kimon P. Valavanis

Open Access Regular paper

Reinforcement Learning With Stereo-View Observation for Robust Electronic Component Robotic Insertion

Grzegorz Bartyzel, Wojciech Półchłopek, Dominik Rzepka

Regular paper

Wrist Vibration Feedback to Improve Operator Awareness in Collaborative Robotics

Valeria Villani, Gianmarco Fenech, Matteo Fabbricatore, Cristian Secchi

Regular paper

Adaptive Impedance Decentralized Control of Modular Robot Manipulators for Physical Human-robot Interaction

Bo Dong, Yusheng Jing, Xinye Zhu, Yiming Cui, Tianjiao An

Regular paper

Hybrid Calibration of Industrial Robot Considering Payload Variation

Maxime Selingue, Adel Olabi, Stéphane Thiery, Richard Béarée

Regular paper

A Complete Analytical Solution to Hand-Eye Calibration Using Quaternions and Eigenvector-Eigenvalue Identity

Yue Wang, Huajian Song, Yingxue Du, Jianlong Qiu, Ancai Zhang

Regular paper

Consensus Formation of Multi-agent Systems with Obstacle Avoidance based on Event-triggered Impulsive Control

Lianghao Ji, Xiaofeng Qu, Chengmei Tang, Shasha Yang, Xing Guo, Huaqing Li

Regular paper

Robotic Grasping of Pillow Spring Based on M-G-YOLOv5s Object Detection Algorithm and Image-Based Visual Serving

Hao Tian, Wenhai Wu, Huanlong Liu, YaDong Liu, Jincheng Zou, Yifei Zhao

Regular paper

Scalable Optimal Formation Path Planning for Multiple Interconnected Robots via Convex Polygon Trees

Wenjie Lu, Hao Xiong, Zhengjie Zhang, Zhezhe Hu, Tianming Wang

Regular paper

Towards Robust Physical Human Robot Interaction by an Adaptive Admittance Controller

Guanghui Liu, Qiang Li, Lijin Fang, Hualiang Zhang

Regular paper

Theory and Application of High-Precision Preoperative Positioning for Cochlear Surgical Robot

Hengjia Liu, Hongjian Yu, Zhijiang Du, Feng Liu, Xuanbo Fan, Lining Sun

Regular paper

Grasp Configuration Synthesis from 3D Point Clouds with Attention Mechanism

Dinh-Cuong Hoang, Anh-Nhat Nguyen, Van-Duc Vu, Duy-Quang Vu, Van-Thiep Nguyen, Thu-Uyen Nguyen, Cong-Trinh Tran, Khanh-Toan Phan, Ngoc-Trung Ho

Open Access Short Paper

Novel Interaction Control in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Treatment Using a Robotic Brace

Farhad Farhadiyadkuri, Xuping Zhang

Review Paper

Recent Developments and Trends in Unconventional UAVs Control: A Review

Saddam Hocine Derrouaoui, Yasser Bouzid, Amina Belmouhoub, Mohamed Guiatni, Houria Siguerdidjane

Regular paper

An Extended HOOFR SLAM Algorithm Using IR-D Sensor Data for Outdoor Autonomous Vehicle Localization

Imad El Bouazzaoui, Mohammed Chghaf, Sergio Rodriguez, Dai Duong Nguyen, Abdelhafid El Ouardi

Open Access Regular paper

Phased Array Radio Navigation System on UAVs: In-Flight Calibration

Mika Okuhara, Torleiv Håland Bryne, Kristoffer Gryte, Tor Arne Johansen

Regular paper

Monocular-Based SLAM for Mobile Robots: Filtering-Optimization Hybrid Approach

Rodrigo Munguia, Juan-Carlos Trujillo, Guillermo Obregón-Pulido, Carlos I. Aldana

Regular paper

Path Planning Method for Mobile Robot Based on a Hybrid Algorithm

Zhaozhen Jiang, Wenlong Wang, Wenqi Sun, Lianglong Da

Open Access Regular paper

Resilient Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Fusing Ultra Wide Band Range Measurements and Visual Odometry

Fabrizio Romanelli, Francesco Martinelli, Simone Mattogno

Open Access Regular paper

A Modified Total Energy Control Scheme for Unmanned Aircraft

Peter Bauer

Open Access Short Paper

Depth-based Sampling and Steering Constraints for Memoryless Local Planners

Binh T. Nguyen, Linh Nguyen, Tanveer A. Choudhury, Kathleen Keogh, Manzur Murshed

Short Paper

Fully Onboard Single Pedestrian Tracking on Nano-UAV Platform

Haolin Chen, Ruidong Wu, Wenshuai Lu, Xinglong Ji, Tao Wang, Haolun Ding, Yuxiang Dai, Bing Liu

Open Access Regular paper

Acoustic Stall Detection of Variable Pitch Propeller for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Maciej Podsȩdkowski, Rafał Konopiński, Michał Lipian

Regular paper

DNN Based Ranging in Support of Autonomous Aerial Refueling

Donald Costello III, Levi DeVries, Caleb Mauldin, Benjamin Ross

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