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Multimedia Systems

Ausgabe 2/2023

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Special issue on human-centric intelligent multimedia understanding

Zhenguang Liu, Roger Zimmermann, Li Cheng

Special Issue Paper

Position constrained network for 3D human pose estimation

Xiena Dong, Jun Yu, Jian Zhang

Special Issue Paper

Attribute-aware style adaptation for person re-identification

Xiaofeng Qu, Li Liu, Lei Zhu, Huaxiang Zhang

Open Access Special Issue Paper

Multi-head attention-based two-stream EfficientNet for action recognition

Aihua Zhou, Yujun Ma, Wanting Ji, Ming Zong, Pei Yang, Min Wu, Mingzhe Liu

Special Issue Paper

Perturbation consistency and mutual information regularization for semi-supervised semantic segmentation

Yulin Wu, Chang Liu, Lei Chen, Dong Zhao, Qinghe Zheng, Hongchao Zhou

Special Issue Paper

Asymmetric exponential loss function for crack segmentation

Fan Liu, Junfeng Wang, Delong Chen, Chunmei Shen, Feng Xu

Special Issue Paper

Evil vs evil: using adversarial examples to against backdoor attack in federated learning

Tao Liu, Mingjun Li, Haibin Zheng, Zhaoyan Ming, Jinyin Chen

Special Issue Paper

Improving text-image cross-modal retrieval with contrastive loss

Chumeng Zhang, Yue Yang, Junbo Guo, Guoqing Jin, Dan Song, An An Liu

Special Issue Paper

SMPC: boosting social media popularity prediction with caption

An-An Liu, Xiaowen Wang, Ning Xu, Jing Liu, Yuting Su, Quan Zhang, Shenyuan Zhang, Yejun Tang, Junbo Guo, Guoqing Jin, Xuanya Li

Regular Paper

Local–Global Transformer Neural Network for temporal action segmentation

Xiaoyan Tian, Ye Jin, Xianglong Tang

Regular Paper

Face swapping detection based on identity spatial constraints with weighted frequency division

Zupeng Ai, Chengwei Peng, Jun Jiang, Zekun Li, Bing Li

Regular Paper

User authentication method based on keystroke dynamics and mouse dynamics using HDA

Yutong Shi, Xiujuan Wang, Kangfeng Zheng, Siwei Cao

Regular Paper

Semantic embedding: scene image classification using scene-specific objects

Mohammad Javad Parseh, Mohammad Rahmanimanesh, Parviz Keshavarzi, Zohreh Azimifar

Regular Paper

Bias oriented unbiased data augmentation for cross-bias representation learning

Lei Li, Fan Tang, Juan Cao, Xirong Li, Danding Wang

Regular Paper

Learning effective embedding for automated COVID-19 prediction from chest X-ray images

Sree Ganesh T N, Rishi Satish, Rajeswari Sridhar

Regular Paper

Facial age estimation based on asymmetrical label distribution

Jianhui He, Chunlong Hu, Lijuan Wang

Regular Paper

Research on person re-identification based on posture guidance and feature alignment

Jin Che, Yuxia Zhang, Qi Yang, Yuting He

Regular Paper

Layer-fusion for online mutual knowledge distillation

Gan Hu, Yanli Ji, Xingzhu Liang, Yuexing Han

Regular Paper

Multi-operator image retargeting with visual quality preservation of salient regions

Zhenhua Tang, Jiemei Yao, Qian Zhang, Yuanting Luo

Regular Paper

Authenticable medical image-sharing scheme based on embedded small shadow QR code and blockchain framework

Wenying Wen, Yunpeng Jian, Yuming Fang, Yushu Zhang, Baolin Qiu

Regular Paper

Multimodal metadata assignment for cultural heritage artifacts

Luis Rei, Dunja Mladenic, Mareike Dorozynski, Franz Rottensteiner, Thomas Schleider, Raphaël Troncy, Jorge Sebastián Lozano, Mar Gaitán Salvatella

Regular Paper

CMFCUNet: cascaded multi-scale feature calibration UNet for pancreas segmentation

Chengjian Qiu, Yuqing Song, Zhe Liu, Jing Yin, Kai Han, Yi Liu

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