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Wood Science and Technology

Ausgabe 4/2023

Inhalt (9 Artikel)

Open Access Original

Combined X-ray diffraction tomography imaging of tension and opposite wood tissues in young hybrid aspen saplings

Mira Viljanen, Hanna Help, Heikki Suhonen, Kirsi Svedström

Open Access Original

Swelling of beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.) during gaseous ammonia treatment as a function of pressure

Herwig Hackenberg, Mario Zauer, Tobias Dietrich, André Wagenführ

Open Access Original

Determining the impact of seasoning on the volatile chemical composition of the oak wood of different Sherry Casks® by DTD–GC–MS

María Guerrero-Chanivet, M. Valme García-Moreno, Manuel J. Valcárcel-Muñoz, Dominico A. Guillén-Sánchez


Facile one-step synthesis of cork-derived hierarchical porous carbons with P, N, and O heteroatoms for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes

Lingcong Luo, Qianqian Zhang, Yuling Lan, Jianping Deng, Yang Lin, Guanben Du, Weigang Zhao


3D cellular characterization and finite element analysis of cork compressive behavior based on high-resolution X-ray microtomography

Felipe Luis Palombini, Branca Freitas de Oliveira, Fernanda Mayara Nogueira, Marcos Henrique de Pinho Mauricio, Sidnei Paciornik, Jorge Ernesto de Araujo Mariath

Open Access Original

Thickness of zero-strength layer in timber beam exposed to fuel-controlled parametric fires

Sabina Huč, Tomaž Hozjan, Robert Pečenko

Open Access Original

Boosting enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-pretreated softwood by laccase and endo-β-mannanase enzymes from Streptomyces ipomoeae CECT 3341

María E. Eugenio, Gabriela Domínguez, José M. Molina-Guijarro, Manuel Hernández, María E. Arias, David Ibarra