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An evolutionary model with best response and imitative rules

We formulate an evolutionary oligopoly model where quantity setting players produce following either the static expectation best response or a performance-proportional imitation rule. The choice on how to behave is driven by an evolutionary …


A piecewise linear model of credit traps and credit cycles: a complete characterization

We reconsider a regime-switching model of credit frictions which has been proposed in a general framework by Matsuyama for the case of Cobb–Douglas production functions. This results in a piecewise linear map with two discontinuity points and all …


Global indeterminacy and equilibrium selection in a model with depletion of non-renewable resources

We use the principles of global bifurcation analysis to explore the role of fiscal policy in a model where non-renewable depletion presents stock effects. Initially, we show that fiscal policy may induce the onset of two coexisting steady states …


Reference group influence on binary choices dynamics

The recent literature has analyzed binary choices dynamics providing interesting results. Most of these contributions consider interactions within a single group. Nevertheless, in some situations the interaction takes place not only within a …


Technology choice in an evolutionary oligopoly game

In this paper, we propose and analyze a two-stage oligopoly game in which firms first simultaneously choose production technologies and in the second stage simultaneously choose production quantities. After characterizing the Nash equilibrium of …

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Decisions in Economics and Finance is the official publication of the Association for Mathematics Applied to Social and Economic Sciences (AMASES). The journal provides a specialized forum for the publication of research in all areas of mathematics as applied to economics, finance, insurance, management, and social sciences. Primary emphasis is placed on original research exploring topics in mathematics or computational techniques that are explicitly motivated by or contribute to the analysis of economic or financial problems.

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Voraussetzungen für die wirtschaftliche additive Fertigung

Viele Unternehmen stellen die technische Umsetzbarkeit oder die Wirtschaftlichkeit additiv gefertigter Produkte in Frage und zögern bei der Anwendung. Mit einer neuen Denkweise führt die additive Fertigung jedoch zu höherer Wirtschaftlichkeit und Vorteilen im Wettbewerb, wie Kegelmann Technik in diesem Beitrag beschreibt.
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