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Demography 3/2012

Ausgabe 3/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 18 Artikel )

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Uncrossing the U.S. Black-White Mortality Crossover: The Role of Cohort Forces in Life Course Mortality Risk

Ryan K. Masters

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Estimating Smoking-Attributable Mortality in the United States

Andrew Fenelon, Samuel H. Preston

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

The Significance of Education for Mortality Compression in the United States

Dustin C. Brown, Mark D. Hayward, Jennifer Karas Montez, Robert A. Hummer, Chi-Tsun Chiu, Mira M. Hidajat

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

The Long-Term Effects of Military Conscription on Mortality: Estimates From the Vietnam-Era Draft Lottery

Dalton Conley, Jennifer Heerwig

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Mortality From the Influenza Pandemic of 1918–1919: The Case of India

Siddharth Chandra, Goran Kuljanin, Jennifer Wray

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Educational Assortative Mating and Income Inequality in Denmark

Richard Breen, Signe Hald Andersen

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Temporary Integration, Resilient Inequality: Race and Neighborhood Change in the Transition to Adulthood

Patrick Sharkey

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Childhood Circumstances and the Intergenerational Transmission of Socioeconomic Status

Leandro Carvalho

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Leisure Inequality in the United States: 1965–2003

Almudena Sevilla, Jose I. Gimenez-Nadal, Jonathan Gershuny

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Marital Fertility Decline in the Netherlands: Child Mortality, Real Wages, and Unemployment, 1860–1939

Jona Schellekens, Frans van Poppel

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Trends in Self-reported Spontaneous Abortions: 1970–2000

Kevin Lang, Ana Nuevo-Chiquero

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

The Impact of HIV Testing on Subjective Expectations and Risky Behavior in Malawi

Adeline Delavande, Hans-Peter Kohler

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Statistical Security for Social Security

Samir Soneji, Gary King

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Interstate Migration Has Fallen Less Than You Think: Consequences of Hot Deck Imputation in the Current Population Survey

Greg Kaplan, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Polygyny, Partnership Concurrency, and HIV Transmission in Sub-Saharan Africa

Georges Reniers, Rania Tfaily

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

Union Formation in Later Life: Economic Determinants of Cohabitation and Remarriage Among Older Adults

Jonathan Vespa

01.08.2012 | Ausgabe 3/2012

The Effects of Childhood SNAP Use and Neighborhood Conditions on Adult Body Mass Index

Thomas P. Vartanian, Linda Houser

01.08.2012 | Erratum | Ausgabe 3/2012

Erratum to: Educational Inequality by Race in Brazil, 1982–2007: Structural Changes and Shifts in Racial Classification

Leticia J. Marteleto

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